The Best Beaches in Ikaria

If you want to have an unforgettable beach vacation, Ikaria is a beautiful destination for you. This Aegean Sea island is just 10 nautical miles southwest of Samos. The island gets its name from Icarus, the son of the deity Daedalus. While you’re here, take a look at the various beaches on the island. Faros … Read more

The Best Beaches in Ithaca

Ithaca is a Greek island located in the Ionian Sea. It is northeast of Kefalonia and west of continental Greece. Its beautiful beaches and clear waters make it a popular spot for vacationers. Its most famous beaches are Loutsa and Platia Ammos. Platia Ammos beach Platia Ammos is a stunning beach in the west of … Read more

The Best Beaches in Santorini

In Santorini, you can find dozens of amazing beaches. You can also visit the Exo Gialos port and enjoy a sunset cocktail. These beaches are very private and often have swans and ducks swimming in the water. Here you can relax and enjoy the sunset on the beach, and maybe even eat a seafood dinner. … Read more

The Best Beaches in Kea

Located in the Cyclades archipelago, the Greek island of Kea is known for its quiet, secluded beaches. The island’s capital is home to the Archaeological Museum of Kea, which is brimming with locally excavated artifacts. A stone carving known as the Lion of Kea is also located in the museum. The island is also home … Read more

The Best Beaches in Lefkada

Lefkada is an island in the Ionian Sea, linked to mainland Greece by a causeway. Its western coast boasts cliffs and turquoise waters, while the east coast is a mixture of traditional villages and seaside resorts. Lefkada town is the island’s gateway and capital. The eastern coast features wind-surfing beaches, such as Vassiliki. Porto Katsiki … Read more

The Best Beaches in Euboea

Euboea has many beaches, but there are some that are especially popular. These include Hiliadou, Agia Anna, Pefki, and Eleonas. These are some of the best beaches on the island, and I’d highly recommend them. These beaches are also very accessible, so you won’t have to spend much time traveling to them. Hiliadou If you’re … Read more

The Best Beaches in Kasos

Kasos is a beautiful island in Greece that is full of wonderful beaches. While the island is not as well known as its neighboring islands, it still offers plenty of great options for a great day out. There are many popular beaches in the area, such as Antiperatos, Helatros, Ammoua, Poli, and more. These beaches … Read more

The Best Beaches in Chios

The island of Chios is the fifth largest in Greece, located in the northern Aegean Sea. It is separated from Turkey by the Chios Strait. The island is known for exporting mastic gum, which is why it is sometimes referred to as “the Mastic Island”. The island has some of the most beautiful beaches in … Read more

The Best Beaches in Alonissos

Alonnisos, which is sometimes spelled as Alonissos, is a Greek island in the Aegean Sea. It is the third member of the Northern Sporades and is located about three kilometers east of the island of Skopelos. Chrissi Milia If you have ever been to the Greek island of Alonissos, you have probably heard of the … Read more

The Best Beaches in Samothrace

While visiting Samothrace, you must not miss its best beaches. These beaches are surrounded by wild cliffs on one side and verdant mountains on the other. Kipoi is one of the most beautiful beaches in Samothrace. If you go there, make sure to stay until the sun sets – it’s the best sunset you’ll see … Read more

The Best Beaches in Amorgos

If you’re in the mood for some sun and sand, Amorgos is a great place to go. It’s the easternmost Cyclades island and the closest to the neighboring Dodecanese island group. Its beautiful beaches are perfect for families, but there are also plenty of other great spots to choose from, too. Kalotaritissa One of the … Read more

The Best Beaches in Salamis

If you’re planning a Greek vacation, you may want to visit Salamis, a large island situated in the Saronic Gulf, just 16 km west of central Athens. Salamis is the island’s main city and is located on the bay which opens into the Saronic Gulf. There are several beaches in the area that are excellent … Read more