The Best Beaches in Samothraki

Best Beaches in Samothraki

Built like an amphitheater on a mountain slope, Chora is Samothraki’s charming capital. You’ll love wandering the cobbled alleys and visiting medieval ruins. Be sure to try cooked goat at one of the tavernas in town.

Located steps away from the beach, this boutique hotel offers rooms with sea or mountain views. It has great reviews for its cleanliness and spacious rooms.

Pachia Ammos

Pachia Ammos is Samothraki’s most popular sandy beach, located on the southwestern part of the island. Its name literally translates to Thick Sand and during summer, it is well organised with sun loungers, umbrellas, a taverna and a beach bar. The chapel of Panagia Krimniotissa is also located nearby. The hike up to the chapel might be a bit challenging however, the view from there is absolutely worth it!

The gorge Fonias is the most beautiful natural attraction on Samothraki and it is definitely worth a visit. The gorge is filled with fast flowing mountain rivers that form beautiful waterfalls and stone carved natural pools. The waterfalls are easily accessible from the island as they can be reached with a number of well-maintained eco paths and forest trails.

Another sandy beach to visit on Samothraki is Kipos Beach, which is a little bit east of Therma. This beach is quieter and less organised and it is a favourite spot for naturists.


One of the best beaches in Samothraki is Karkani. It is a wide beach that is covered with small pebbles and it has some fierce rocks that add to its beauty. It is a perfect beach for those who love nature and enjoy swimming in transparent waters. Karkani also has a few cafes and tavernas as well as a chapel called Panagia Krimniotissa.

Another magnificent beach is Kipos. It is found at the end of a long road (approximately 25 minutes drive) from Kamariotissa and it has sunbeds, umbrellas and changing huts. It is a great place to swim as it has a very deep sea and the water color ranges from blue to silver.

If you want to explore the beach and its surroundings, you can rent a boat from Kamariotissa or join an organized tour around Samothraki. You will be able to see the unique coastline of this island, and visit the natural Fonias Gorge which has many waterfalls and stone carved natural pools called vathres.


Located in the extreme southeast of Samothraki, Kipos is one of the most famous beaches of the island. Even though it is not organized, this beach offers a magnificent landscape and unforgettable views. This is a great place for those who want to get a tan while enjoying a peaceful setting away from the tourist crowds.

The small oval pebbles of this beach are light in color, contrasting with the dark blue waters. The water is calm and suitable for snorkeling, with a variety of marine life to see.

Samothraki is not your typical Greek island with endless gently sloping sandy beaches, but that’s what makes it so unique! There are many rocky and sandless beaches to explore on this amazing island. So, bring your hiking shoes and prepare to get some exercise while exploring! Waterfalls and natural pools adorn the mountains of Samothraki, offering adventure-seekers and nature lovers plenty to discover on this island.


Located on the northern side of Samothraki, close to Kamariotissa is a rocky beach that offers sunbeds and showers. The water is crystal clear and contrasts beautifully with the dark coloured rocks. During the season you will also find a nice beach bar here.

It is the most famous and well-known beach in Samothraki. The impressive white pebbles and blue waters of Fonias attract people from all over the world. The beach is covered with rocks and a small stream flows into the sea.

The impressive waterfalls and natural pools (called vathres) on the mountain Fonias and Gria Vathra are another reason why many visitors love Samothraki. The thermal springs here are considered to be healing and energizing. Visiting them is an unforgettable experience.