Best Places to Eat in Lemnos

Golden beaches, rich history and unrivalled hospitality are Lemnos’ strong suit – the island cracks the holiday code. Add a touch of humility and authenticity to the mix and you have a recipe for a great summer escape.

Sample authentic Lemnian meals like free-range rooster with flomaria and traditional wild rabbit at Mantella, a tavern in the village of Sardes. Also try the local fullmilk sheep yoghurt.

1. Flomari Taverna

Flomari taverna is located on the northeastern side of the island, near Gomati beach. This beautiful tavern, created 3 years ago, offers samples of the traditional Lemnian cuisine. It is also a perfect place to admire the pristine sea shore. The owner, Michalitsa Banavou, is a remarkable woman who lives and breathes hospitality.

She takes great pride in the food she serves and treats her guests as if they were her family. Her tavern is a warm and welcoming place that is guaranteed to give you a taste of the local culture.

The menu includes grilled and fried fish, as well as a variety of other delicious dishes. The prices are reasonable and the service is excellent. Definitely, this is a must-visit restaurant for all Lemnos visitors.

This tavern is located near the most extraordinary landscape of the island, the famous Sand Dunes. The restaurant took it’s name from the homonymous traditional Lemnian pasta, called flomari. Flomari is made from a combination of hard wheat flour and sheep or goat milk. It is usually cut in short and thin string-like strands, which resemble matches, or flat and narrow linguine-like strands. Flomari is a versatile ingredient that can be served with meat, poultry, eggs, and vegetables. It can also be used to make soups and other specialities such as pseftopetino (eggplants with tomato sauce), or rooster or partridge with vegetable gravies.

The owner of this tavern is a young greek girl with a passion for cooking. She makes the most authentic dishes at a good price. She also has a nice bar next door. I enjoyed the octabus with fava and the seafood skewers. This is a great place to stop for a quick lunch or dinner.

3. Man-tella Tavern

The island of Lemnos is home to an array of culinary delights, from traditional Greek taverna fare to more innovative recipes. You’ll also find plenty of local cheeses such as melichloro, a hard goat or sheep milk cheese, and kalathaki, a soft, brined white cheese. Other island specialities include flomaria pasta and aspromitika beans, a string bean that’s commonly used in Lemnos dishes.

Authentic simplicity is a key feature of Lemnos cuisine, where fresh seafood and local vegetables are often combined with meat dishes. Stewed meat stifado and dolma are two examples of popular meat mezedes, while moussaka, a layered dish with meat, eggplant and bechamel sauce, is also widely served. Kokoretsi, a lamb delicacy, is another delicious option to try.

Many of the best restaurants in Lemnos can be found in traditional stone buildings that have been transformed into charming eateries. The tavern Man-tella is one such establishment, offering breakfast, lunch and dinner in a comfortable setting that includes comfy director’s chairs, colorful cushions and basil pots. On the menu you’ll find a range of dishes from across the island, but it is the kaplama (their version of croque madame with traditional bread, grated melichloro and 2 fried eggs) and the fresh vegetable bulgur salad with kaskavali, a local semi-hard cheese, that really stand out.

In addition to food, many of the best places to eat in Lemnos serve cocktails, wine and beer. The bar at the beach is well stocked with a wide selection of beverages to keep you refreshed throughout your holiday, and as the sun goes down you can enjoy a glass of vino on the terrace with a view of the beautiful bay.

The island of Lemnos is a wonderful place to visit, with its beautiful beaches and secluded coves, traditional villages and rare archaeological sites. It is also a perfect place for outdoor adventures, with plenty of opportunity to windsurf, kayak and swim in the crystal clear waters. If you’re feeling spiritual, take a hike to the open-top chapel of Panagia Kakaviotissa, or explore the island’s rich history at the castle ruins in Myrina and the museum of the Battle of Gallipoli at Poliohni.