Best Beaches in Schoinoussa

Best Beaches in Schoinoussa

The island of Schinoussa is strewn with unique beaches. Some are sandy, some have tamarisk trees while others offer wonderful seabed.

All of them are within walking distance from Chora, the main village on the island.

Lioliou is a very beautiful beach near the port of Mersini. It has a lovely sand and there is a beach bar.

Liolios Beach

Schinoussa is a magical island that casts a spell on those who value authenticity and simplicity (stilettos are a no-no here!). It is also a paradise for those who love to practice spearfishing as its crystal clear waters are home to a rich marine life.

The best beaches in Schinoussa include Liolios Beach, which is the island’s most beautiful beach, Almyros Beach (to the east), Fikio and Gerolimionas beaches. The latter are perfect for those who want to escape and seek seclusion. Almyros Beach is a great option for windsurfers since it is very popular among them and blessed with northeastern winds.

Another great beach is Psili Ammos Beach, which is situated close to the Messaria settlement and features a wonderful fine sand and turquoise waters. Its only disadvantage is that it is exposed to north wind. Another nice beach is Vazeou Beach, which is separated from the beach of Liolos by a small rocky peninsula. The mixture of sand and pebbles at this beach and the aromatic “Schina” (lentisc – eng) that grows here, make it an excellent choice for those who prefer tranquility.

Psili Ammos Beach

Psili Ammos (Greek: ) is one of the best beaches in Schoinoussa. It has wonderful fine sand and crystal turquoise waters. It is located at the back end of the port and is not very crowded. There are tamarisks for shade and 2 cafes – restaurants to serve you snacks and drinks. It is also sheltered from the wind and hence it is ideal for families with children.

Besides enjoying the beach, you can explore the nearby villages. Chora is the capital of Schinoussa, and it is an old village with a stunning view. It is also home to the famous taverna Kyra Pothiti, where you can try some authentic local dishes.

The other settlement on the island is Messaria, where you will find the beach of Fykio and a few hotels. There are many hiking trails on the island. Most of them are easy and they lead to the most beautiful beaches on the island.

Tsigouri Beach

One of the best beaches on the island is Tsigouri Beach. It is a long sandy beach that offers protection from north winds. It also features many trees, armyrikia in Greek, that offer shadow. This is a popular beach for families. The beach is around 1km from Chora. You can either walk here, rent a car or use the shuttle buses offered by some room complexes.

Livadi Beach is a golden sandy beach with azure waters located on the southwest side of the island. It is a quiet beach that offers natural shade and tamarisk tress. Psili Ammos Beach is a beautiful beach that has tamarisks for shade and turquoise waters. This is a secluded beach that is perfect for families with small children. There are several pensions and a tavern above this beach.

Vazeou Beach

There’s no denying that hitting the beach is the most important thing to do in Schinoussa. The beaches are a paradise for those into water sports as the seabed is rich in spear fishing and also suitable for yachting.

The best beach on the island is Psili Ammos, a narrow sandy beach north of Chora that offers tamarisk trees and crystal-clear waters. Getting there early is recommended as this will allow you to experience the beach without the crowds.

Another great beach is Bazeou beach which is a continuation of Liolios and separated by low headlands. This small beach is filled with aromatic lentisk shrubs and has white pebbles.

Despite being the smallest member of the Small Cyclades, Schinoussa packs in some really impressive beaches. Whether large or small, crowded or secluded; these beautiful beaches offer the perfect setting to relax and enjoy the Aegean Sea. The island is also home to a unique traditional settlement that is a sight to see in itself. The church of Panagia Akathi is the most important monument on the island and is located in the centre of Chora.