Best Places to Eat in Serifos

Best Places to eat in Serifos

With a scenic paved town center and picturesque whitewashed cube houses and churches there is plenty to explore in the hilltop main village Chora. While here try a delicious Greek coffee, eclectic rum flavors, and traditional sweets in cafes around the alley passages.

Pig farming is a household affair on Serifos, so expect some local delicacies like louza – the island’s premier cured meat, fragranced with cumin and garlic cloves.

1. Captain Serifos

A small speck of the Cyclades that’s wildly different from its glamorous neighbors, Serifos’s rocky landscape is rugged yet generous. And though the island isn’t renowned for its beach resorts, its restaurants are a revelation. Indulge in the simple authenticity of Takis, a quaint fish tavern with beachside tables, or the fine Mediterranean cuisine at Rizes. But perhaps the most remarkable culinary discovery on Serifos is its cured meats and cheeses, which are steeped in flavors that time alone has nurtured to perfection.

The best places to eat on Serifos are found in the quaint seaside village of Livadi, the main port on the island. Tucked away just a bit from the water, the town feels like a sleepy fishing village and is a hidden gem that’s not yet overrun with tourists. The food here is fresh and authentic, with the kind of quality that’s hard to find on crowded islands.

Another great place to eat in Serifos is the Kalami Suites, a lovely boutique hotel that’s also a restaurant and bar. The owners are super friendly and offer excellent service and great prices. They also have a wonderful garden where you can sit and enjoy a delicious lunch.

While some of the smaller villages on Serifos have a handful of shops, hotels and taverns, Chora is the focal point of the town. The neoclassical town hall and church of Agios Athanasios are worth a look, as is the shady central square, Pano Piatsa. Grab some turquoise chairs from ‘Stou Stratou’ or khaki ones from ‘Piazza’ for your terrace, then head to the cafes around the square for coffee and frappe (do not be afraid of it being strong!). From here, you can easily walk up to the castle of Kastro for one of the most panoramic views on the island.

2. Marathoriza

Located near the port of Livadi, this local eatery is an excellent choice to get fast, delicious dishes. The owners of Marathoriza take pride in bringing the best taste of the island to their guests. They offer a wide variety of dishes, from traditional greek appetizers and dips to fresh seafood plates. For dessert, you can enjoy their homemade spoon sweets with yogurt.

Those looking for a unique dining experience should try this restaurant that offers a combination of Asian and Greek cuisines. The menu includes a variety of seafood and meat dishes, all made with fresh ingredients. It also features a selection of cocktails and wine. The restaurant has a nice atmosphere and is suitable for families with kids.

In the heart of Chora, this family-run eatery is one of the most acclaimed restaurants in Serifos. The owner of the establishment is an expert in preparing traditional Greek meals. The dishes at the restaurant are rich in flavours and complemented with fresh herbs. It also serves local wines. Guests can also try their cured meats and delicious homemade desserts.

Another must-visit spot in Serifos is the Kerameio studio that specializes in handmade ceramics. The studio hosts workshops during the summer. It is recommended to visit the place before it closes for the season.

Serifos is a tranquil island that still needs to see some tourist development. However, it is still a great option for those who want to escape the crowds of the more popular islands in Greece. Visitors can enjoy the beautiful beaches, serene atmosphere and amazing scenery. They can also explore the ruins of the ancient castle at the top of Kastro. In addition, they can spend their days exploring quaint villages and sampling the local cuisines.

3. Aloni

The best places to eat in Serifos aren’t always found at the island’s main villages. A short stroll from Livadi will bring you to the village of Aloni, which is home to one of the best restaurants on the island. The restaurant is set on the edge of the harbour and it offers a breathtaking view of the sea. The menu revolves around Mediterranean cuisine with a creative twist.

The restaurant has a great atmosphere and the service is fantastic. This is the perfect spot for a romantic meal or to meet friends. The menu includes lots of fish dishes and they also serve a lot of fresh pasta. This is a must if you’re in the mood for seafood. You can also try their delicious grilled lamb which is served with potatoes and vegetables.

There are also some amazing desserts here. The best is the tsoureki which is a type of pre-fermented bread flavoured with mastic and then stuffed with cheese or chocolate. The baklava is also very good and they have several types of sweets. This is a very family run place and the owner will make sure you have an unforgettable experience.

Pig farming is a household affair on Serifos, and many homes, as well as some tavernas, produce their own traditional cured meats. The premier delicacy is louza, a cured pork tenderloin fragrantly perfumed with cumin, allspice and garlic cloves and encased in a pig’s intestine washed with wine. From the same swine, sausages, ‘pedoulia’ (cured pork fat), and ‘glina’ are also made. These are readily available at a few general stores.

As the smallest of the Cyclades, Serifos may seem like an unlikely magnet for trendy chintz and designer furniture, but a flurry of arty Athenians has been buying simple village houses and rural villas to create stylish holiday hideaways and give this craggy barren outpost a distinctly modern bent. Children will find plenty to enjoy here too, including a handful of beaches with safe shallow waters perfect for learning to swim and a receptive and hospitable community.

4. Kalis

A quiet, mountainous island with a wealth of mineral riches in the past, Serifos today is an isle whose mining legacy shifted its inhabitants away from primary agriculture. Vineyards, olive groves and gardens step up the hilly terrain instead, while livestock farming, mostly goats and sheep, remains limited. The result is a quaint island steeped in flavours that time has nurtured to perfection: delicious cured meats, fragrant cheeses that only get better with age, aromatic white wine that’s steadily staging a comeback.

The island’s main town, Livadi, is a bustling port town with several excellent restaurants and tavernas. Most of the eateries are tucked away in the old town and offer superb views over the port. The taverna O Kyklopas is a must-visit for its zucchini fried puffs!

Another highlight is Kalis, which is one of the best beaches on the island. It’s a 15-minute drive from Chora and can be reached by bus, but make sure to arrive early! The beach is very serene and has plenty of tree shade. The water is clear and calm enough for kids to learn to swim, so you can enjoy a day of sun and sea without worrying about safety.

On your way to Kalis, you might stop by the picturesque village of Koutalas, which has a handful of tavernas and a lovely view of the bay below. You can also visit the old mines here, which closed in 1962 because of declining metal prices worldwide. If you’re up for some hiking, it’s worth the effort to hike to the top of Mount Sifos and see this breathtaking vista!

Serifos is a tranquil island that doesn’t have any specific activities for families, but it does offer everything that other Greek islands do: plenty of sunny days, safe shores with shallow waters perfect for kids to learn to swim and a receptive and hospitable community ready to spoil your little ones with excellent food and entertaining stories.

The best time to visit Serifos is from June through September, when temperatures are the most comfortable and the island is not yet overrun by tourists. The crowds of summer can be overwhelming for some travelers, so it’s always a good idea to plan ahead and book your accommodation well in advance.