Best Places to Stay in Kastellorizo

The secluded island of Kastellorizo sits off the Turkish coast and has an intimate feel. A small harbour hosts limited boats each week and there are few restaurants or hotels. The main town stretches colourfully around a turquoise bay with a ruined castle above. Visit the 14th century ruin of Castello Rosso (the Red Castle … Read more

Best Places to Stay in Ios

Best Places to Stay in Ios: From luxurious hotels overlooking the water to quaint hostels nestled in the heart of the island’s villages, Ios offers accommodation for every budget and travel style. The main village of Ios, Chora, is a cosmopolitan party hub where you’ll find lots of bars and clubs. During the summer, many … Read more

Best Places to Stay in Sarria

There are many fun things to do in Sarria. You can walk the Camino de Santiago, visit historical landmarks, and try local foods. Sarria has a wide variety of hotels and accommodations to suit any budget. Some of the best places to stay in Sarria include: Hotel Alfonso Ix, Duerming Villa De Sarria Hotel, and … Read more

Best Places to Stay in Leros

The best places to stay in Leros are usually hotels that offer apartments or villas. These options are incredibly cost-effective and often include a full breakfast. The island has been occupied by Greeks, Romans, Byzantines, and Ottomans, so it has a diverse culture that is reflected in the architecture and cuisine. The island offers an … Read more

Best Places to Stay in Lemnos

The North Aegean island of Lemnos has resisted change and oozes authenticity. From the hilltop castle above Myrina to the relaxed seaside villages of Platy and Armenistis, Lemnos has beaches for everyone – secluded and tranquil or buzzing with water sports and beach bars. The peak tourist season runs from June to August, but the … Read more

Best Places to Stay in Andros

A beautiful, rocky island, Andros has a gorgeous beach and a lively main town. It is a great choice for people without their own car who want to get around easily and easily. The most popular places to stay on Andros are the cosmopolitan Batsi and the elegant Chora. Both have a good variety of … Read more

Best Places to Stay in Othonia

A peninsula with wild beauty Sithonia is a wonderful pine covered region that teems with sandy beaches. Relax beneath the shade of trees backing Elia Beach, escape to little-known Spathies Beach or explore traditional stone villages. The village of Gerakini is a good choice for families, since it has a wide sandy beach without crowd. … Read more

Best Places to Stay in Chryssi in Paros

Chryssi is one of the most popular areas to stay in Paros thanks to its pristine beaches and crystal clear waters. You can find plenty of water sports here and if you want a break from the beach there are lots of bars and restaurants to enjoy. You can find a variety of hotels near … Read more

Best Places to Stay in Amorgos

Visiting the island of Amorgos is always an adventure. It’s an ideal place for nature lovers and those who enjoy hiking and exploring its villages. It is a place where you can discover the monasteries of Panagia Hozoviotissa and Agia Anna Beach. The village of Langada is also a must-see with its maze-like alleys and … Read more

Best Places to Stay in Nisyros

While the big ‘bucket list’ isles of Crete, Santorini, and Mykonos get crowded, lesser known Greek islands like Nisyros remain tranquil. This volcanic island lays claim to a unique landscape and a handful of charming settlements. Many visitors make day trips to Nisyros from Kos, but those who stay overnight experience a much more intimate … Read more

Best Places to Stay in Chios

Chios is a unique Greek island with distinct architectural villages, olive and citrus groves, and legendary aromatic mastic trees. It offers a mix of hotels and vacation rentals. Karfas is a crowd-pleasing resort with a long beach, hotel and vacation rentals, and seaside tavernas. Guests here can feast on seafood and try new water sports … Read more

Best Places to Stay in Messenian

The southwestern tip of the Peloponnese, Messenia offers incredible beach resorts, pretty castellated villages and medieval castles. Pepper your tan and flop days with pedagogic jaunts to Olympia and Mystras to discover its glorious past. Opt for the opulent Costa Navarino near Methoni or family-friendly Zoe Resort by Gialova. The Romanos is another 5-star option … Read more