Time Travel to Olympos Village in Karpathos

The Village of Olympos located on the Island of Karpathos is one of the few places left on this planet that gives one a sense that they have traveled back in Time where many of the women still sport the traditional garb of generations long gone. The first inhabitants that settled in Olympos, were 70 families who came from the ancient city of Vrykous, today called Vroukounda at around the 6th Century A.D., a  period where the island experienced many raids from Arabs and pirates alike.  They built a castle for protection and formed their own community which thrives to this day.  Later generations used the stone from the castle to create the homes that today is Olympos.

Today there are no large hotels or fast food spots, no taxis, no bars or nightclubs and only a daily bus.  There are however many brave souls that venture up the  treacherously steep windy road between Diafani and Olympos daily to get a taste of a simpler and marvelous time where one can find all that is needed to experience life.
This picturesque mountain side village only 10 Kilometers from the port town of Diafani is reminiscent of the wondrous island of Santorini with its breathtaking sunsets and traditional architecture, less the massive crowds and expensive accommodations.

While sitting at the popular Milos Restaurant boasting a functioning Windmill gazing at the sea below me I had the pleasure to eat some of the most delicious food of this summers Greek Island Journey including a famous pasta dish called Makarounes covered with the traditional “Tskiknoma” a delicious charred onion topping.  I also sampled a slew of other items including Anthous stuffed with Rice, Hilopites and home made bread baked in an outdoor wood burning oven by the great grandmother of the family running the restaurant.

What captured me the most was the calm and tranquility of Olympos village where I was able to think clear thoughts while breathing fresh clean air over looking the sea,  something very hard to do in the city of New York.

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