Best Places to Eat in Tilos

Best Places to eat in Tilos

Despite its small size, Tilos is an island of genuine charm. This small Dodecanese island is home to a number of family run taverns, which serve amazing food.

Livadia is a sleepy port, but the best place to stay in Tilos is actually in Megalo Chorio. Located high up in the mountains, this is one of the most picturesque villages on the island.

1. Halki Restaurant

One of the clear favorites for visitors to Halki, this restaurant offers great food and a waterfront view in the heart of Nimborio. Many people report coming here more than once because the atmosphere and food are so enjoyable.

The menu features a lot of local favorites like zucchini keftedes (fried zucchini filled with meat), moussaka, and souvlaki. The prices are very reasonable. The service is friendly and helpful. The only drawback is that this restaurant isn’t open during the winter.

A carnivore’s paradise, this restaurant offers a selection of mouthwatering meat dishes. The lamb ofto is particularly lip-smacking, as are the kavourmas (fried pork) and the yiaprakia (vine leaves stuffed with minced beef). The desserts here are excellent too: try the loukoumades, deep-fried batter puffs drizzled with thyme honey.

Located in Ftenagia, this charming restaurant is just the place for a relaxing lunch overlooking the crystal clear waters. It has a simple menu with some traditional Greek recipes and is very popular amongst locals and tourists alike.

This is a small restaurant with a very big reputation. The food is delicious and the service is impeccable. It is situated near the port of Emborio and is very close to the old village. It is a must visit if you want to have some good, homemade and very affordable Greek food.

The enchanting island of Halki is an ideal destination for anyone looking for rest, simplicity and quiet holidays. Endless hours of relaxation on dazzling beaches, stunning nature walks and hospitable hospitality from the island’s inhabitants are just some of what awaits you on this beautiful Dodecanese Island.

2. Ofto Restaurant

This is one of the most popular restaurants in the city. It is a tavern well-known for its Kleftiko (lamb slow baked in a wood fired oven) and offers a variety of traditional dishes. Ofto is also known for its great service and the cozy atmosphere. The menu also includes a wide selection of Cyprus meze.

This restaurant is located in a beautiful old renovated house in the center of Heraklion. Its strong points are good cooking (although it could be better), excellent service and a pleasant ambience. It also has a large selection of some of the best Greek bottled wines at prices which are significantly lower than in other places in Heraklion.

The menu at this restaurant features many traditional cretan dishes including stuffed vegetables, fried gruyere cheese with honey and Crete Dakos salad. The space is cozy and decorated in a traditional style. The atmosphere is homey and will transport you to a picturesque greek village. You can enjoy your meal with a glass of cretan wine and some live greek music.

This restaurant is a new gastronomic paradise that has already become a must-visit place for gourmets and lovers of lamb meat. Its name, which is a combination of the words “ofto” and “kleftiko”, is inspired by this dish, which is served in the traditional village ovens with potatoes, oregano, basil, yogurt and a sprinkle of salt. It is so important to the locals that it has been added to UNESCO’s Intangible Cultural Heritage list. It is usually cooked in the early hours of Sunday morning before church, and the villagers heat the oven before they even go to church so that the food will be ready for lunch when they return.

3. Kafeneia Restaurant

The owners of this place have put a lot of thought into the menu. They offer a large selection of Greek dishes, including meat and seafood dishes as well as home made pasta and risotto. They also serve deluxe cocktails and a selection of desserts. The service is fast and friendly. The decor of the restaurant is very nice and the atmosphere is cozy.

The Kafeneia Restaurant is a popular destination for locals and tourists alike. It is located in the heart of Athens and offers a variety of delicious dishes. The restaurant has a relaxed atmosphere and is perfect for families. The staff is very friendly and the food is always fresh.

There are also plenty of wine options available. The Kafeneio is the perfect place to go for a romantic dinner or a night out with friends.

This family-run business is a true kafeneio, inspired by the village cafes of old Greece. They were central to the social framework of a village and served as combination coffee shops, bars, tsipouradiko (place to drink tsipouro), and mini-marts. Pame Tsipouro Pame Kafeneio in Monastiraki serves excellent coffee and spirits, as well as a wide range of mezes (small plates similar to tapas).

The owner has created a very warm and welcoming environment, which is evident in the service. The waiters are very helpful and the kitchen staff is passionate about what they do. They have a love for Greek raw materials and are always experimenting with new recipes and ideas. They also firmly believe that cooking is an expression of emotion and creativity. This is what makes their restaurant unique. The owners of the restaurant have a very personal touch and treat their guests like family.

4. Calypso Restaurant

The Calypso Restaurant & Raw Bar in the city of Pompano Beach, FL, is one of the area’s most versatile and relaxing dining spots. The restaurant is housed in an airy two-story structure with detailed traditional touches, and its tall glass panels retract during the warmer months to encourage al fresco dining. The menu is influenced by Caribbean tropical influences, and Chef Chuck Ternosky is famous for his inventive recipes, high quality ingredients and warm welcome.

The menu features many items inspired by the islands, including Jamaican jerk pork and chicken, curries, and rotis. The restaurant also serves a variety of seafood, including marinated and pounded conch, seasoned and fried fish, curry shrimp and yellowtail snapper. For dessert, the diner can enjoy a delicious bread pudding or a custardy Key lime pie.

When Ternosky and his wife Lora first arrived in South Florida, they were unable to find a restaurant where they could get a great fish dinner with appetizers and soups (such as stuffed dolphin with rice and pigeon peas or stamp and go – Jamaican salt cod fritters). So in 1990, the self-taught cook opened Calypso and named it after the Afro-Caribbean syncopated rhythm of music. He quickly developed a following for his dishes.

The Calypso restaurant offers counter service, with guests ordering their food at the register and picking up their drinks and condiments from a sideboard. The staff is friendly, and the place is clean. The prices are reasonable, and the food is good. The restaurant is a popular choice among locals and tourists alike.

5. Mikro Horio Music Bar

A beautiful bar in the abandoned Mikro Horio village is a great place to enjoy some drinks with friends or strangers, in a unique atmosphere. It opens every night at 11pm and switches on the yellow lights, scattering a mystic gleam over the empty houses surrounding it. The menu includes a variety of beers, ciders, wines, and spirits, including scottish malts. This is a very popular place among locals, so it may not be easy to find a table after 10pm.

The restaurant serves breakfast in the morning and evening meals. They also have a chicken curry night on Friday. The staff is very friendly and helpful, and the food is good. It’s a great place to meet people, and the prices are reasonable.

There are several hotels and villas to choose from on Tilos, including the Stefanakis Villas. These luxury accommodations are located near the Livadia beach, so they’re perfect for anyone who wants to be close to the restaurants and activities. The rooms are spacious, air-conditioned, and come with flat screen satellite TVs, Wi-Fi, and a balcony.

You can book the Stefanakis Villas online or visit their website for more information. Another good option is the Tholo Beach Resort. This resort is located on the eastern part of the island, and it offers a more private experience than the other beaches in the area. The resort is surrounded by impressive rocks and has a serviced side with sun beds, as well as a free area where you can relax on the sand.

Eristos Beach is one of the most famous beaches on Tilos, and it’s a great spot for both families and couples. This beach is sheltered by impressive rock formations, and it’s divided into two areas: a serviced section with umbrellas and sun beds, and a free side where you can lay out your towel. The water is clean and clear, and the beach has a number of restaurants nearby.