Best Places to Eat in Folegandros

Best Places to eat in Folegandros

The island of Folegandros may not have the fanfare that Santorini does, but this under-the-radar Greek island captivates travelers with its picturesque beaches and quaint hillside restaurants. Here are our picks for the best places to eat in Folegandros.

Folegandros’ most popular restaurant serves a simple menu of Greek food at reasonable prices. Try the local specialty, matsata (handmade pasta with rooster or rabbit) topped with souroto cheese, similar to feta.

1. Kali Kardia

The Greek islands have a knack for producing awe-inducing scenery, but Folegandros is one that is often overlooked. It’s a comparatively small island (it has around 765 residents, and only received 47,000 overnight stays last year), but it boasts stunning landscapes and sunsets that defy imagination, without the crowds of Santorini. Folegandros has a lot of charm, and its tiny tavernas are where you can get the most out of the experience.

One of the best places to eat on the island is Kali Kardia, which translates as “Good Heart.” This tavern is owned and operated by a mother-and-daughter duo, Theodora and Maria Mpanani. This restaurant is a popular spot for locals and visitors, and it offers traditional Greek food at an affordable price. The tavern also has great drinks and an outdoor patio that overlooks the harbor.

There is a wide variety of food on the menu, and it is recommended to try some of the Greek classics. For starters, you should try their saganaki or souvlaki platter. For main courses, you can have their fresh fish or grilled meats. If you are craving something sweet, you can have their delicious desserts as well. The service here is also very good, and the staff will make sure that you are well taken care of.

The interior of the restaurant is very nice, with white walls and tables. There are many paintings on the wall that add a nice touch to the place. The atmosphere of the place is very relaxing, and you can enjoy a quiet dinner here. It is the perfect place for a romantic evening, and the food is very tasty. You can even order takeout if you want to have some of the food at home. The prices at this restaurant are very reasonable, and the food is prepared with a lot of care and attention. You can visit this taverna on your next trip to the Greek islands. You will not regret it. For your convenience, you can also use Uber Eats to order delivery from this restaurant.

2. Metaksi Mas

If you are looking for a restaurant that is tucked away from the crowds and serves a unique twist on traditional Greek food, Metaxi Mas is the place to be. Located in the traditional village of Exo Gonia, this restaurant has been delighting customers for over 20 years. This restaurant is owned by Dimitri and Kosta who make use of local ingredients and have created a menu that will please anyone. The highlight of the dinner menu is their kadaifi stuffed with cheese and a berry compote. The moussaka croquettes and their slow-simmered lamb are also very popular.

Metaksi Mas is a unique dining experience that blends traditional with taste, simplicity and a distinct aesthetic. Many of the dishes that you will find on the menu are made with ingredients that are grown in their own garden. You can enjoy a glass of their homemade raki while enjoying their fresh grilled fish or a succulent fillet in Vinsanto sauce. If you are not in the mood for meat, this restaurant offers a variety of vegetarian options as well.

In the evening, you can sit outside and take in the spectacular views of the village and the sea. The atmosphere at this restaurant is very relaxing and the staff is friendly. The wine selection is good as well.

Located in the traditional village of Exogyros, this restaurant is down the steps from the church of Agios Charalambos. The restaurant is a favorite among both tourists and the locals. The restaurant is open from February to October and is a great alternative to the more touristy restaurants in Fira or Oia.

The menu is full of authentic Greek dishes and a large portion size is guaranteed. The owners of this restaurant come from Chania, Crete and have given the restaurant a distinct Cretan aura. They offer a variety of traditional Greek dishes, such as oven-baked Santorinian white eggplant and cretan sfakiano lamb. The restaurant is a must-visit for everyone who loves Greek food and wants to be away from the crowds.

Pitogyros is an affordable restaurant that specializes in gyros and pitas. They serve their gyros on soft pitas with tzatziki and a side of grilled vegetables or salad. They also serve sandwiches, wraps and larger salads. They are a great choice for families who want to have an affordable meal while on vacation.

3. Pentozali

There are plenty of good places for food and drinks in the capital of Fira, but if you want to escape the crowds and have a laid back experience with locals, head for Pentozali. Located in the village of Messaria, this restaurant features an outdoor space with pine trees that provide cooling even on the hottest days. The owners get their fish from the local fishermen at the port of Vlychada and prepare it according to traditional recipes. You can order a seafood platter or a ceviche made from the freshest catch of the day. They also serve a variety of Santorinian wines by the glass.

The name of the place reflects its connection with an old Cretan dance called Pentozali, which is a vigorous war dance with high jumping movements. Its origin is uncertain, but scholars have linked it to the ancient Minoan dance of the Kouretes, a troupe of warriors who represented the courage and heroism of the Cretans. The dance has ten basic steps, each of which is named for a captain of the rebellion led by Daskalogiannis in 1769. It commemorates the fifth attempt of the Cretans to liberate Crete from the Ottoman Turks and celebrates heroism, hope and unity.

This restaurant is one of the best spots to enjoy a true taste of Greek cuisine. Its pretty courtyard, decorated in relaxing terracotta tones, is quiet during the day, making it perfect for enjoying a meal and a glass of wine in peace. The menu offers plenty of meze (small dishes) to sample, including salt-cured sardines, cheeses from the island and a variety of vegetables. The owners of the restaurant are passionate about local produce and make sure that they use fresh ingredients in their dishes.

The restaurant serves excellent, inexpensive food based on local products. Its open layout, convenient location and amiable staff make it one of the most popular restaurants on the island. In addition, it offers beautiful panoramic sunset views.

4. Souvlaki Club

Founded in 2015 as a modern fast-casual eatery, Souvlaki Club has already earned itself a loyal following. This Greek eatery is a must-visit for Souvlaki lovers who want to sample the best souvlaki on Folegandros and beyond. The restaurant features a variety of flavors and combinations, from the classic to the more unique. It is also a great place for vegetarians and those who do not eat meat.

Its menu features everything from souvlaki to grilled octopus, with a number of options in between. The grilled octopus is especially delicious, as it is tender and flavorful. For those who prefer a lighter meal, the cafe offers various salads and sandwiches that are just as tasty as their souvlaki.

Their grilled chicken skewers are also worth trying, as they are marinated with a combination of flavors and spices that is sure to please the palate. Their keftedes, which are ground beef with onions, topped with tomato sauce, are also worth trying. Their souvlaki pita is also a must-try, as the soft bread is perfectly toasted and slathered with tzatziki and feta cheese.

The cafe is also well known for its baked eggs and freshly squeezed juices. Those looking for something sweet in the morning can also try their sweet pastries and coffee. The restaurant is conveniently located near the port of Chora, so visitors can enjoy their food after a long day exploring the island’s beautiful beaches.

If you are looking for a relaxing holiday away from the bustle of other Cyclades islands, then Folegandros is the perfect choice. Unlike bigger and more popular destinations like Santorini, Paros, and Mykonos, Folegandros has remained fairly undeveloped and quiet, which means you can still get a glimpse of the authentic Greek way of life. There are a handful of quaint restaurants and beautiful beaches where you can enjoy the scenery in peace. Moreover, the island has several hiking routes that offer panoramic views of the Aegean Sea. So, make sure to plan your trip to this beautiful little island. You will not regret it!