Best Places to Eat in Lesbos, Greece

Best Places to eat in Lesbos

Lesvos is a captivating island where you can experience authentic villages, unique geological sites such as the petrified forest, and mouthwatering food. The island’s cuisine includes dishes that pair well with ouzo.

The restaurants at the beachfront of Skala Eressos serve seafood and various other local recipes with accompanying types of salads, appetizers, and sauces in a distinctive family atmosphere.

Aggelos Restaurant

Lesvos is a unique Greek island that’s home to stunning beaches, traditional villages, pine forests, medieval castles, harbors with cafes and seafood restaurants, and upscale hotels. This destination has something for everyone and is also known for its friendly locals. You’ll find plenty of delicious cuisine here, as well as some of the best wines in Greece.

Located in the village of Palaiokastro, this restaurant is famous for its fish dishes and has been voted as one of the best places to eat in Lesbos by TripAdvisor users. Its owner and chef, Aggelos Bakopoulos, creates innovative dishes that respect his culinary heritage while using modern techniques. For example, his Corfu Bourdeto dish features a mix of tarama, caper, cucumber, and a herbs sorbet to add flavor to the fish preparation. The dishes are paired with wines from the UWS Samos winery, which is one of Greece’s oldest cooperatives and the country’s top ten producers.

Another place to eat in Lesbos is Tropicana Platanos, a restaurant that serves local Greek food and beverages. Customers can enjoy their meals in the indoor hall or in the outdoor garden under a canopy of perennial trees. They can choose from chicken dishes served with fried potatoes, meat and pasta meals, and many different types of seafood. They can also try a variety of Greek appetizers and desserts.

In addition to its delicious dishes, Tropicana Platanos has a range of drinks and cocktails. The wine list is extensive and includes a selection of Greek and international wines. The bartenders are knowledgeable and will be able to recommend the best drinks for you.

The restaurant serves a wide variety of traditional Greek dishes and seafood, including grilled stuffed goat, lamb chops, and octopus keftedes. It also offers a variety of appetizers, including Samos-style revithokeftedes and cheese croquettes with four different types of cheese. They are a must-try for anyone who loves Mediterranean cuisine. Moreover, the owners of the restaurant strive to make their guests feel at home and offer excellent service. It is a great place to visit for dinner with the family or for a romantic meal.

Kafeneion O Ermis

Dazzling white-sand beaches, stone-house villages, and thickly forested mountains make Lesvos, the birthplace of the poet Sappho, an undeniably beautiful spot for a classic Greek getaway. But it’s also a diverse dining hub, where seafood and meze platters fill the tables at tavernas and ouzeris scattered across the island.

Located on the boardwalk in Skala Eresou, this popular ouzeri (Greek coffee and ouzo joint) is a cut above the rest, thanks to its owner Eirini Laskaris’s creative spin on traditional Lesvos dishes. The stuffed courgette flowers, dolmades with wilted summer greens, and tirokafteri (a spicy cheese dip) are all excellent, as is the house salad with dried figs. Arrive early to secure a table on the waterfront patio, as this place packs out every night.

A favorite among locals, this cozy restaurant in the upper part of Chora is a must-visit for anyone who wants to try traditional Greek food with an excellent view. The restaurant’s menu features a variety of delicious meals, from grilled fish to soups and appetizers, all at reasonable prices.

You can eat at this wonderful spot while taking in the sea view and relaxing at its lovely terrace, which is full of wicker chairs. The atmosphere here is very peaceful and relaxing, and the staff are very friendly and helpful. You can enjoy a variety of delicious meals, including Greek, Asian and Italian cuisines.

This is a very good place to have lunch and dinner and has great views of the beach. They serve good quality and tasty Greek food at very reasonable prices. Their service is very good and the food is very fresh. They also serve very good wine. The place is also very clean and the staff is very friendly.

A very nice and authentic taverna, which is also quite romantic. It serves very good seafood and traditional Greek food at great prices. The food is very good and the service is fast and efficient. The owners are very friendly and the atmosphere is very nice. They are open all year round and they offer very good value for money. I would recommend this place to everyone.

Kitchen Bite

The kitchen bite restaurant offers a wide variety of local Greek cuisine. It also provides a variety of side dishes and appetizers that are made with seasonal Mediterranean types of vegetables, as well as delicious sauces rich in the clear flavors of wild herbs. The restaurant is the ideal choice for people who want to try different recipes of local cuisine and enjoy a pleasant meal with friends or family members.

The restaurant is located in the city of Skala Sikamias and is surrounded by green plants and flowers. Its large indoor hall and outdoor yard provide a comfortable atmosphere for customers. The food served in the restaurant is traditional Greek cuisine with a touch of modernity. Besides traditional Greek dishes, the menu also includes many other options, such as hamburgers and pizzas.

Some of the best restaurants in Lesbos are fish taverns with a stunning view of the sea. These taverns usually serve dishes that go well with ouzo, the aniseed-flavoured drink that is popular on the island. Some of these dishes include grilled octopus, fried calamari, and salted mackerel (kolios).

Other restaurants in Lesbos specialize in Greek fast food. These restaurants are open throughout the day and offer a range of grilled meats and chicken, as well as a selection of side dishes. Guests can also order a variety of desserts. These desserts can be topped with fresh fruits or syrup.

The Kismet restaurant in Molyvos serves seafood of various kinds and methods of preparation, as well as side dishes and salads made with a variety of seasonal Mediterranean types of vegetables. The restaurant is a popular choice for tourists, and its chefs are passionate about their work. The biggest number of customers prefers to dine at the tavern on its outdoor balcony with a charming sea view. Here they can eat the famous Greek salad and a range of other dishes, including stuffed grape leaves or bourekas, and baklava. They can even try shakshooka, a cheese filled pastry roll that dates back to the Ottoman era.

Captain’s Table

The Captain’s Table is a lovely Mediterranean restaurant with an incredible view of the harbor. It is a great place to sample traditional Greek mezedes and other dishes, including vegetarian and vegan options. The menu features fresh seafood from the local fishermen. The best part about this restaurant is that it is a family run business. The owner, Melinda, is an Australian who works with her husband, Theo, to prepare the food and serve guests. They also have a dedicated team of employees who help them.

The restaurant has a bar, dining room, and patio room. It is a popular destination for locals and tourists alike. The food is delicious and the staff are friendly and helpful. The prices are reasonable. The atmosphere is relaxed and inviting, making it a great place to relax and have a drink.

This restaurant is a great choice for a romantic dinner. The decor is elegant and the service is excellent. The menu is varied and the food is very good. The wine list is extensive and the prices are reasonable.

When the sun is shining, the patio is a perfect spot to enjoy a meal outdoors. The restaurant offers a variety of Greek and international dishes to suit every taste. The owners of the restaurant are a very friendly and welcoming couple. They are always happy to serve their customers.

The tavernas around the island are stuffed with bright Greek salads, just-off-the-boat fish and tasty meat dishes, all washed down with glasses of cloudy ouzo or brain-rattlingly strong coffee. Be sure to save room for a filo pastry pudding or two, laced with mastic liquor and topped with a dollop of simple locally made jams and marmalades.

Located in the picturesque harbor of Molyvos, The Captain’s Table is an ideal destination for a Greek getaway. Melinda and Theo run the restaurant, which is a favorite of many locals. Their restaurant is also home to a small group of volunteers who work to help refugees in their time off from the kitchen. The volunteers spend a lot of their free time helping those who have arrived on Lesvos from Turkey and other countries. They offer emotional support, clothing and food to the newcomers. The Captain’s Table has received the TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence award, which is given to businesses that consistently earn outstanding ratings from travelers.