The Best Beaches in Othonia

Best Beaches in Othonia

The Best Beaches in Othonia are a must-visit for any summer traveler looking to relax on the sand and swim in crystal waters. These secluded beaches are often difficult to reach, but their untamed beauty is well worth the effort.

With shallow, calm waters and white sands, Karidi is one of the most beautiful beaches in Sithonia. It is well organized and provides beach bars, sun loungers, a mini market and lifeguard services.

Lagonissi Beach

A back-to-basics beach that’s a favorite of Thessaloniki locals, this one is in a sheltered cove protected by the small island Diaporos. The soft sand and clear, light blue waters are perfect for swimming.

The beach is well organized with sun beds and umbrellas that require a cover charge, which can be used to purchase drinks. The nearby village of Ormos Panagias has restaurants and mini markets.

Many hotels and resorts offer beachfront views of Lagonissi. You can also take a cruise from Ormos Panagias or Vourvourou that stops at this amazing beach.

Sarti Beach

Sarti Beach is a beautiful beach that offers plenty of options for entertainment and relaxation. The 3km-long sandy beach provides a variety of cafes, bars and sun loungers for all to enjoy.

The area also offers a variety of water sports and hiking trails. Hiking up nearby rocky hills will reveal breathtaking views of the coastline and mountains.

A favorite activity is to watch the unique sunrise above Mount Athos. It is an unforgettable experience. To the south of Sarti are beaches Tourkolimnionas, Klimataria and Destenika.

Porto Koufo Beach

The enchanting Porto Koufo Beach is set in one of the deepest natural harbors in Halkidiki. Its pristine beaches, crystal clear waters, and traditional Greek taverns attract visitors who want to escape the crowds and enjoy the simple pleasures of life.

There are a few hotels in Porto Koufo and a number of private houses that are rented out as apartments for the week or weekend. You can sample local and seasonal foods at taverns like O Psaras, which offers a soup that rivals Bouillabaisse in Marseille.

Nikiti Beach

Nikiti Beach is a popular sandy beach that is awarded a Blue Flag. The beach is surrounded by pines that offer natural shade. The water is clean and has a beautiful color. The beach is also organized with lifeguards, a beach bar, and sunbeds for rent.

The beach is free to visit, but you can also find a few restaurants that offer loungers for a small fee. There are also shops, taverns, and bars along the promenade.

Talgo Beach

This exotic beach is one of the most natural beaches in Sithonia, separating two gulfs of turquoise waters and exotic sand. It also has a great beach bar with tropical umbrellas that perfectly blend in with the natural scenery.

Located south of Ormos Panagias on the east side of a peninsula, it’s easy to reach by car. It’s also a good choice for families.

Talgo is famous for its beach bar and during the weekends it’s a hot spot for young people looking for fun. It is recommended to reserve sun loungers in advance.

Dream Coast Beach

The beach is organized and offers plenty of amenities including a mini-market. It is also a Blue Flag certified beach. Take the KTEL bus from Thessaloniki to Ormos Panagias and it will be within walking distance of this stunning spot.

Kavourotripes has a tropical vibe and looks like the shoreline of the Maldives or the Caribbean. You can sit at the beach bar or head further down the coast and set up your umbrella. The beach belongs to a campsite so there is a 3EUR entrance fee.

Orange Beach

Located just south of Gulf Shores, Orange Beach features pristine beaches and plenty of activities for your Alabama vacation. Enjoy a day on the water by renting a boat, or learn about marine life and birds on a dolphin or sunset cruise.

Kids will love a day out on the open water on a Pirate Ship cruise, where they’ll battle other pirates, sing pirate songs and sculpt sea creatures out of sand with the help of an instructor from Sand Castle University. For more fun, head to The Wharf for the Southeast’s largest Ferris wheel and a variety of other entertainment options.

Fava Beach

Fava Beach is a hidden gem among locals in Vourvourou. A little farther from the settlement, this coarse-sand beach is not very crowded even in high season. A few trees bordering the beach bring some natural shade.

The water is shallow and super-clear. Swimming is great, and you can snorkel near weird rock islands. The beach is a good alternative to Karidi Beach, which has a lot of waves and higher cliffs. The area is surrounded by luxury villas of wealthy Greeks from Thessaloniki.