Best Beaches in Samothrace

Samothrace is not a very famous island but it is loved by those who prefer alternative vacations. This special island combines mountain with sea and has impressive natural landscapes.

You will find a lot of waterfalls and streams, as well as amazing natural pools called “vathres”. There are also many ancient sanctuaries and impressive towers.


A beach with white fine pebbles and crystal clear turquoise water. It can only be reached by boat since it is cut off from the rest of the island so that gives one the feeling of being a castaway!

It is frequented by naturists and it is the ideal place to experience the wild beauty of Samothrace. It is also the best spot to enjoy a magnificent sunset!

Renting a boat from Pachia Ammos (which means thick sand) will give you the opportunity to visit the rest of Samothrace’s pristine beaches. They include Spilies, Katarti, Kremasto, Vatos, Grias ta Pania and others. These are not crowded beaches and offer serenity and tranquillity that is not found at the more cosmopolitan ones of other Greek islands.

Pachia Ammos

Pachia Ammos Beach is located in the southwestern part of Samothrace and literally translates to Thick Sand. This is the only sandy beach on the island that is accessible by car and during the summer months it offers umbrellas, sun loungers and a restaurant and a beach bar.

The rest of the beaches in Samothrace are pebble and rocky. One of the most famous ones is the Gria and Fonia Beach near Therma village that has cold waters, natural pools (called vathres) and a unique beauty that attracts naturists. There are also other beaches that get crowded during summer like the Vatos Beach, which is situated to the east of Pachia Ammos and has a special mystical energy associated with ancient mysteries. It is also accessible only by boat.

Pirgos tou Fonia

The northern part of Samothrace is a land of impressive natural pools. The stream of Fonias forms a few lakes and waterfalls that are called “vathres.” They are popular with young people, nudists, and campers seeking relaxation in a secluded setting.

Samothrace is also a land of ancient history with many impressive sanctuaries and towers to explore. Those who seek adventure can take perilous hikes or find a boat to visit the south part of the island. The sandy beaches are located here in coves between steep mountain slopes with tall trees and verdant streams. One of them is Vatos Beach, which is a large beach with emerald waters, high cliffs, and evergreen trees. Another one is Kipoi Beach which has dark coloured pebbles.


Samothrace is one of those places that you either fall in love with it or hate it. This mystical island is a nature lover’s paradise with dozens of natural pools (called vathres), rivers and waterfalls, steep peaks and rock formations, and significant archaeological finds like the famous 2nd century B.C. Hellenistic marble sculpture of the Winged Victory of Samothrace.

The southeastern end of the island is home to the endless beach Kipoi, which unlike Pachia Ammos is covered with dark grey pebbles and has deep blue waters. This unique landscape resembles a fairy tale and offers you a dreamy coastal route and the chance to admire the wild cliffs of Imbros. Moreover, it is one of the best beaches for sunset watching in Samothrace.


Samothrace is an island brimming with raw, untamed beauty. Its mountain landscape combines with the crystal-clear turquoise waters to create a magnificent sight.

Long, straight beaches dominate the coast of Samothrace, and their large spaces allow visitors to find a spot to relax. They may not be as inviting as sandy beachfronts, but they offer a more natural setting for the perfect holiday.

Across the island, waterfalls cascade over smooth rocks to form vathres, naturally occurring river pools. The closest vathres to Therma are Gria and Tshivdogianni. Naked hippies float like water nymphs around the first vathra, but many opt to continue their hike up the river to reach other waterfalls and secluded pools. A therapeutic plunge in these waters is guaranteed to change your life.