Best Places to Eat in Sifnos

Travelling is about connecting with different people and cultures and one of the most important ways to do so is through food. And no trip to the quaint island of Sifnos would be complete without trying their exquisite cuisine.

Revithada, a traditional chickpea stew that is slow cooked and paired with fried revithokeftedes are some of the things you should not miss when visiting Sifnos!

1. Misso Misso

Located near the border, Misso Misso is a popular restaurant with visitors. It serves salads that are perfectly cooked. Guests also love the parfait, chocolate cakes and che. This place has a friendly staff and a lovely atmosphere. It is the ideal location to spend time with friends and family.

The teriyaki here is solid, with a gingery sauce patiently steeped from broth, onions and sake that’s deep but not too sweet. Other dishes worth trying include the beef negimaki—thin slices of sirloin rolled around a core of crunchy scallions, looking like the carnivore’s answer to a California roll.

The decor is modern and minimalist, with plush leather seats at the polished granite bar and comfortable banquettes. The service is attentive, though the dreaded elevator music that plays in the dining room needs to go. If the food is as good as the ambience, this BYOB could have a future in the neighborhood. It’s already pulling in the theater crowds, and with inventive delights like this one, it deserves to stay for a long time.

3. Meropi

Meropi Hotel & Apartments is situated right in the heart of everything, surrounded by bars, restaurants and shops. It’s considered to be a great location that provides calmness and is accessible to the old city in just 15 minutes. Guests have reported that the hotel serves great lunch and dinner, with dishes that change daily. However, some have complained about the limited options offered for half-board and the fact that drinks are fully charged for.

The kitchen is run by Andonis who is also one of Kamares’ best fishermen. He knows the island’s produce very well and uses a variety of vegetables and herbs. He’s also famous for his revithia keftedes (fried chickpeas) which are very delicious. He can sometimes be a little slow on service and the place might not be the most romantic but if you like grilled meats then this is the spot for you.

Claudio’s Italian restaurant is an excellent option for anyone who wants a break from Greek food. He and his family come to Sifnos every summer from Milano, and they know their way around an Italian kitchen. They serve great pastas, pizzas and fish. It’s a great place for families with kids, but keep in mind that the restaurant is not open during the winter.

Located in the heart of Kamares, this luxurious double floor maisonette has two beautifully appointed bedrooms and an amazing view of the mountains. The spacious living room and the kitchen are equipped with all modern appliances. There is also a pool, sauna and steam bath, as well as free Wi-Fi and TV. The villa is also a short walk to the beach, and offers plenty of privacy for those who want to relax in the sun without being too close to the bars and restaurants.

4. Astro Restaurant

Tom immigrated to New York from the Island of Corfu Greece in 1968 and he began working at local diners in the Bronx where he learned that success only comes with hard work, honesty and respect for all. He worked in all positions from the dishwasher to short order cook and waiter. He met Peter Katsichtis and they opened Astro Restaurant in 1980.

This popular eatery has mastered the art of casual dining with its quality ingredients and generous portions at a fair price (considering they are in one of the highest rent districts of Manhattan). Its expansive menu is accented by Italian, Greek and Tex-Mex fare.

While most people come here for the great chicken pies or corned beef, don’t miss out on the tasty yogurt, egg coffee and French toasts either. You can also try some wine or beer while here as well. The restaurant is open all days of the week for your convenience.

5. Kastro

Sifnos may be only a three-hour ferry ride from Athens, but it feels worlds away. There are 13 villages tucked into the island’s mountainous landscape, and 14th-century fortresses guard whitewashed houses and narrow, winding cobblestone streets. The light glimmers off burnished rocks and paints the horizon a fuzzy peach. It’s easy to imagine yourself an artist, a poet, or a monk here.

The island’s signature dish is revithada, a hearty chickpea stew that takes legume dishes to a whole new level. The dish is traditionally prepared on a Saturday night so that it’s ready for Sunday lunch, and many restaurants will send a batch of revithada to Venios bakery (a furno in Greek) to be slow-cooked over the course of the night.

Another must-try dish is kaparosalata, a spread made from cooked capers and onions. It’s a staple on the island, and you can find it at most local food shops. It’s an intensely flavored dish, so some people may find it too bitter.

The patisserie at Hotel Boulis is also worth a visit. The owner’s son, Antonis, grew up in Sifnos and left to learn pastry in Athens before returning to run this cozy kafenes, which serves up everything from sandwiches and salads to eggs on toast and set breakfasts. He has taken the traditional Sifnos cooking he learned from his mother (a fantastic woman) and without compromising added his own twist, producing some of the best Sifnos cuisine on offer. Don’t miss the mastelo (goat or lamb in red wine with dill). Yum! You should also try his kephtedakia, juicy and spicy but not too strong. It’s the kind of place you’ll want to go back to again and again.