Best Places to Eat in Kimolos

Best Places to eat in Kimolos

Despite being a small island you can expect a wide selection of good restaurants on Kimolos. You will find local cheeses, especially the tangy hard ones as well as fresh fishes and a wide choice of tasty meat dishes from goats and sheep.

Bemba is an institution on the island and her restaurant – or rather her name since it’s named after her – in Horio has earned her quite the reputation.

Meltemi Restaurant

Located in the heart of Kimolos, Meltemi Restaurant is a great choice for those looking for Greek and Mediterranean cuisine. Its dishes are perfectly cooked and the staff is very attentive. The location is also excellent and offers a nice view of the sea. Some of the most popular dishes at Meltemi include stuffed pork, fish and chips and cheesecakes. Guests also appreciate the good coffee and friendly service. This place is recommended by many Google users.

This is a nice family-run place, where you can try grilled seafood and fresh salads. The place is clean and the owners are very nice people. They will always remember you and offer you a warm welcome. The restaurant is located in the center of the village, in a beautiful traditional building.

The restaurant is open all year round and is a real jewel of the island. Its owner, Augoustos Galanos, is a young man who has managed to turn his father’s taverna into a modern culinary concept that pays tribute to the local tradition. The dishes are delicious and very reasonably priced. The starters include the renowned xino cheese from Kimolos and zucchini pie. You can also taste the taramasalata – a dip made with salted and cured cod roe and lemon juice, as well as melitzanes (aubergine dish) and a selection of boiled wild greens.

In addition to its pristine waters, the beach has sunbeds and umbrellas for rent. It is a great option for those who want to enjoy their holiday without spending too much money.

Meltemi is a perfect place to enjoy a romantic evening and spend a memorable vacation with your loved one. The hotel offers a range of services, including free Wi-Fi and an outdoor pool. The rooms are clean and well-equipped, with a refrigerator and a TV.

The hotel is within walking distance of Pollonia Public Beach and Rema Beach, and is less than a 5-minute drive from Agia Paraskevi Church. It also has convenient access to Mavrospilia Beach and Kimolos Port. The property’s rooms feature a balcony and a mini bar.


If you’re planning to visit Kimolos you should know that this little island offers a surprisingly long selection of authentic, down-to-earth Greek tavernas and restaurants. And it is in these places that you can experience a real taste of the Cyclades.

The Postali restaurant is located in the port of Kimolos right across from where the ferries dock and it’s a great all day venue serving a variety of salads, pasta dishes, sea food appetizers as well as grilled meats. The Postali is run by a young talented chef Augoustos Galanos who took over the taverna at the age of 24 and transformed it into a modern culinary concept that also touches upon traditional Kimolian cuisine.

It’s a lovely space with wood panelling and stone walls and traditional farming tools like ploughs used as decorations. In the evening the Postali is adorned with twinkling lights and it creates a really romantic setting. We enjoyed a variety of dishes and everything we had was really delicious. The service was excellent too and we had some wonderful time here.

We tried some of the local cheeses including a really tasty halloumi, which is very creamy and tangy. The feta is also very nice. The moussaka was one of the best we ever had. It was extremely tender and the béchamel sauce was perfectly silky. We also had a couple of plates with fresh octopus and barbouni fish. The octopus was really good, but the barbouni was a bit overcooked and a little dry.

The prices in the tavernas on Kimolos are very reasonable. The meals averaged about 15 Euro a person and the quality was very high. The tavernas are very friendly and the owners are all passionate about the food they serve. It’s worth a visit just to experience the unique atmosphere of Kimolos. It’s a great island for hiking and there are some beautiful beaches too. The island can be easily reached by a short flight from Athens to Milos and then a ginormous ship that takes you to Kimolos in just over 8 hours.

To Kyma

Located in the heart of Flatiron, this restaurant brings the spirit of the Greek Isles to New York. Its white decor and hints of florals are perfect for a romantic dinner or a casual lunch. Diners can eat at the bar or in one of many tables throughout the restaurant. There are also a few spots that can accommodate a stroller. Guests can choose from an extensive menu of Greek classics. The restaurant serves seafood, such as lobster carpaccio and sea urchin salad, as well as lamb chops and grilled chicken. The dishes are well-executed and flavorful. The desserts are a must-try, including baklava and ice cream. The restaurant is a great place to try some Greek wine, such as the crisp Assyrtiko or Metaxa.

The food at To Kyma is creative, but it doesn’t feel pretentious. The flavors are familiar, but the platings are beautiful and inventive. For example, the grilled octopus is served with peppers and onions in a tangy vinaigrette. The chef forages for wild herbs, and bundles of them are drying near the kitchen. To Kyma is a must-visit for anyone looking for a memorable meal in Kimolos.

To Kyma is a popular spot in Kimolos, but it can be difficult to find. The restaurant is a short walk from the main port of Psathi, and it’s worth the trek for the view. The food is excellent, and the service is friendly and professional.

Despite being a small island, Kimolos has an abundance of restaurants and cafes. From upscale restaurants to laidback tavernas, you’ll find something for every taste. For those who want to eat at an upscale restaurant, check out the Meltemi Restaurant. It is known for its delicious Greek cuisine and has an excellent view of the sea.

The Xaplovouni Hill is another attraction that should be on your itinerary when visiting Kimolos. The whitewashed windmills are a reminder of the island’s history. These old structures were once used to grind wheat and other grains. They are now a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The ruins are worth the hike, and they offer a stunning view of the sea.


The best place to eat in Kimolos is at the first restaurant you see when you disembark from your ferry, a taverna called Bohoris. It’s owned by the same man who runs Kali Kardia in Chorio, Apostolos Bohoris, and it is a great choice for a meal that will give you a taste of what you can expect from this talented chef.

The menu here focuses on traditional Greek dishes, but with some twists. Apostolos makes the most of the ingredients that are available on the island, especially the cheese and meat. His dishes are creative yet they feel like a natural extension of the ingredients themselves; he forages for wild herbs and uses them in combinations that you’d be hard-pressed to find elsewhere.

It’s the food and the story behind it that make this place one of our favorite places to eat in Kimolos. Bemba, as her fans jokingly call her, is the daughter of Sardis and has been running this family-run taverna since the early 90s, a few years after they opened rooms-to-let by Aliki Beach. Every dish is cooked with love and the best ingredients – the goat’s meat comes from Polyaigos, the family farm on the island, the zucchini pie is made with fresh zakoustzi and the taramasalata (a dip made of salted and cured roe of cod) is to die for.

The taverna is small and simple, with wood panelling and stone walls. On the outside is a collection of agricultural tools and ploughs – a nod to the island’s rich agricultural past. Bemba is an incredibly welcoming host and her taverna is the perfect place to spend some time enjoying her hospitality and the delicious food that she serves. She and her family have been featured on all the major Greek TV shows and their taverna is well known across the country for its quality and authentic taste.