Best Beaches in Syros

Syros is an island in the Cyclades, the Aegean Sea, situated 78 nautical miles south of Athens. It has an area of 83.6 km2 and a population of 21,507 people. Among its most popular beaches are Vari Beach, Komito Beach, Galissas Beach, and Achladi Beach.

Komito Beach

Komito Beach is a beautiful, sandy beach on Syros’s southwest coast. It has crystal clear waters and is connected to the city of Agathopes by road. It’s not a big beach, but its charm is its quiet, secluded appeal. There are a few parasols dotted around the beach, and there is a small beach bar. The beach is a popular spot for swimming and snorkeling.

If you’re looking for a peaceful getaway, you’ll love Komito. It’s quiet, uncrowded, and easy to reach. It’s also a great spot for hiking. Hiking trails on Syros are marked and numbered so that you can easily find the right one. You can even hike from Ermoupoli to Kastri and take in the breathtaking scenery along the way. Whether you’re looking for a romantic clifftop setting or a secluded beach, Syros’s villages are well worth a visit.

Vari Beach

Located eight km from the capital, Syros, Vari beach offers the ideal setting for a relaxing day with the family. The beach is well organized and the surrounding village offers various accommodation options. You can also play a variety of water sports. The beach is a good choice for families with small children.

Vari is a popular family and group beach and is easily accessible by bus, car, and boat. Other nearby beaches include Fabrika, Achladi, and Katergaki. The latter is ideal for snorkeling and fishing. In case you’re bringing your own boat, you can anchor in one of the many sheltered bays within walking distance.

Galissas Beach

Galissas Beach is a well-known beach on Syros Island. It offers crystal-clear waters and soft sand. Many tourists enjoy water sports here. Accommodation is available nearby. There are also many restaurants and traditional taverns that serve local delicacies.

If you want to enjoy the beach and its surrounding areas, you can also explore the island’s capital, Ermoupolis. The town is home to imposing neoclassical buildings. It also boasts many narrow alleys and beautiful beaches.

Achladi Beach

Syros has many beaches, including Achladi Beach, which is ideal for families. This shallow beach makes for a great swimming spot, but also provides great views of the island and is just a 20-minute walk from the town. It is also one of the best beaches in Syros for naturists.

Located in the southern part of the island, Achladi is the perfect beach for young children and families. You’ll find umbrellas on the beach for shade, and there’s a tavern on the seafront, where you can order fresh local seafood. Achladi is also the perfect place to go diving or snorkeling if you’re interested in seeing sea creatures.

Asteria Beach

Syros is a small, island-based Greek island, which is home to several lovely beaches. The best beaches in Syros are those that are close to the island’s capital. The island offers a variety of activities, and Asteria is no exception. The island’s pristine waters and pristine shoreline make it the perfect place for a swim. There is a cafe in the village, and you can relax on a comfortable lounge chair after a day of sun exposure.

The island offers a wide selection of hotels. Most are located in Ermoupolis, which puts you close to the island’s main attractions. The Apollonion Palace Hotel offers excellent service and a breathtaking view of the island. The Electra Syros Boutique Hotel is also close to the beach, and its balconies provide spectacular views.

Megas Gialos Beach

If you are looking for a beach in Syros with good weather, you should try Megas Gialos. This sandy beach has a shallow depth, and is great for families with small children. The water temperature is moderate throughout the year, and there are sun loungers available. The beach also has toilets and a beach restaurant.

Megas Gialos is a small beach resort in Syros located 12 km from Ermoupolis. You can reach the beach in around 20 minutes. Its name means “great beach”. While this beach is not very large, it has a beautiful view of the blue sea and two churches that are worth seeing.

Finikas Beach

One of the best beaches in Syros is Finikas. This secluded beach is located 12 km south of Ermoupoli. It is a popular destination for water sports and scuba diving. It also has camping and accommodation options nearby. The beach is very picturesque, and there are a few taverns.

The sandy shore of Finikas Beach is endless, and it is sheltered by the bay from the north winds. There are umbrellas and tamarisk trees along the edge of the water. This beach is also a popular fishing spot, and there are many restaurants and bars on the beach where you can enjoy delicious fish.