The Best Beaches in Naxos

The best beaches on Naxos are often very windy, but the wind makes them perfect for water sports. There are opportunities for surfing, scuba diving, and paddle boarding, and the waters are even clear enough to do paragliding. These beaches are not ideal for small children, though.

Pyrgaki Beach

The sandy Pyrgaki beach is a small settlement in the south of Naxos, Greece. It is covered in greenery, and has a wide sandy beach. The area is undeveloped and very quiet. The area also offers rental sun loungers and stand-up paddleboards. You can also enjoy the local cuisine.

Naxos is an island of forty-plus villages, which make for a charming experience. The main town, Hora, is the island’s capital and main port. The quaint, paved streets are lined with narrow alleyways and balconies. Locals also love to eat fresh fruit, which can be purchased at a variety of tavernas and bakeries.

Near Aliko, Pyrgaki is a quiet beach surrounded by cedar trees. The waters here are shallow and ideal for swimming. During low tide, you can fish right from the beach. Since the area is not overrun with tourists, the beach is often undeveloped, which makes it a good place for a family vacation.

Agios Georgios Beach

Agios Georgios Beach is a long sandy beach that is close to Naxos Town. It is a popular destination for families and offers plenty of space. It also has a good variety of restaurants and tavernas.

The long, white sand of this beach is a popular destination for day-trippers and those who enjoy the calm waters. The water is also shallow, making it a safe place for swimmers. The beach is popular for swimming during the summer season, but it can be windy.

There are a variety of beaches in Naxos. Some beaches are very crowded and have a busy beach vibe. But there are also some quieter beaches. Kastraki beach is a secluded gem on the western side of the island, with soft white sand and azure water. While it’s not as popular as the others, it’s a wonderful place for a romantic sunset stroll.

Agios Georgios Beach is also the most popular beach in Naxos. This remote beach is surrounded by a wetland and is sheltered from strong winds. It is also perfect for kiteboarding and windsurfing. It is also quite remote, and visitors must walk a distance to get to it.

Mikri Vigla Beach

Mikri Vigla Beach is located 45 minutes from the town of Naxos. The islet is accessed by boat and is an ideal spot to enjoy a swim or a windsurfing session. The beach is accessible year round, but it is closed during the Feast Days.

The beach is a popular destination for many tourists. It is relatively quiet and sheltered, and is a short stroll from the town. Mikri Vigla is a popular destination for water sports, while Orkos Beach is more for sun bathing. Another popular beach on the island is Limanaki Beach. It’s a long, sandy, and peaceful beach, with lots of sunbeds for rent.

If you are visiting Naxos in the winter, there’s a sandy beach in Kanaki. This is an excellent spot for families. It’s located on the island’s east coast. The sea is usually calm, but there are some rough patches. If you are a good swimmer, you can try snorkeling in the area. It’s also possible to spot some interesting birds here.

Panormos Beach

If you love the sea and enjoy secluded beaches, you will love Panormos Beach. This unorganized beach in Naxos is a great place to relax and take a swim. It is not very crowded and offers warm water and plenty of natural shade. You can find a cafe and even rent a SUP board from a local. You can also take a boat tour to Rina and other nearby beaches. You can also snorkel at the small beach next to the ruins of the prehistoric acropolis of Panermos.

Panormos is located about an hour and a half drive from Naxos Town. It has golden sand and beautiful palm trees. Although the beach is not very organized, you can find sun beds and parking. The beach is also popular for kitesurfing and windsurfing.

Located on the southeastern tip of Naxos, Panormos beach offers quiet swimming and snorkeling. It is lined with palm trees and is protected from the wind by a small peninsula. It is not too busy and has clear, warm water. The beach is also covered with pebbles and is one of the quietest places to visit on Naxos.

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