The Best Beaches in Andros

best beaches in Andros

Andros is the northernmost Greek island. Located just 10 km southeast of Euboea and 3 km north of Tinos, it is nearly 40 km long and 16 km wide. Its terrain is largely mountainous and includes numerous fruitful valleys. Nevertheless, the island has some pristine beaches and is an excellent choice for a relaxing vacation.

Grias Pidima beach

Grias Pidima is one of the most popular beaches in Andros. The name translates to “place of old woman’s jump”. This secluded beach has a rock in the water and is surrounded by cliffs. The only way to get to it is by car or by hiking from one of the nearby villages.

It has a mild climate, and the water temperature is 29 degrees Celsius during August. The beach is also good for kids. There are several water sports available in the area. Its distance from other Andros beaches makes it a great choice for families with young children.

Kolona beach

If you are looking for a relaxed, friendly atmosphere and a fantastic beach in Andros, you should head to the small and picturesque Kolona beach. The beach is organized and fully-staffed with a beach bar and umbrellas to relax under. While the beach itself is relatively small, it offers some spectacular views of the port and city of Batsi. You can even rent a sunbed or umbrella if you wish to spend the day lounging by the water.

This small, protected cove is located in the traditional village of Batsi. It offers a sandy shore, which is perfect for children, as the water is only medium in depth. The beach is also accessible by bus or car. There is ample parking. The beach is also well-organized, with umbrellas and free sunbeds. The beach also features a beach bar and imposing rocks nearby.

Pyrgos beach

A short, sandy, white beach, Pyrgos is located in the northern west of Andros, near Kaminaki and Vlychada beaches. The beach is accessible by dirt road, and is only 14 km from the Gavrio Port. The nearest towns are Batsi and Korthi, which are both about 50 km away.

If you prefer a beach with less crowded beaches, Pyrgos is one of your best options. It’s located just north of Vlychada beach, and is a short walk over a dirt road. The small, pebbly beach is often deserted, and is a great place to get away from the crowds.

Neimporio beach

The most popular beaches on Andros are those that are sheltered from the winds and have shallow water. Neimporio beach is a great choice for families, as it has a nice selection of beach bars, restaurants, and a sailing school. Other beaches on Andros include the more cosmopolitan Neiborio beach and the pebbly Syneti beach. The sand at Neiborio is soft and sheltered from the wind, which makes it an ideal choice for families with young children.

The south side of the island is home to Agios Sostis beach. This secluded beach is located north of Ormos Korthiou, near the port of Vitzi. Visitors to this beach will love its golden sand and shallow water, which make it ideal for young children. A beautiful church built on the rock overlooking the beach makes it easily identifiable. The beach also offers sunbeds for sunbathing.

Megali Peza beach

If you love the beauty of remote beaches, Megali Peza beach in Andros Cyclades is a perfect place to visit. Located just next to Mikri Peza, Megali Peza beach is unspoiled and has soft pebbles and clear water. Because of its isolated location, the beach has a certain wild beauty that is not found anywhere else. It is perfect for fishing but avoid visiting it in summer when winds from the north blow.

Andros is an ideal destination for family vacations as it offers many beautiful beaches. Some of these beaches are secluded and well-organized, while others are more remote and require a 4×4 to access them. Andros’ coastline is rich in natural beauty, including caves and steep rock capes. There are also numerous water sports and diving schools.

St. Peter’s beach

If you’re a fan of the water, St Peter’s beach is one of the island’s best. Its long, sandy shore is ideal for kids and offers shallow turquoise waters. The beach is also home to a beach club with service, a bar, and lifeguards on duty. There are also several options for renting water equipment, such as canoes.

Although St Peter’s beach isn’t the most popular, it is one of the best on the island. The secluded, one-kilometer-long shoreline has a relaxed vibe that doesn’t get too crowded. There’s plenty of room for everyone to enjoy themselves. It’s also one of the island’s best beach bars, offering great drinks and delicious snacks.

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