Best Beaches in Zakynthos, Greece

Zakynthos is a Greek island located in the Ionian Sea. Its harbor city is centered on Solomos Square. Many beaches are located on the island, including Agios Nikolaos, Alykanas, Tsilivi, and Navagio. The island is also known for its shipwreck site in 1980. Navagio Navagio is one of the best and most popular beaches in … Read more

The Best Beaches in Salamis

Salamis is the largest Greek island in the Saronic Gulf, located only two kilometres from the mainland. The island’s chief city is Salamina, which lies on the Salamis Bay. The Saronic Gulf opens up from the bay. During the summer, this bay has many excellent beaches. Iliakti/Tourkoli mano beach Located on the Greek Islands, Iliakti/Tourkoli … Read more

The Best Beaches in Crete

If you want to spend your vacation at a beautiful Greek beach, you may be wondering about the best beaches in Crete. The answer lies in the area’s diversity. There are some beautiful beaches in Crete that are perfect for families or couples. Some of the best beaches in Crete are located on the southern … Read more

The Best Beaches in Ios

Ios is one of the most beautiful islands in the world and it has some of the best beaches. You can find this island halfway between Naxos and Santorini. Its area is approximately 109.024 square kilometers and it is home to about 2,024 people. Mylopotas Beach Mylopotas Beach is one of the best beaches in … Read more

Best Beaches in Kefalonia

Located west of mainland Greece, Kefalonia is a stunning island with sandy coves and rugged landscapes. The island’s capital is situated on a hillside overlooking its narrow harbor. The indented coastline is dotted with bays and limestone cliffs. The only way to reach Kefalonia’s beaches is via winding, narrow roads. Makris Gialos Some of the … Read more

The Best Beaches in Astypalaia

When visiting Astypalaia, there are several beaches to choose from. There is Streno beach, which is organized and the shallowest one in the area. Another option is Small Steno beach, which is home to a picturesque church. A few hundred meters from Chora are Melograno Villas. Tzanaki Beach The Tzanaki Beach is one of the … Read more

The Best Beaches in Ithaca, Greece

This Greek island is off the northeast coast of Kefalonia, to the west of continental Greece. Its white-sand beaches and turquoise water are perfect for a day at the beach. The most popular beaches on the island are Platia Ammos, Polis, and Kourvoulia. Platia Ammos One of the most beautiful and exotic beaches in Ithaca … Read more

The Best Beaches in Paros

Alyki beach, a windless, sandy bay, is a family favourite, and is situated in the picturesque fishing village of Alyki. Its sister beach, Piso Alyki, is less organized but equally beautiful. The waters here are crystal clear and shallow, and the nearby tavernas serve great seafood. Alyki is also one of the best beaches for … Read more

The Best Beaches in Alonissos

Alonissos is a Greek island situated in the Aegean Sea. It is the third of the Northern Sporades group. It is three kilometers east of Skopelos. There are several types of beaches on the island, including pebble, sandy, and unspoilt. Unspoiled beaches If you’re looking for unspoiled beaches in Alonissos, the southwestern corner of the … Read more

The Best Beaches in Kea

There are numerous beaches on the island of Kea. Some of the most popular are Gialiskari, Spathi and Koundouros. Others are more secluded and have natural shade provided by tamarisk trees. Many dirt roads lead to these hidden gems. Take a moment to explore them. Koundouros Koundouros Beach is one of the best beaches in … Read more

Best Beaches in Ikaria

Located in the Aegean Sea, Ikaria is a small island in Greece. It’s about 10 nautical miles southwest of Samos. The island got its name from Icarus, the son of Daedalus in Greek mythology. It has a great natural harbor and pristine beaches. Psili Ammos The main town of Ikaria is Agios Kirikos. It is … Read more

The Best Beaches in Kasos

Kasos is an island in Greece that is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. There are many places to go on the island, but the best beaches in Kasos are not always the most popular. While the beaches on the northern side of the island are very popular, those on … Read more