Top 12 Things To Do In Greek Islands

#1. The island of Paros: Panagia Ekatontapiliani

How much are you willing to risk to make your family happy? Do you know that spending a holidays way form home can strengthen the bond between you and those you care for? However, it’s unfortunate that many of us spend most of their time working to provide for their family while not getting a little time to celebrate together. Taking a vacation is recommended, and you can tour the whole world and see the wonders that otherwise you could not have believed they exist. Today, we shall; look at the best things you can do in the Greek Islands, suppose you choose it as your holiday destination.  

#2. The Island Of Crete: Knossos

Panagia Ekatontapiliani is an ancient structure build in the olden days and accommodated thousands of believers in Greece. It’s common to hear it referred to as The Church with Hundred Doors. Hopefully, you can figure that on your mind home gigantic this church looked like before time and harsh weather took away its beauty. Byzantine Church is not unique for its large size and unique structure, but it also considered as a sacred site among the Greek Islands.  

Statistical records have it that Panagia Ekatontapiliani is the oldest surviving Byzantine structure. From the records, only 99 doors of these churches have been found, and there is legend say that for the 100th door to be found, Constantinople (Istanbul) shall have fallen in the hands of the Greek again.

When you visit the Greek Islands, you shouldn’t live without setting your eyes and touring the amazing and city of Knossos. For the archaeological evidence, this city accommodated over 100000 residents during the bronze Age. Moreover, it considered the oldest city only in Greece but in entire Europe with lost structures with unique designs. However, you should also visit the Knossos palace constructed 4500 years ago by the Minoans.  

From this place, you can learn more about the legend of King Minos, who ordered Daedalus to build a labyrinth from which he later used to contain Minotaur, his son. So, when looking for the best tourist attraction sits in Greece, then make your way to the Palace of Knossos. Here, you’ll see the throne room, courtyard from which gusset was entertained during the time of King Minos.  

#3. The Island of Nea Kameni: Santorini Hot Springs

Take a dip tour to the Santorini Volcano found in the middle of Santorini Caldera. Why? from what you shall see and experience in this area, you’ll understand why Greece is still the best tourist destination. Warm water with therapeutic bests surrounds this amazing volcanic Island; therefore, taking a bath can improve your general health. The essential minerals found in Santorini Hot Springs includes manganese and iron, which can guard you against various ailments.  

There are ways through which you can get to this epic scene to see and experience why it has to offer. First, you can start a journey from the port of Fira and travel by water, its less expensive and you’ll enjoy seeing the aquatic life as well. Secondly, you can trek to this volcano. Caution! Santorini Volcano eruption took place last in 1953, so it’s still active, watch out.  

#4. The Island of Mykonos

There is nothing you’ll miss when you land in Mykonos because it’s a tourist destination site loved by many tourists. Besides enjoying favourite dishes and nightclubs, there are serval things to do in this place which we shall look below. This Island strategically sits on 150km to the southeast of Athens, 230km to the north of Create and 150km to the north of Santorini. To get to this Island, you can use four different airports.  

That’s to say, London (4hours), Rome (2hours), Athens (40minutes) and from Paris, it takes 3.25hours to get to Mykonos through a flight. However, the best time to visit this Island is from June to September when you need s god weather, swimming, sailing, nightlife or sunbathing. Otherwise, April, May, and October can be best for sightseeing, dining, archelogy, or history.  

Enjoy life at the beaches.

Mykonos has beaches such as Platis Gialos and Ornos, which is ideal for a family vacation. You can effortlessly enjoy taking your favourite breakfast while reading the newspaper on the beach. Moreover, the majority of restaurants and hotels in this arse provided unique dishes that will calm and soothe your appetite after a long walk at the beach.  

Interact with Ano Mera locals

Don’t live the Island of Mykonos if you haven’t learned something about the occupants of the village of Ano Mera. The village is in middle of Mykonos Island and its features a 16th-century monastery, so you can also learn something about the monk who lived in this place. Moreover, you’ll not need to spend much of your money because the hotels around aren’t luxurious, they are casual & local restaurants with budget-friendly meals.

Enjoy an elegant dinner or drink at Mykonos restaurants.

If you love night clubs or dining is your favourite thing, then there are a lot of restaurants around this area. The best restaurants include Galleraki, Scarpa, Jackie O’ Town Bar, Katerina’s Bar, Astra, Alley Cocktail Bar, Sunset Bar, Queen of Mykonos, Old Customs Cafe, Bao’s Cocktail Bar and Mykonos Blanc.

#5. The Island of Naxos: Mount of Zeus

Have you ever wished to go for mountain climbing? Well, here is an opportunity to fulfil your dream. Mount of Zeus isn’t bets for armatures because it’s about 3300 feet, so you’ll need some experience or tour guide to help you get around this mountain. Take yourself back in time and spend some relaxed time with your find in the Cave of Zeus, take some fresh pics for your nest social media posts.  

The locals would tell you about the legendary saying that it’s the same cave that the mighty Zeus used as a hideout to for Cronus; his father. What we promise you is that you may need to put on more effort to trek to the top, but when you make it, you’ll not only have done some exercise, but you’ll also manage to have a clear view from the top of Mount of Zeus.  

However, don’t starves, because there are bets hotels and restaurants in Naxos which are family-friendly. Moreover, you can also proceed with the new journey on the following day by touring the marvellous inland villages.  

#6. Rent ATV or Car

There is nothing great like spending spend while seeing all the structures and unique creation of men in those olden days. Greece harbours several islands which are intercommoned by waterways through boat or ferries. However, if you dint have the stamina and the cash to do it at once, then you can begin your vacation by renting an ATV. Most of the rentals companies are concerned, and you’ll not have to robe your bank to get the services. Besides, you’ll spend little but get the opportunity to see everything within a limited time. But suppose you visit Santorini island, then renting a car can prove helpful because you’ll ill cover the area within a short time, make stops, enjoy dinner or talk to someone or two locals.

#7. Visit Gramvousa Island & Balos Bay

There are lots of stories we see in movies, and we wonder whether they are real or just the producer’s imagination. Today if someone talks about the Greek War of Independence, you probably may not understand it. But wait until you set your eyes ion the Venetian Fort, you’ll develop that picture in your mind. So our visits today take far to the North-Western create on the coast.  

The only way to Gramvousa is by boat, make your discoveries because people don’t live on this Island. As we said, you’ll be focusing on the ruins of Venetian fort, a hideout pirates used during the Greek War of Independence. Now, we heed to the Balos bay, which is only 10km away through the dirt road, or you can also use a boat. Remember to take a snap at the turquoise waters.  

#8. Learn something from Ancient Thira archaeological site

Ancient Thira is the best tourist destination site for students and those who want to learn something about our history. It’s not easy to gate the archaeological evidence, but with the right management and location, the evidence can last for generations. Moreover, it’s the best archaeological site in the Island of Santorini, and its first settlers were the Dorians way back in the 9th Century BC.  

Furthermore, it comprised of the ruins of Roman, Byzantine, and Hellenistic but still has a very conclusive atmosphere. Ancient Thira ruins include theatre, gymnasium, an agora, houses(mosaic design), and temples. From Kamari, you can take the narrow road and drive for 3km to this archaeological site. However, you can hike along the dusty path from Perissa for an hour to get Ancient Thira.

#9. Acropolis of Lindos

Time passes, but the ruins still surface on the ground with 20-columned Hellenistic stoa, you want to imagine when you’ve set your eyes on. There is a short steep-stepped footpath that takes you up the 116m high headland. From the reliable sources, Acropolis was first fortified in the 6th Century BC. However, it’s enclosed using battlements build by the knights of St John.  

When you rice the will, you see the Temple of Athena Lindia. Moreover, the stack pillars dazzle while the visitors get to have a clear coastal view of the. Tips: the top is open, so if you visit the place during the hot season, remember to carry your hut and water protect you from the sun and the quench your thirst. From the village entrance, you can spend only €8 and enjoy a donkey ride to the Acropolis

#10. Heraklion Archaeological Museum

When you find yourself in Greece, and you need to keep records of artefacts and learn some history, then the Heraklion Archaeological Museum is the right place. Located on the Island of creating, Iraklio with and with a 1930 Bauhaus building that shelter artefacts are dating over 5500 years. They are all collected from the Neolithic period to Roman time, trust us, you’ll learn something unique. Inside the museums, you find colour-coded rooms while with chronologically arranged display all with the English description. Some of the items stored in this museum include pottery, sarcophagi, frescoes, and jewellery. Finally, the museum’s administrators categorize these pieces into subgroups such as administration, settlement, religion, and death, which makes it easy to navigate the museum.

#11. Corfu Trail: go hiking with your family

Among the activities that many people do enjoy is hiking, especially if you are a group of people, you’ll enjoy it together. The Island of Corfu is the place to visits whenever you need a long hiking trail. Surprisingly, Corfu trails offer more than you can ask for 220 kilometres. You may require 8-10 days to wrap it all together as long as you stop by and take some mouth-watering dishes along the trail. Also, walking along the Corfu trail, you’ll see amazing landscapes, don’t worry, you can capture great pictures that will attract over 1000 views on your social media accounts. The afternoon walk may not be that friendly, but you’ll still enjoy it. The trails are mainly dirt tracks. Also, you can expect turquoise lagoons along the way. At long last, you’ll come along the scenic summits

#12. Explore Mount Athos

Mount Athos sits on the Chalcidice Peninsula, and its contribution to the rich Greece history can’t be rivalled. There are around 20 monetarists, and it’s a central location that unites all the Eastern Christian Orthodox believers. Despite the effect of time, the monasteries still hold to the ground, and you’ll love the artwork plus the excellent work done by our forefathers. As you visit this place, it’s good to note that it’s fully operational, and from the laws governing the monastery, female visitors aren’t allowed in here. Strictly for men.

Final verdict

Because we have taken you for a virtual tour to the best tourist attraction sites in the Greek Islands, we hope you’ll be able to make the right decision whenever you are choosing a tourist destination site. As we conclude, it’s essential to know that you can find several luxurious resorts in Greek Islands. However, you should book your accommodation in advance to prevent frustration during your holiday vacation.

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