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If you’re planning a holiday in Greece, you’ll want to plan things to do in Folegandros. Here, we’ll discuss what to see and do, including the Church of Panagia, the Ecological and Folklore Museum, and Paralia Karavostasis. We’ll also cover the island’s natural beauty, including a pristine fjord and secluded beaches.

Church of Panagia

Located on a hillside about halfway up the island of Folegandros, the Church of Panagia is the most important attraction on the island. The church was built in 1687, but it has had a facelift since 1821. Its beautiful interior, which features frescos and ancient statues, is one of the most popular attractions in Folegandros. The church is dedicated to the Assumption of the Virgin Mary.

From Chora, the Church of Panagia is a 15-minute walk along a zigzag path. The church was the site of a 1790 attack by Algerian pirates. A desperate Chora prayed to the Virgin Mary, and a strong wind blew in and sank the marauders’ boats. The views from the church are spectacular. You can enjoy a drink at the Terrace bar at the Anemomilos hotel, perched on the edge of a cliff.

Ecological and Folklore Museum

The Ecological and Folklore Museum in Folegiandros was established in 1988 by the Folegandros Cultural Society and is the largest tourist attraction on the island. The museum includes a library and open-air theater. Its courtyard, which was once a threshing floor, provides a panoramic view of the island. The museum is accessible by car or on foot. There are several audio-visual presentations throughout the day.

The island is dotted with ruins of medieval buildings, including the picturesque town of Chora. This picturesque settlement is divided into two parts, the ancient part inside the Venetian castle walls, and the modern part outside the city’s walls. The old town, or kastro, is a cluster of houses built on the cliffside to defend the island against pirates. It’s well worth a visit if you want to experience the island’s traditional lifestyle.

Georgitsi’s Cave

Discover a spectacular underwater landscape in Folegandros, Greece by diving into Georgitsi’s Cave. Located near the town of Karavostasis, Georgitsi’s Cave is a natural wonder with its stunning “sculpted” stony appearance. The underwater ecosystem is rich and diverse and the cave features amazing reflections of light in the clear blue water. To reach the cave, you’ll need to board a boat from the port of Karavostasis.

The two main chambers of the cave are about 300 meters long and characterized by stalactite formations. The cave has several ancient names of males carved into its walls and floor. It has also been found to have ancient names and other objects. Some of the treasures discovered in this cave date back to the 4th century BC. There is also a beautiful archaeological site in the area, as well as ancient names and the remains of young people from all over Greece.

Paralia Karavostasis

After you’ve enjoyed the stunning views of the island from O Kritikos, you can continue to the Church of Panagia, one of the island’s most famous sights. Its whitewashed facade offers a breathtaking view of the island’s Chora. From here, you can catch a breathtaking sunset over the sea. The church is also 300m above sea level, making it the perfect place to watch the sun go down.

The beautiful beaches on Folegandros are easily accessible by boat from the port of Karavostasis. But the rocky terrain makes it difficult to reach the beaches, so if you’re interested in visiting the island’s best beaches, you’ll need to take a boat from Karavostasis. One of the island’s hidden gems, Kartego Beach, is accessible on foot or by boat. Despite being the least beautiful of the island’s beaches, it offers crystal-clear waters and few people.

The Best Beaches on Folegandros Greece

There are plenty of beautiful beaches on the Cycladic Island of Folegandros, which is still largely undiscovered by tourists. Unlike the more famous Santorini and Mykonos, Folegandros remains largely untouched and relatively untainted. The island boasts cliffs, whitewashed buildings, and clusters of villages and towns. There’s something for everyone to enjoy on this island, from the pristine waters of the Blue Lagoon to the cliffsides of Livadaki.

Katergo Beach

For an isolated and beautiful Greek beach, head to the pristine waters of Katergo Beach on the island of Folegandros. While the surrounding area may be rocky, the secluded cove boasts crystal clear waters. Historically, this uninhabited beach was used for mining iron ore, which was used to dye houses and boats. Unfortunately, this process was not only hazardous to workers’ health, but it was also dirty and dangerous.

In fact, it was not until the 1950s that Cretan travelers began mining hematite for paint. The people of the island mined the red mineral for decades, and the hematite was later used for painting boats and houses. A rock jutting out of the sea in the middle of the beach still has a unique smell, and young Americans take advantage of this by diving from its highest point.

To reach Katergo Beach, hike north to Livadi, a small settlement that sits alongside the island’s famous Livadaki Beach. While this route is not particularly picturesque, it is still a great way to get to the island’s most beautiful cove. You can also see the island’s rugged landscape and discover ancient stone buildings along the way. The hike to Katergo is approximately 20-30 minutes, and most hikers complete it in 20-30 minutes or less.

Agios Nikolaos Beach

Agios Nikolaos Beach is a great place for a relaxing swim on Folegandros. It is about a 15-minute walk from Agali or a 5 minute local boat ride away. The sand is soft and the waters are crystal-clear. There are also two tavernas right on the sand. The island also has two excellent hotels.

The best way to access this secluded, beautiful beach is by foot or boat. Boats from the town of Karavostasi can take day-trippers to a variety of beaches on the island. Hikers can ensure complete privacy at these beaches, though. You can reach Agios Nikolaos Beach on foot or by boat from the harbor. The journey takes just over 20 minutes.

Nearby Ano Meria is the second-largest settlement on Folegandros. It is an authentic village where most people still live off agriculture. You can visit the Ecological and Folk Museum to learn more about local life. The island’s people also ride donkeys and dry octopus outside village restaurants. If you don’t want to spend the night on the beach, try the Ano Meria restaurant, which serves Greek food.

Vorina Beach

If you’re looking for a quiet, uncrowded beach on the island of Folegandros Greece, look no further than Vorina Beach. The bay of Vorina is surrounded by a hillside of green stone and offers pristine waters. Unfortunately, there are no facilities on this beach. To get there, hike along a steep path from the parking lot in Chora to the entrance gate. The trail is a gravel path that is clearly marked by stone markers.

The best time to visit Vorina Beach is in the summer. It’s warmest from May to June and September to October. There are few other islands with as much charm and as much sunshine as Folegandros. However, Agios Georgios Beach does have a change room, so you can freshen up and get a towel. The beach itself is secluded, so don’t expect any beach service here.

Livadaki Beach

A walk to Livadaki Beach on Folegandros is an excellent way to get some fresh air on this tiny Greek island. Livadaki is a beautiful small beach tucked away from the crowds and only accessible by boat or by hiking for an hour. Located near the village of Ano Meria, the route begins from the main road and follows a well-marked detour to Livadaki.

Located on the southwest of the island, Livadaki is the only beach accessible by car or water taxi. The sand here is surrounded by towering cliff faces and is pristine. The area also features the island’s largest lighthouse, the Aspropounta. The beach itself is uninhabited and has few facilities. Visitors are advised to pack food and plenty of water before heading to Livadaki. If the weather is not favourable, bring a windproof beach umbrella.

If you don’t mind a little scrambling, try Ampeli beach on the south side of the island. This tiny beach is located about 40 minutes from Ano Meria. There is also a small marina on the island, where small boats leave for the beach. It’s a beautiful location for a swim. And don’t forget to take your camera! Folegandros is a gorgeous island and its stunning beaches are a must see.

Agali Beach

Agali Beach is one of the most popular beaches on Folegandros. The beach is small, partly sandy, and has clear, azure water. There’s also a second smaller beach that’s located to the left of the main beach. Originally, the only way to get to Agali was to ride donkeys, but today there is a paved path, and tavernas and hotels are situated above the water.

There is ample parking available on the island, but it isn’t easy to find a spot during lunch and midday. The good news is that parking is easy to find, and the beach is sandy and close to the island’s amenities. This makes Agali Beach a great choice for families. Regardless of your preference, you’re sure to find the perfect spot to relax and unwind. Here are a few tips to make your trip to Agali a memorable one.

There’s a tavern on the island, so visitors can grab a quick snack while relaxing on the beach. If you’re looking for a more upscale option, you can check out the Folegandros Bakery on the island’s pedestrian pathway. Local favorites like watermelon and kalasouna pies are available for purchase. The island is also well-served by buses.

Galifos Nudist Beach

If you’re a nudist, you’ll want to visit Galifos Nudist Beach on the island of Folegandros. This tiny beach is only a 15-minute walk from the port of Agali. Although it is very small, it offers a nudist experience like no other. It’s also known as the official nudist beach in the region.

There are a few things to keep in mind when visiting Folegandros. The island is windy, with strong northern winds affecting the Cyclades from late June to early August, and lasting through October. This is not to say that there won’t be calm days. Folegandros is a perfect place to spend a day or two on the beach. However, make sure you take a sun screen and an umbrella!

If you’re looking for a quieter beach, you might want to try Vicentzo. This is a popular spot with many tourists. You can drive to it or walk from the port. The water is a lovely shade of blue, and it’s ideal for soaking up the sun. Chochlidia Beach is another popular option, but it doesn’t have many facilities. If you’re looking for a more isolated beach, you can drive to its port.

Ambeli Beach

If you want to spend your vacation in the Cyclades, you must definitely check out Ambeli Beach. It is a small pebble beach with rocky outcrops. The water is clear and perfect for snorkeling. This beach is situated on the northwest side of Folegandros and is accessible through a footpath from the town of Agios Panteleimonas. Moreover, you can also hire a boat to reach this beach.

Azure water is the highlight of this beautiful beach, which you can reach by boat or foot. It is surrounded by large rocks, which gives the beach a swimming pool-like effect. There are no sun beds, but you will be able to find a nice beachside tavern to spend your afternoon. The beach is located 8 km northwest of the town of Chora. If you decide to visit Ambeli, you can get there by bus or boat.

Folegandros has few tourists, so you can spend your vacation in this undeveloped and secluded beach. The best time to go there is early spring or early summer when the island is covered in flowers like thyme, oregano, and caper. The island’s gentle breeze will soothe your soul as you enjoy a day of relaxation. You can also enjoy the sights of the medieval town of Chora, which is located near Ambeli Beach.

Livadi Beach

Located about 1.2 kilometers away from the fishing village of Karavostasis, Livadi Beach is a popular destination among younger tourists. The pebbled beach is shaded by trees and offers beach volleyball and sea sports. The area also has a tavern and hosts music events during the peak tourist season. For those seeking a more romantic setting, Ligaria is a popular choice.

There are several good beaches on Folegandros. Livadi is the closest, though it is not as beautiful as Livadaki. You’ll find a small collection of houses near Livadi, which is not to be confused with nearby Livadaki Beach. If you’d like a little more of an isolated vacation spot, Katergo is a good option, but it is not as far from the island’s capital. It’s well worth the trek; the ground is pebbled and rough.

You’ll find plenty of places to rent quad bikes on Folegandros, but be sure to park them outside the beaches. You can also rent an e-bike, but they only get you so far. For a more affordable option, you can visit Island Spirit Cruises in Chora or contact Diaplous Travel to book a day trip. The latter also offers e-bike rentals.

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