The Best Beaches in Lemnos

best beaches in Limnos

When it comes to beaches, Lemnos is one of Greece’s best destinations. The island is located in the northern Aegean Sea. Its principal town is Myrina. There are several beaches on the island, including Neftina and Plati. The island also has some excellent hiking trails. There are many options for day trips from Myrina, too. Regardless of your vacation plans, you’re sure to find a beach you’ll enjoy.


Neftina is one of the few beaches on the island that actually has dunes. The beach is incredibly picturesque and is home to an impressive archaeological site. During excavations near the beach, archeologists discovered tools that date back to around 12,000 BC. It is located just after the village of Scandali. Neftina is also a great place to fish. To the north of the beach, cliffs run down to the sea and provide excellent fishing grounds. Neftina beach is also home to a creek which cuts through the beach. During the summer, the creek provides cool shade from the sun and tzitzites.

Neftina is a perfect destination for families. From here, you can drive to Kavireio, the largest archaeological site on the island. The cave of Philoctetes is also nearby.


Plati beach is a beautiful sandy cove on the south west coast of Lemnos. The area is home to several cafes, beach bars and tavernas. There are also water sports available. The beach is also popular among families with children.

Plati beach has clear waters and is a Blue Flag beach. You can go swimming here and relax with your family. The water is shallow here and ideal for children. The beach is also a great place to enjoy a sunset. You can play beach volleyball or just relax with a cocktail and some Greek cuisine.


Kotsinas Beach is located a few kilometers north of the town of Repanidi. Its shallow waters and soft sands make it an ideal spot for families. Visitors can enjoy a dip in the sea here, which is free of charges. The beach is also accessible by car via the Varos Tourist Resort.

Another popular beach is Plati. This beach is organised and has a good selection of cafes, tavernas and bars. The water is shallow and warm. It is a great place for swimming and sunbathing. Plati is also a great place to go for a stroll at night.


Gomati is a small, quiet cove located 20 km from Myrina and a few kilometers south of Katalakos village. Its long stretches of sand have some of the longest dune formations in Greece. It is accessed by a dirt road and is rarely crowded. There are beach bars and umbrellas available, and the sand is soft and inviting.

A trip to Gomati is a must if you’re a fan of big waves. The area is reminiscent of the Middle East or North Africa. Its windy climate causes the sand dunes to continuously change shape. The beach is a great place to see the huge waves that roll in during the summer.


Located in the north-east of Greece, the island of Lemnos is a beautiful and secluded getaway. It is home to over 30 sandy beaches, four of which are Blue Flag-awarded. The island is well-known for its pristine waters and pristine beaches, and offers a number of different activities for visitors. The island also has plenty of beautiful beaches for families with small children.

Located on the southeast coast of the island, Havouli is an ideal location for a relaxing swim. The beach is well organized and includes parasols, sunbeds and even a beach volleyball net. It is also surrounded by rocky outcrops, and is a great spot for sunset viewing.

Myrina Limnos

Louri beach, located 40 km north of Myrina, is a quiet, picturesque cove perfect for sunbathing and swimming. The long, rocky seabed is free of beach facilities, which help the beach retain its virgin nature. Taverns are located far from the shore, so you’re likely to have the entire beach to yourself. This unspoiled beach boasts crystalline waters and soft sand with a great sunset view.

Plati beach is another popular beach on the island. This two-kilometer-long stretch of sandy beach is perfect for families with children. The beach is a perfect place to sunbathe or swim in the shallow, blue waters. Plati beach is a great place to grab a bite to eat, too. There are numerous tavernas and restaurants in the surrounding village.