The Best Beaches in Amorgos

best beaches in Amorgos

If you’re in the mood for some sun and sand, Amorgos is a great place to go. It’s the easternmost Cyclades island and the closest to the neighboring Dodecanese island group. Its beautiful beaches are perfect for families, but there are also plenty of other great spots to choose from, too.


One of the best beaches in Amorgos is Kalotaritissa. The transparent waters and picturesque landscapes make it a great destination for those looking for a peaceful, safe beach. Although the beach can get windy, it is protected by a sheltered inlet. The water here is usually warm, making it a safe spot to swim. You’ll also find sunbeds in the area, making it an ideal location to spend an afternoon relaxing in the sun.

Kalotaritissa is a fairly long, sandy beach on the southern part of Amorgos. This charming little bay is home to numerous fishing boats. It also has a beach cafe. Kalotaritissa is accessible by car, as it’s located near Gramvousa. The island is well-connected by road from Kato Meria, and there is plenty of parking available.

Kalotaritissa is located on the southwest side of the island and is the only natural harbor on the island. Its shallow waters are great for swimming and the beach is not crowded. The waterfront begins on the southern end of the beach and leads to a large concrete pier. This harbor is full of large caiques, and the road along the cost has a few cafes and taverns.


Amorgos is a Greek island famous for its beautiful beaches and clear, blue waters. Its beaches are secluded, but there are also some organized beaches. Most of the island’s beaches are located near the town of Aegiali, where you can find restaurants and hotels. The most beautiful beach on the island is the one in Mouros, but it can be a difficult trek. You must take the time to walk down to this hidden gem, which offers a stunning view of the bay.

The climate on Amorgos is extremely healthy, making it ideal for a long vacation. The water temperature is always at the ideal temperature and there is always a pleasant breeze. The island also boasts marked walking paths that allow tourists to explore its natural beauty and discover cultural monuments. If you’re hungry, head to the local taverns and try the local food. Some local specialties include xeropigas (fried pie filled with chicken) and greed and potato.

Amorgos is an island located in the Cyclades. It has two ports and two enchanting beaches. The Mouro beach is located about five miles from the town and is made up of pebbles and grey sand. This beach is backed by a cliff, which gives it a dramatic view. The beach is also home to several taverns and cafes.

Mouro Beach

A few miles south of the town of Chora is a small pebble beach known as Mouro Beach. This secluded beach has rock formations around the shore and two caves, which are perfect for snorkeling. There are no beach beds or umbrellas, but there is a cafe above the water that serves drinks and snacks.

Aside from the stunning beach of Mouro, Amorgos has other fantastic features. The island is home to several historic monuments and is famous for its marked trails. These paths allow you to enjoy the island’s natural beauty, discover cultural landmarks, and enjoy the views of the Aegean Sea. There are also several taverns throughout the island, where you can enjoy the local cuisine. Local delicacies include xeropigas (fried pie filled with chicken and potatoes), as well as greed and potato.

Aside from its beautiful beaches, Amorgos also offers secret beaches, many of which can only be reached by boat. On top of that, the island is home to a beautiful monastery. The Holy Mary Hozoviotissa monastery is a picturesque ornament of the island. Its awe-inspiring architecture is a spectacular sight to behold.

Agios Pavlos

Agios Pavlos Beach is a 100-meter-long peninsula on the northern shore of Amorgos, facing the tiny island of Nikouria. The beach is popular with swimmers because of its clear water and pebbles. It is located in the fertile region of Amorgos, around 200 meters above sea level.

The beach is sheltered by the islet of Nikouria, and there is a taverna in the village. The island is known for its fishing, and the surrounding area is good for snorkelling and swimming. Another beach worth visiting is Mikri Vlychada, which is accessed by a steep path or a private boat.

Agios Pavlos beach has some of the most beautiful sand stripes in the entire island. The water along the shore is clear and the water is very inviting for swimming and snorkeling. Nearby, you can visit the Botanical Park of Amorgos.