The Best Beaches in Samothrace

best beaches in Samothrace

While visiting Samothrace, you must not miss its best beaches. These beaches are surrounded by wild cliffs on one side and verdant mountains on the other. Kipoi is one of the most beautiful beaches in Samothrace. If you go there, make sure to stay until the sun sets – it’s the best sunset you’ll see on the island.

Therma Beach

Samothrace is a small island in the eastern Aegean Sea that has a rich history and natural beauty. The island is blessed with several natural hot springs, waterfalls, and lush vegetation. The island is also home to several archaeological sites, such as the Old Vathra on the north side and the Panagia Kremnitiss on the south side.

The town of Therma is a popular destination with visitors. Its mineral springs are wonderful for soaking in after a day of hiking. You can also stay at one of the numerous campsites.

Pachia Ammos Beach

The most famous beach on the island of Samothrace is Pachia Ammos, which has golden sand, turquoise waters, and lush vegetation. This popular beach is well-accessible by car and offers sun loungers and umbrellas. You can also find a beach bar and a restaurant here. The beach is also accessible by bus from Kamariotissa.

The beach is long and wide, with clean water and thick golden sand. The area has a beach bar and some umbrellas for those who like to relax. There is also ample parking for cars.

Vatos Beach

Vatos Beach in Samothrace has a large stretch of pristine, white sand and clear, blue waters. This beach is located just east of the village of Pachia Ammos, in the southern part of Samothrace. The only way to reach the beach is by sea, and it’s surrounded by high cliffs with evergreen trees swaying down to the shore.

Samothrace is known for its ancient history and features several impressive monuments and sanctuaries. There are also interesting museums and delicious local delicacies. The most popular beach in Samothrace is Vatos. It features a white sand beach with tall rocks jutting out from it. It’s also accessible only by boat.

Kipos Beach are the best beaches in Samothrace

Kipos Beach, located on the east side of the island, is one of Samothrace’s best beaches. It has a kilometer-long pebble beach and crystal-clear water. It’s popular with naturists and is easily accessible by bus. The beach is also home to a tavern and beach bar.

Samothrace is a lush Greek island that rises up from the Aegean Sea. It’s an ideal place for nature lovers who want to get away from the crowds. Although it’s more of a hiking paradise than a beach destination, it does feature several beautiful beaches.

Giali beach is the most remote beach

Giali beach is located below the village of Giannades, which makes it one of the most secluded beaches in Samothrace. Its unspoiled natural beauty and lack of tourist infrastructure make it an ideal place for a peaceful holiday. Giali features a rocky coastline, fine pebbles and crystal clear waters. However, it is not a beach for everyone, and is best reached by boat or water taxi from Ermones.

Samothrace is home to several pebble beaches and is a popular spot for nudism. Although there are no hotels on the island, there are many places where you can enjoy the sun in complete privacy. You will find plenty of sand here, and there are also a number of archaeological sites worth exploring. There are also a number of waterfalls to enjoy. The stream Fonias has created the beautiful Kleidosi waterfall, while the waterfall at Kremasto features a cave.

Kipos beach is accessible by bus

The village of Kamariotissa is the main port of Samothrace. It has a long narrow main street, which runs along the shore, and is lined with restaurants and cafes. The port also has the only internet cafe on the island and most of the island’s car and motorcycle rentals. This village is bustling with traffic in the summer, especially when ferries arrive and depart.

The island of Samothrace is home to a great collection of archaeological sites and monuments. Ancient sanctuaries and towers abound, as do museums and delicious local food. The beaches on Samothrace are also spectacular. Kipos beach is one of the longest, most beautiful beaches on the island, stretching for more than 1000km. The water is crystal clear and the cliffs on either side are surrounded by a dramatic landscape.