Best Places to Stay in Kasos

Kasos is home to a rich array of activities that span from nautical adventures and sun-soaked beach outings to engaging cultural celebrations. The quaint harbor of Boukas, a former pirates’ refuge, is also well worth visiting for its scenic allure.

Kasos is famous for its festivals and feasts, allowing visitors to immerse themselves in traditional Greek culture. The lute and lyre, dances, food and drinks are all on offer during these unique events.

1. Theoxenia Apartments

A member of the Kasos Tours family, Theoxenia Apartments is a cozy retreat that draws visitors in search of a slice of island life. Here, the Aegean defines the horizon and the focus is fully on small stylish design details and authentic Greek hospitality. Each apartment is crafted to accommodate up to 3 people and provides everything needed for a comfortable vacation including private balcony with views of the village, sea or a beautiful mountain scenery.

Theoxenia apartments have a quaint and relaxed character that is ideal for families who want to explore the historical and cultural riches of Kasos. The two-level studios are adorned with brown-gold details, a large variety of furnishings and amenities that allow for maximum comfort. The bedrooms are spacious and each is equipped with a flat-screen TV, a mini bar, a refrigerator and a washing machine.

Guests of Theoxenia will find themselves in the heart of one of the most untouched villages on the island, right next to the port and the sandy Emporios beach. From here, they can easily take daily excursions and cruises that will show them all of Kasos’ treasures.

Theoxenia is also in close proximity to Helatros and Avlaki, a pair of calm beaches with stunning turquoise waters. Tucked away from the rest of Kasos, these spots are perfect for relaxation without all the noise and crowds found on more popular beaches.

2. Boukas

A vibrant print illustrating the picturesque port of Boukas brings to life the lively essence of Kasos. A small fishing fleet bobs gently in the harbor, as if whispering sagas of thrilling catches and daring escapades to one another.

Kasos is a small island, so it’s best to have a rental car if you want to explore all the attractions at your own pace. There are several car rentals on the island and also a bus that runs around the main town of Fry.

Despite its size, Kasos is bursting with a variety of activities, from sea-splashed beach outings and captivating archaeological sites to engaging cultural celebrations and scenic hiking trails. And with its mild, healthy climate, it’s the perfect destination for outdoor enthusiasts.

As one of the five settlements on the island, the capital of Kasos is Fri (pronounced Free). The city’s charming harborfront sets a tone for its history and tradition, as evidenced by a monument that pays tribute to the islanders’ bravery during the Greek War of Independence.

The town’s center is home to a handful of quaint cafes, small grocery stores, and two traditional bakeries. It also has a couple of taverns serving succulent island cuisine. A trip to Kasos would be incomplete without a visit to the picturesque secluded beach of Armathia, which boasts delicate sand both underfoot and underwater. Taking a kaiki boat ride here will be an experience to remember forever.

3. Trita

Despite its small size, Kasos is a treasure trove of diverse activities. From nautical adventures and sun-soaked beach outings to engaging cultural celebrations and scenic hiking trails, the picturesque island offers something for every type of traveler.

While Kasos lacks a wide range of luxury resort complexes, the island has a number of charming B&Bs and vacation rentals. Staying in one of these villages is a wonderful way to immerse yourself in the local culture and get to know the people who call Kasos home.

For those who crave a more tranquil vacation, the island’s three beaches offer a range of options for day trips beside the water. Located in the town of Fry, Kofteri Beach is a popular family destination with plenty of sun beds and cafes. Alternatively, for an off the beaten path getaway, head to Helatros or Avlaki. Both are wind-protected beaches with pristine pebbles and gorgeous turquoise waters.

Local cuisine is also a must-try on a visit to Kasos. With influences from Crete and Egypt, the local dishes feature an array of seafood delights. Be sure to try the grilled skate with skordalia or the cuttlefish risotto.

4. Marmara

Kasos may be one of the smallest islands in the Dodecanese, but it’s brimming with attractions and natural beauty. Its charming settlements, breathtaking beaches, and vibrant festivals enchant visitors of all ages.

Due to its small size, Kasos is an ideal destination for those who wish to escape the crowds and experience true island life. Unlike larger resorts, most of the island’s hotels and guest houses are family-run, offering guests a truly local experience. As a result, staying on Kasos is a wonderful opportunity to learn about the Greek culture and way of life.

For nature lovers, the island’s hiking trails offer a unique chance to traverse its beautiful landscapes and explore its enchanting villages. Whether you decide to trek from Fry to the Monastery of Saint George in Hadies, or venture higher up to Priona, you’re bound to find an adventure that is sure to please your senses.

In addition to its captivating landscapes, Kasos is home to some of the most stunning beaches in Greece. For instance, Emporios Beach is a short walk east of Fry and entices families with its soft sandy shore and transparent water. Alternatively, Thira Beach offers a more secluded shore, embraced by rocks and a nod to the island’s traditional beauty.

5. Helatros

Kasos has a wealth of beautiful and varied beaches that are ideal for those seeking a more authentic coastal experience. One of the most popular is Helatros in the southwest corner of the island – it’s located in a sheltered cove and has an exquisite backdrop of tamarisk trees, making for a peaceful and relaxing getaway.

Kasos is an unspoilt Greek island that seems forgotten in time and synonymous with tradition, ideal for families, alternative travellers and those who prefer a more peaceful vacation away from large crowds. Its beautiful beaches, traditional villages and a rich cultural heritage attract people who appreciate the understated beauty of the region.

The capital, Fry, is home to a collection of must-visit attractions that showcase the island’s distinctive culture and aesthetic. One such attraction is the archaeological museum, which houses a rich treasure trove of ancient artefacts. Also worth checking out is the Kasiot house, a magnificent traditional mansion that showcases the unique architecture and design of the island. The largest church on the island is Agios Spyridon, dedicated to the island’s patron saint and the site of a massive festival in his honor every December.

The food on the island has strong influences from Crete and Egypt, with local specialties including grilled cuttlefish with rice, stuffed vine leaves (kasiotic dolmadakia) and makarounes pasta with sitaka cheese. Many of the island’s tavernas serve these dishes and also offer other regional specialties such as moussaka, a layered potato and beef dish.

6. Avlaki

The smaller villages of Kasos offer an intimate and authentic experience that isn’t found on the bigger islands. As such, they don’t have large resort complexes and instead boast a range of accommodation options like family-run B&Bs and vacation rentals like apartments or villas. This makes them perfect for those seeking to immerse themselves in the island’s culture and traditions.

Whether you are looking for a tranquil beach to relax at or want to explore the ancient ruins of Kasos, these village settlements are worth a visit. They are located in close proximity to the town of Fry, making it easy to explore both places during your stay on the island.

Avlaki beach is a peaceful and quiet beach that offers umbrellas and sunbeds to all of its guests. It is a great alternative to the livelier Helatros beach located nearby and it is also a short walk from the lively Kassiopi town.

Kasos is well-known for its gastronomy that has strong influences from both Crete and Egypt. Authentic dishes like fresh fish, cuttlefish with rice, kasiotic dolmadakia and makarounes pasta with sitaka are some of the must-try delicacies on the island. Moreover, locals love to celebrate and organize events that include traditional music, dances and lots of food and drink. Therefore, if you are planning to visit Kasos, be sure to join one of these events for a truly memorable trip.