Best Places to Eat in Samos

Located in one of the most beautiful parts of Samos, this restaurant has the perfect host, the perfect place and the most delicious food! It’s a tavern located right before the Small Lemonakia Beach.

Samos is a stunning Eastern Aegean island, the homeland of mathematician Pythagoras. The island is characterized by timeless villages and magnificent beaches. Its cuisine is based on traditional recipes with influences from Asia Minor.

Knife and Fork

The Knife and Fork is one of the most historic restaurants in Atlantic City. It was originally established in 1912 as an exclusive men’s club. The second floor was graced with a “ladies lounge” while the third and fourth floors were used for gambling. The club defied Prohibition and continued to serve alcohol for quite some time. It is now the place to go for steaks and seafood in Atlantic City.

The menu offers many Mediterranean, European and Greek recipes that are beautifully presented with large portions. The attention to detail borders on fine dining without the price tag. The restaurant is located in a vintage home by the harbor and has indoor and outdoor seating options.

For appetizers, you can enjoy a variety of fresh salads, including a mixed greens dish with goat cheese and pomegranate vinaigrette and a seasonal vegetable salad with spiced pumpkin seeds. You can also try the roasted corn-and-crab chowder, which is tasty but not too rich. The lobster spring roll is also worth trying, but it’s a little bit low on the lobster.

Blue Bucket is the perfect family-friendly eatery for families with children in Samos. The restaurant serves traditional Greek cuisine with appetizing flavors and affordable prices. The food is homemade and full of flavor. You can even buy their pies to take home with you.

Another great option for families is Pizza di Piazza. The pizzas are cooked in a wood-fire oven and feature an array of delicious toppings. The staff is friendly and helpful. If you have any leftovers, they will happily pack them for you to take home. The restaurant also serves vegetarian dishes for those with dietary restrictions.

Two Spoons

Samos offers visitors genuine varied entertainment, from beaches with crystal waters to beautiful villages. The cosmopolitan island of Samos has many cafes where you can enjoy the fresh air and relaxing atmosphere. These cafes have a variety of delicious cuisine and refreshing beverages. In addition, they offer an opportunity to enjoy the unique flavors of Samos.

In a little space where worldwide culture meets, Two Spoons is a place for storytelling and conversations around fresh homemade bakeries, dishes and shareable desserts. The restaurant also offers a wide selection of coffee, from black to white and even almond flavored.

The menu is full of mouthwatering choices, including the renowned Samos vin doux and a great Greek pancake with cheese. Customers also appreciate the friendly service and the quick service offered at this establishment.

Located near the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Pythagorio, the Two Spoons Café is the perfect spot for breakfast, lunch, and dessert. The delicious food and ambiance make this cafe a must-visit for everyone who is looking for a good place to relax.

Visiting the cosmopolitan city of Samos is a must-do for every traveler. The island is home to the famous mathematician, Pythagoras, and offers visitors a rich history and stunning natural beauty. Among the main attractions of this enchanting town are the Eupalinian aqueduct, a masterpiece of ancient engineering; the temple of Hera; and the charming harbor. The picturesque coastal town is also a popular destination for tourists looking for relaxation and cultural experiences. In addition, the island is dotted with beautiful beaches and lively restaurants.

The Ballad of Bill and Salome

The eastern Aegean island of Samos is famous for its picturesque villages with timeless feel, magnificent beaches and rich archaeological history. It also boasts of outstanding cuisine, which continues to evolve and take new directions. Unlike other Greek islands, where the best restaurants can be found in the main tourist resorts, Samos’ best eateries are family-run and located in traditional mountainous villages and beachside taverns.

One of the top places to eat in Samos is The Ballad of Bill and Salome, which offers a wide range of seafood options and dishes inspired by traditional Greek and Mediterranean cuisine. Located in the picturesque village of Marathokampos, this restaurant is perfect for enjoying a leisurely meal in an exceptional environment. It also has an excellent reputation for offering great service and friendly staff.

In the evenings, this eatery features exciting entertainment programs for its guests to keep them entertained and entertained. The Ballad of Bill and Salome is a popular choice for dinner for locals and foreign tourists alike.

The menu here is extensive and includes items such as swordfish, seafood marinara, beef in cognac sauce, kleftiko, a lamb and potatoes recipe and Bill’s spit roast chicken. Besides the main courses, the eatery also serves delicious desserts. Moreover, it has an exotic ambiance that is ideal for couples who want to enjoy a romantic evening out.

The taverna’s open-plan layout allows patrons to choose their tables based on their preference. It also has a play area and is located on the beach, which makes it an excellent place for families with children to dine. The prices here are a bit higher than some other restaurants, but the food is well worth it.


Located right on the beach and offering all-day food service with a fresh spirit and a laidback attitude, Hippy’s is the place to relax. You can enjoy a wide range of delicious drinks, snacks and meals while soaking in the amazing views from the terrace.

The beachside bar and restaurant was recently renovated and it is truly a stunning location to enjoy the sunset from. The food is also top quality and the staff are very friendly and attentive. The restaurant is closed in the winter but will open again in summer 2019.

Ambelos was one of Samos’ first hill villages to attract foreign visitors and it still has a decent art scene, particularly old-style rebetika artists like Odysseas Moskhonas and Kostas Roukounas; it’s also notorious as the epicentre of local Jehovah’s Witnesses – and it’s the best place on Samos for some of the finest apples in Greece (and the world), at Manolates, which sells them by the bag full and hosts an annual mid-October apple festival. There’s also a good, traditional ouzeri at the taverna Kallisti – though both are busier than they used to be and tables outside are hard to get in high season.

From Ambelos, a steep track clings to the west coast and the clifftop church of Agios Nikolaos, with its superb twelfth-century frescoes; beyond is the little harbour at Ormos Marathakambos, another dozy resort village with long straggly beaches and the island’s main port; dropping southwest from here leads you to Platanos. This is a major transport hub with 3 weekly services from Piraeus, Ikaria, Fourni and the local Nissos Kalymnos ferry, plus a daily agones grammes boat to Patmos.

Aphrodite Garden Restaurant

Aphrodite Garden Restaurant is a place where inspiration and creation meet, creating dishes that are rich in aromas and flavors. Its menu is full of creative Hellenic cuisine and Mediterranean dishes that are influenced by modern trends in food, while retaining the essence of traditional Greek recipes. The restaurant is famous for its specialties with fresh fish and local meat, as well as its delicious salads. They select the freshest products on a daily basis, and cook them healthily using low acidity olive oil.

The restaurant also offers a variety of drinks, including coffee and juices. The staff is always helpful and friendly. The prices are also very reasonable.

In addition to its tasty dishes, Aphrodite Garden Restaurant also has a beautiful garden where you can relax and enjoy the sun. The restaurant has a terrace with tables where you can sit and have a drink. You can even have your lunch outside and enjoy the view of the sea.

Located in Himare, Aphrodite Garden Rooms & Apartments Mykonos Town is within a 10-minute drive of Megali Ammos. It is also less than a 20-minute drive from Aegean Maritime Museum.

The hotel is also within a short drive of Meletopoulou Public Garden. It is equipped with a variety of facilities that make for an enjoyable stay, including an ironing service and a concierge.

Aphrodite Garden Rooms & Apartments also has 42 air-conditioned rooms that are fitted with a refrigerator, a stovetop and a microwave. All of the units have a flat-screen TV and a hair dryer. The property also provides a coffee bar and a laundry service. There is free private parking on site for those staying at the hotel.