Best Places to Eat in Leros

Best Places to eat in Leros

The best places to eat in Leros are the delightful family-run tavernas that serve simple local recipes. You can indulge in grilled octopus, stewed squid or a variety of seafood dishes.

Away from the package resorts on neighbouring islands, Leros’ wide streets, eucalyptus trees and omnipresent castle glower with a timeless feel. The waterfront tavernas on pebbly Panteli beach are abuzz with families, and fishermen untangle their nets at the dock.

Mylos Restaurant

With traditional villages, picturesque beaches, and historic ruins, Leros is a paradise that attracts visitors from all over the world. Its unique geophysical relief features gentle mountains, deep bays, and olive groves. Its residents are hospitable and welcoming, and its medieval fortresses and ancient churches provide the perfect backdrop for a relaxing getaway.

The island has a number of restaurants that serve local cuisine and seafood. Many are located in tourist villages, such as Agia Marina, Lakki, and Alinda. Others are located on popular beaches, such as Xirokampos and Ksirokambos. There are also a few upscale establishments, such as Mylos Restaurant, which is known for its excellent service and gourmet cuisine.

Mylos Restaurant is a family-owned restaurant that specializes in fresh seafood and pasta recipes. It has a beautiful view of the Aegean Sea, and the interior is decorated with nautical artifacts. The restaurant is also known for its wine list, which features more than 120 labels.

The restaurant is located in the village of Pandeli, and it serves a variety of Greek dishes and seafood. Its menu includes grilled fish, lamb, and karkani (ray fish). The food is fresh and flavorful, and the service is friendly. The restaurant also has a cocktail bar for those who want to enjoy some drinks before dinner.

Leros is also home to several upscale restaurants, which offer delicious meals and spectacular views. Some of the best are located in the capital city of Platanos, and others are spread throughout the island. The city is surrounded by a beautiful beach and green forests, and it is an ideal destination for those who are looking for a relaxing vacation.

Leros is a beautiful island with a rich history that spans thousands of years. It is the largest in the Dodecanese Islands, and its landscape is dotted with traditional villages and breathtaking beaches. The island also has a number of impressive monuments from the era of the Occupation. Mussolini chose Leros as the location for his military and naval base because of its strategic position and large natural ports. The castle of Pandeli is one of the most important sights on the island, and it is well worth visiting.

Aloni Restaurant

The restaurant Aloni is located in the southeastern part of Leros near Pandeli. It is a family environment where you can enjoy Greek cuisine in an authentic setting with an excellent view. The restaurant is well known for its homemade food and exemplary service. It also offers Greek wine and beer and a wide selection of appetizers. The prices are very reasonable and the staff is helpful.

In the north of the island lies the imposing Castle of Pandeli with its impressive three circuit walls and a gorgeous church dedicated to Our Lady. The castle was the most important centre of the island in antiquity. It was also a stronghold against pirate attacks in the Middle Ages, until it fell into the hands of the Ottomans in 1612. During the Greek Civil War and the period of the Greek junta the island saw extensive damage to buildings.

During the Peloponnesian War Leros sided with Sparta and in Roman times it belonged to the Samos prefecture. In the Byzantine era it was a protectorate of the Duke of Naxos. In the 14th century it was taken by the Knights of St John and later it became an Ottoman dependency. In 1821 it took part in the War of Independence and was united with Greece.

In the eastern part of the island you can find a wonderful sandy beach with crystalline waters, named Alinda and in the northwest is Platanos, which is organised and with umbrellas. It is a great place to relax and enjoy the sun. The nearby village of Lakki is an interesting place to visit with its picturesque houses and the old market.

For the lovers of grilled meat this is a must-visit place to eat in Leros. The restaurant offers traditional Greek recipes and dishes that will make your taste buds explode. You can try their stuffed squid, fish and greek salad. The staff is friendly and the atmosphere is relaxed. It is a great spot to go with friends or family. You can also enjoy a cup of coffee in their warm cafeteria.

I Kouzina Tis Popis

Located in the island of Leros, this restaurant is a must-visit for seafood lovers. The restaurant serves grilled and fried fish, along with traditional Greek dishes. The food is delicious, and the service is top-notch. It is also affordable. The restaurant is located near the beach, and it has a beautiful view.

Leros is a small island surrounded by the enticing blue waters of the Aegean Sea and has a rich tradition in fish dishes. This is due to the fact that its water is full of different species of fish and shellfish. You can enjoy fresh fish dishes in the restaurants of Panteli, Xerokambos and Mplefoutis. You can also find excellent pies and patties, as well as the local myzithra cheese. You can enjoy these foods with a glass of wine or ouzo in the taverns on the island.

The Mylos Restaurant in Agia Marina is a popular spot for seafood lovers. This restaurant offers a variety of dishes and is renowned for its original recipes. It also uses modern culinary techniques to highlight the island’s culinary heritage. It has earned the attention of prestigious travel and culinary guides worldwide.

This is a beautiful, family-run establishment in the heart of the town. Its menu includes a variety of Mediterranean and Greek cuisine, as well as vegetarian options. The owners are very friendly and hospitable. The restaurant also has a good selection of wines and cocktails. It is a must-visit for all travelers looking to try delicious seafood.

Aside from the wonderful seafood, the restaurant is also known for its wine and coffee. Its wine list is extensive, and it is a great place to enjoy a drink or meal with friends. Its location is also convenient, and it offers outdoor seating.

This restaurant is a must-visit for those who want to taste the best of Leros cuisine. It is a great place to try the local fish and wine and enjoy a romantic evening with your loved one. It is also an excellent choice for those who are looking for a quiet, relaxing night out.


Located in the town of Krithoni, StisAnnas is a popular choice for those looking to enjoy some authentic Greek cuisine. Their menu features dishes like grilled octopus, moussaka, and souvlaki, and their seafood is fresh and delicious. They also have a variety of wines and beers to choose from. The restaurant is family-run, and their service is friendly and attentive.

Whether you are looking for a casual dinner with friends or a romantic dinner for two, StisAnnas is the perfect spot. Their delicious food is made even better by the breathtaking view of the Aegean Sea. You can even sit out on the balcony and watch the sunset over the ocean. The atmosphere is very romantic and relaxing, and the staff will make sure you have a great time.

The island of Leros has a very rich history that dates back to the Neolithic period. It was first inhabited in the 5th century BC and experienced its greatest prosperity under the influence of Miletus. It later fell under the sway of Alexander the Great, the Byzantine Empire, and then the Ottoman Empire. Eventually, it was integrated into Greece in 1948. Today, the island remains a unique destination that will leave you with images and tastes that will linger long after your trip is over.

Leros has a number of taverns that offer delicious meals at reasonable prices. Dimitris o Karaflas (Demetres and Karaflas) is one of the best restaurants on the island, serving creative and original recipes. Another good option is Mylos, which serves excellent seafood and has a beautiful location overlooking the bay of Vromolithos.

For dessert, be sure to try the local pastry called pougkia. These are small pieces of dough filled with honey, nuts, and sesame seeds. They are rolled or sprinkled with powdered sugar and are delicious. You can also try gavafa, a fruit that was brought to the island by the Egyptians. For a coffee break, the Harris cafe in Panteli is a nice place to visit.

Leros is home to a number of charming chapels that add a touch of elegance to the island’s landscape. The Church of Agios Isidoros is especially impressive, as it’s perched on a small rock in the water. To reach it, you must walk across a pathway over the water. This is a must-see attraction for anyone visiting Leros.