The Best Beaches in Aegina

Those who are looking for the best beaches in Aegina will be delighted to know that there are a number of options. You can choose from Agia Marina, Sarpa, Marathonas, Klima, and more. Read on to learn more about each of these options. Here are some tips for choosing your favorite Aegina beach: Agia Marina … Read more

Things to do in Tinos

If you’re a history buff, you might want to take some time to explore the historic sites of Tinos. The island is located in the Aegean Sea and is part of the Cyclades archipelago. Ancient Greeks referred to Tinos as Ophiussa, Hydroessa, and Ophiussa. It is the closest island to the Cyclades islands of Andros, … Read more

Things to do in Folegandros

Must Do If you’re planning a holiday in Greece, you’ll want to plan things to do in Folegandros. Here, we’ll discuss what to see and do, including the Church of Panagia, the Ecological and Folklore Museum, and Paralia Karavostasis. We’ll also cover the island’s natural beauty, including a pristine fjord and secluded beaches. Church of … Read more

Things to do in Donousa

Donousa is an island in the Cyclades. Sometimes spelled Donoussa. It is one of the most eastern islands of the Lesser and Naxos Cyclades. Donousa is located on the north side of the island. Hiking: There are two hiking trails in the Donousa region. The Bay of Kedros is the perfect place to go scuba … Read more

Things to do in Irakleia

There are lots of things to do in Irakleia, Greece. There are lots of things to do in Iraklia and its surroundings. The city has a vibrant nightlife and you can spend the whole day just walking around the streets. Hiking is another popular activity in Irakleia. You can take a hike along the mountainous … Read more

Things to do in Koufonisia

You can’t visit Greece without visiting the islands. The sandy beaches of Koufonisia are south-facing, and are perfect for lounging and enjoying the warm Mediterranean sun. In the evening, you can listen to live music at the Soroko bar, which is situated right on the beach. You can also enjoy a cold drink at the … Read more

Things to do in Schinoussa

Background Schinoussa is a small island in the small Cyclades group. The closest other islands are Naxos, Irakleia, Koufonisia and Keros. The island has 2 villages Chora and Messaria and a port Mersini. If you’re planning a vacation to the Cyclades, you might be wondering what you should do in Schoinoussa. Today, it is part … Read more

The Gastronomic Guide to Crete

Greece is famous for its thousands of beautiful, diverse islands but there is no island more famous than Crete. The largest of all the Greek isles, Crete lies in one of the sunniest spots in the Mediterranean, so if you are looking for a holiday that combines great weather, spectacular scenery, fabulous food and plenty of culture … Read more

The hidden charms of Zakynthos

Zakynthos is a top greek destination where thousands of visitors travel to every year. The island’ s protagonist, Navagio, an undoubtedly postcard perfect beach of the Ionian Sea, and one of the most famous and most photographed beaches in Europe. Along with the stunning Blue Caves, where you can swim and become one with the … Read more

Top 12 Things To Do In Greek Islands

#1. The island of Paros: Panagia Ekatontapiliani How much are you willing to risk to make your family happy? Do you know that spending a holidays way form home can strengthen the bond between you and those you care for? However, it’s unfortunate that many of us spend most of their time working to provide … Read more

4 Must Do Activities on the Island of Santorini

The island of Santorini offers amazing activities that would enable you to enjoy yourselves while creating unforgettable memories. Santorini is world famous for its incredible beaches, traditional villages perched on high top cliffs, and unforgettable sunsets among other beautiful sceneries. So, let’s focus on 4 must-do activities in the Santorini Island. 1- Spending a day … Read more

Mykonos Beach Party Guide – Top 6 Beach Bars

If you are planning to visit Mykonos anytime soon then make sure to make a comprehensive research about the places that are a must visit in the area. You do not want yourself to be caught off guard and be completely lost as to which places are definitely not-a-miss if one wants to make his … Read more