Best Places to Eat in Andros

Andros Taverna in Logan Square is like no other restaurant around – a large space filled with couples dressed for a night out, coworkers having team dinners and large groups celebrating someone’s birthday. It’s a place that serves first class food and prompt and cordial service.

You can enjoy traditional Greek dishes, homemade specialties of Andros and a wide variety of seafood. For dessert you should try their unique spoon sweets.

Cyclades Restaurant

Whether you’re looking for a bite to eat or a spot to grab a drink, there’s no shortage of options on the islands. From pristine beaches to historic villages, the Cyclades has something for everyone.

Located on the picturesque island of Naoussa, this sophisticated restaurant operates with an intense passion for their “farm-to-table” philosophy. Their cuisine draws inspiration from both local Greek and international flavors while prioritizing fresh, seasonal products. This is a must-visit while you’re on the island!

Kypri Beach Bar

Located on the western side of Andros, between Gavrio port and the cosmopolitan beach of Batsi lies this sandy beach that is known for its beautiful water and amazing sand. The sand here is fine and golden, and the beach is fully organized with sunbeds and umbrellas as well as a bar.

The beach bar here offers a unique all-day experience that starts with a rich breakfast on the sea, including hot pancakes and waffles. Then, you can enjoy refreshing cocktails or quality coffee until sunset.

The hotel overlooks two of the best beaches in Andros, Kypri and Chrissi Ammos. It is also a good base for exploring the island’s many monasteries, such as the famous monastery of Aghia Marina and the monasteries of Aghios Nikolaos and Aghia Eirini. The rooms are bright and spacious, with lovely views from the balconies. The staff are extremely helpful and friendly.

Andriakon Pantopoleio

If you’re a beer or wine lover, you can find some of the best in Andros at this bar. They offer a wide range of wines and beers, including some unique products. You can also try local cheeses and pastries for breakfast. One of the best things you should try is glika kutalyu – a jam made from green walnuts. It is usually served with a glass of wine or beer.

Chora juts magnificently out of the sea and has clusters of pastel neoclassical mansions, but is mostly a quiet place with cobbled lanes and beautiful cafes. It’s the kind of island where you can get lost in its beauty and not come out for days. Those who do venture here will be rewarded with an utterly soul-satisfying experience. You can drink fresh water from the Sariza springs or lounge at any number of beaches (especially secluded Achla). There are even a couple of waterfalls and wetlands.

En Gavrio

The port town of Gavrio is the main hub for sailing on Andros. Here, tourist shops, taverns and cafeterias, accommodation facilities, car rental companies and other services welcome all travellers as soon as they dock. The town also hosts a large church of Agios Nikolaos and the island’s elementary school.

It gets very busy during the day when the passenger ferries arrive but at night things calm down and it becomes more of a local spot with a small selection of bars, restaurants and cafes. It is also the starting point to explore the western side of Andros which has a more secluded feel with stone house settlements, threshing floors and old watermills as well as many beautiful beaches like Fellos and Chryssi Akti.

If you’re a fan of olive oil then be sure to include a visit to the Cyclades Olive Museum in Ano Pitrofos. This small museum gets fantastic reviews thanks to the passionate guide Dimitris Chelmis who will give you a new appreciation for this wonderful ingredient!

Psistaria Smurfs

Located near the Nimborio Beach, Psistaria Smurfs is an excellent place to dine in Andros. It serves Greek food at very affordable prices. The menu here includes dishes made from local products. It also offers a variety of Mezedes. The restaurant has an excellent fish menu, and its tables are arranged on the waterfront. The restaurant also has a good selection of wines and coffees. It also has a special omelet called Froutalia, which is only cooked on the island of Andros. It is also worth trying the traditional jam Glika Kutalyu, which is a mixture of green walnuts boiled in syrup.


Located right in the center of Anopolis, across the statue of Daskalogiannis, this small cafe serves everything from coffee to grilled sandwiches and salads. The restaurant offers delicious food at very affordable prices. You can also find a mini market and traditional bakery here.

Platanos maduros are a delicious and hearty side dish made from sweet plantains that are fried in vegetable oil. While plantains look a lot like bananas, they are actually a much different food and have many differences in their cooking needs, sugar content (plantains only contain 6% sugar as compared to bananas 20%), and starchiness. They pair perfectly with meat-centered meals such as curry goat, oxtail, brown stew chicken, jerk chicken/pork, ackee + saltfish, and more.

Oti Kalo

Oti Kalo is located on a high spot overlooking the port of Batsi and has spectacular sea views. The restaurant offers traditional Greek food and is very popular with locals. The food is of a good quality and the service is prompt and cordial.

Its cosy venue is decorated with subtle details and has an exotic atmosphere. It is a great place to try traditional greek dishes and homemade specialities from Andros. The menu is carefully elaborated by Chef Elias Mpaksani and complemented with an enhanced cellar. Its guests highly appreciate grilled squid, delicious summer salads, and fried fish.

The establishment is well-known for a particular dish – stuffed, grilled squid. It is a symphony of chilli, parsley, garlic, and spices mixed with olive oil and stuffed in clean squid. Other highlights of the menu are stamnas, a type of meat casserole made with country-style pork sausages and potatoes, and fourtalia, a delicious local omelet.