Best Places to Eat in Crete

In this part of Greece, “meze” or small plates are served to accompany drinks in bars and taverns. Whether you’re looking for ethnic, Cretan or modern concepts, Chania has a restaurant for you.

Diners shouldn’t expect Michelin stars but the quality of ingredients and dishes is impressive. The ambiance and service are also impeccable.

Pasifaei Restaurant

With a stunning location overlooking Kaisariani Square, Pasifaei Restaurant is the perfect spot to enjoy a delicious Cretan meal. The menu features traditional dishes with a modern twist, such as octopus carpaccio and deconstructed pastitsio. The restaurant also prides itself on using only locally-sourced ingredients, which are clearly labelled so that diners can see where the food is coming from.

This family-run restaurant has been in business for many years, and is known for its authentic flavours and fresh ingredients. The menu is full of classics like fennel pie, Cretan lamb, and grilled cheese, and you can also try kaltsounia with various stuffings or kaprico (slow-cooked pork in lemon leaves). The restaurant serves a wide selection of wine, both Greek and international, and the staff is friendly and helpful.

One of the most renowned restaurants in Rethymnon, this white-clad establishment has a cozy atmosphere and an elevated veranda with breathtaking views over the sea and the old town. The menu is filled with exquisite dishes, such as ground beef tart with graviera cheese, xigalo cheese and different vegetables, skioufihta pasta with chicken, sigklino cooked in its own fat with lemon, and courgette flowers stuffed with anthotiro cheese. The prices are high, but the restaurant is worth it for the incredible view and delicious food.

Located in the heart of Ano Glyfada, this popular tavern is the place to go for delicious Cretan cuisine. They love their raki, and the food is made with only the highest-quality ingredients. You can enjoy a variety of Cretan specialties, such as fried mushrooms with graviera, rosemary escargots, and Sfakian lamb. The prices are a bit higher than other taverns in the area, but it is well worth the trip.

Located right on the water, 7 Thalasses restaurant offers spectacular views of the sea and sunset. The restaurant is popular among locals and tourists, so reservations are highly recommended. They also serve a variety of seafood, from monkfish to shrimp saganaki and lobster linguini. The service is impeccable, and the food is always well-cooked and flavorful. In addition, the ambiance is great for romantic evenings.

Pelagos Sea Side

Pelagos Sea Side is a modern seaside hotel designed to transform the family’s holiday into a unique experience of comfort and relaxation. It’s set in a stunningly quiet location by Lambi beach, just 2 km away from the beautiful and historic center of Kos town. Its sophisticated minimalist design is dominated by simple geometric lines and water. The hotel looks like it’s been designed for discerning adults but unabashedly caters to kids, too, with gorgeous pools, bars, and an amazing restaurant menu (if somewhat lacking in variety).

This charming boutique hotel offers spacious rooms with balconies or terraces overlooking the sea. Rooms are equipped with air conditioning, refrigerator, TV, safe, and hair dryer. Some also have a kitchenette. A large buffet breakfast is served daily. There are a range of dining and drink options at the hotel’s three restaurants.

Guests can enjoy a variety of activities at the resort, including yoga, pilates, tennis, volleyball, table tennis, and darts. There’s also a small Thalassa pool, a smaller regular pool, and a bar. The hotel also has a well-equipped gym.

The hotel’s restaurant serves creative Mediterranean cuisine. The menu is based on the finest ingredients and uses innovative culinary techniques. The dishes are complemented by the finest local wines. The hotel’s chef, Antreas Ntougias, is a master of the art of cooking.

The restaurant features a large selection of meat and fish dishes, including fresh local seafood. The restaurant is also renowned for its creative desserts. The restaurant’s wine list includes some of the best wines from Greece and beyond. The restaurant’s food is highly regarded by the local community and has received many awards.

The restaurant has been voted as one of the best restaurants in Greece, and its dishes are known for their inventive flavor combinations. It is the perfect place to try the famous Greek hospitality and sample the rich cuisine of Crete. The restaurant is open year-round and offers a variety of different meal plans. The restaurant has a very high customer satisfaction rate and has earned a Michelin star within its first six months of operation.

Kouzina EPE

Kouzina EPE is a great place for a nice dinner or to have some drinks. It offers a variety of different dishes and wines. The atmosphere is cozy and the staff is very friendly. The restaurant is located a short distance from the city center. The food is delicious and the service is excellent. You can try stuffed zucchini flowers, homemade salads and more. The menu is very diverse and they bake their own bread everyday. The prices are very reasonable as well.

This is one of the best places to eat in Chania. It is a family run business that serves fresh local food. It also has many vegetarian options, including grilled vegetables and soups. The restaurant is very popular among tourists and is a great option for those looking for an authentic Greek dining experience. It is a good choice for a romantic dinner or a family meal.

Another of the best places to eat in Chania is Thalassino Ageri, which is located by the old port of Chania. It is in a former Tabakeria, or tannery, and has beautiful views of the sea. The taverna is surrounded by beautiful old buildings and has a nice outdoor seating area. It is a great place to relax and enjoy the sea view.

It is a small, cosy place with traditional music and great food. The owner is a very kind lady and the food is fresh and tasty. The octopus and salmon are particularly recommended. The service is very good and the restaurant is very clean. The price is a little higher than the average for this type of restaurant.

Besides the above mentioned restaurants, there are several cafe-bars in Chania where you can eat something light. These are usually open all year round and most of them serve food too. You can find them in Salpidonos street or in the pedestrianised Daliani Street. Some of them are alternative student cafes and others cater for a more high class crowd.

Another very good option is To Steno tavern, which serves Greek dishes with a modern twist. It is one of the few tavernas in Chania with an authentic neighbourhood feel. You can try their ‘dakos’, which is an authentic Crete starter – hard barley rusks, fried and layered with oregano, xinomyzithra (salted white local cheese) and kalamata olives.

Chrysotomos Restaurant

Chrysotomos Restaurant is one of the best places to eat in Crete, as it offers a wide variety of dishes and flavors. It is located in a hotel complex and overlooks Koutsounari Beach, which has crystal turquoise water. It is a popular beach and is suitable for couples, families, and travelers who want to have a relaxing time.

The restaurant’s menu is full of idiosyncratic dishes that combine modern Greek paths with a touch of the Cretan tradition. Its chef, Petros Kosmadakis, uses a great number of local raw materials and emphasizes seafood without neglecting meat. Some of the highlights include atherino pancakes, shrimp dolmades with vine leaves, roe, Rethymno rooster with wild artichokes and ascordoulakos, grouper in black bean sauce, and more.

In a warm and cozy space just a few steps from the sea, this Heraklion hotspot has tables outside and inside of a stone-paved courtyard. Its cuisine is based on the rich traditions of Greece, complemented by ingredients from all over the world and creative renewals. Try the red mullet with lemongrass and roasted buckwheat, ravioli stuffed with rabbit stew and Gruyere cream, and eggnog green dolmades.

Located in an old mansion near the city center, this Heraklion restaurant features an exquisite menu that incorporates traditional Cretan recipes and hard-to-find products. The sommelier, Vasilis Kokologiannakis, is a well-known figure in the wine industry. The wine list is impressive, and the staff can recommend excellent wines for your meal.

Despite the fact that it is very close to Chania, this restaurant is not as crowded as some of the others in the area. Its owners, the Vagionakis family, are very proud of the quality of their food. The dishes are very rich, and the service is very attentive.

The best thing about this tavern is the fact that it is one of the few authentic taverns in Chania. Its owner, Chrisostomos Orfanoudakis, has also owned a tavern in Sfakia, where he specializes in choosing the best cuts of meat and cheese from his family’s herds.

The dishes are made of fresh, seasonal products and are complemented by delicious wines. The atmosphere is pleasant, and the prices are reasonable. The boureki is worth trying, as are the tyromalama cheese pies and the vegetarian moussaka.