4 Must Do Activities on Island of Santorini

The island of Santorini offers amazing activities that would enable you to enjoy yourselves while creating unforgettable memories. Santorini is world famous for its incredible beaches, traditional villages perched on high top cliffs, and unforgettable sunsets among other beautiful sceneries. So, let’s focus on 4 must-do activities in the Santorini Island.

1- Spending a day at Akrotiri
2- Visit Emporio Village
3- Island Cruises
4- Enjoy wine tasting at sunset

santorini-view-greece-620x245Santorini is an ideal destination, for an unforgettable and rewarding experience. Visit here for the full post courtesy of Greek Honeymoon

To learn more about Santorini Travel visit here

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A list of the top things to do in Greece

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Visit Greece Today

Visit Greece Today

No matter which island you choose to visit, there are always going to be enough beaches to check out, with sands or pebbles, touristic or secluded, the options are endless!
Here is a list of top things to do while in Greece courtesy of Greek Honeymoon.

1. Beaches, beaches, beaches!
2. Try the local food
3. Visit the Acropolis of Athens
4. Watch the sunset in Santorini
5. Nightlife
6. Scuba Diving
7. Visit the Palace of Knossos in Crete

Visit here to read the full article on things to do in Greece

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Best Sunsets Greece

Greece Sunset

Greece Sunset Cape Sounion

During a Greek Island Hop watching a sunset from whether it is a site of an ancient temple  or a sandy beach the experience is an activity that is a must.  Greece offers some of the best places to admire a sunset together with your loved one, especially during your Some of the most popular sunset locations are described below.



Cape Sounion – Athens

Oia- Santorini

Little Venice – Mykonos

Kritinia – Rhodes

Church of Panagia – Folegandros

Visit the Greek Honeymoon Post to read all about these Greek Sunset Top Locations.

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NEW Non Stop Service to Athens

UNITED Air adds New York/Newark to Athens Non Stop

United Airlines is adding daily trans-Atlantic summer-season service between New York/Newark and Athens, Greece, from May 25 through Oct. 5, 2016.   According to an airline announcement, United’s daily nonstop service between Newark Liberty International Airport and Athens International Airport will operate using the Boeing 767-300 aircraft.










5:40 p.m. Daily

10:30 a.m. the next day




12:30 p.m. Daily

4:30 p.m. the same day

Flight times will be 9 hours 50 minutes eastbound and 11 hours westbound.  Fares are only $950 total including all taxes and service charge for travel this summer!

Don’t wait to long as deals like this disappear quickly after the holidays.  Call 718-658-0200 to reserve this great deal or 800.766.DELOS outside of New York City.  If you prefer request your travel dates here to Athens here.

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#SkyGreece Craps out

Crap out SkyGreeceToday Sky Greece announces via their website that they have ceased operations to and from Athens stranding countless passengers with no assistance what so ever.  The message reads, SkyGreece management regrets to announce that it must temporarily cease all operations…” What does SkyGreece expect passengers to do attempting to fly back from Greece at the peak of the peak season when there are absolutely no airline seats to be found?   The airline if that is what you would like to call it goes on to say in their statement, The Company expects to resume operations soon.  Passengers should contact their travel agent to arrange for alternate travel and/or accommodations.” For the full statement click here.   At this juncture they expect people to call their travel agent, buy a new ticket and hope that the company refunds them their money in the future…good luck!

We have learned that a few days ago the airline asked all of its staff at both sales offices and airport locations to not come to work with no explanation what so ever thus ceasing all communications with passengers.  Their social media pages were abruptly taken down, their toll free number simply advised that flights have been cancelled and then disconnected the call with no further information.  In addition one of the principles was only reachable by his facebook page and after responding to a reporter requests for  information deactivated his account.  Click here for the Toronto SkyGreece Story.  A great resource has popped up on Facebook and one should join for up to date information on this Greek Airline Crisis.    Click Here to Join Sky Greece Trouble Group.

woman_stuck_in_airport_overbooking_flight_cancelled_680Yes airlines fail and as travelers we are at risk to be stranded when a company fails, but to not offer any support during this process is reprehensible.

Below we provide some resources/suggestions that may be able to assist you:

1- Air Passenger Rights Canada

2- Passenger Rights Europe

3- Air Consumer Rights USA

4- NY Attorney General Complaints

Yes it is a nightmare if you are a passenger or have family that has been effected by this unfortunate situation, but remember to stay calm, rebook them to get home safely and then take the appropriate action to try and salvage any funds due you.  It is also a good idea, to call your credit card and discuss the matter if you have used one to pay for the trip.


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