Things to Do in Mykonos

Things to do in Mykonos

Whether you’re looking for a party scene or something more laid-back, Mykonos offers something for everyone. Learn about the island’s history during a tour of Chora, the capital city. Visit the Archaeological Museum and see Cycladic pottery and statues.

Discover your beach style at Ornos and Elia beaches, or explore a secluded landscape on a hiking adventure. Then, enjoy a wine tasting at an organic farm in Ano Mera.

Stroll around the Old Harbour

Mykonos may be a top destination for young party-goers, but the island offers much more. Pristine beaches, vibrant sunsets, and quaint town centers await in this Greek island paradise. The best way to see the Old Harbour is on foot – its cobbled streets and gorgeous white buildings demand attention from passers-by.

From here you can also trace the waterline down to the beach-crowded Little Venice, where whitewashed buildings jut out of the sea and are set against postcard views. Another top activity is exploring the nearby Church of Paraportiani, a beautiful example of the island’s historic churches.

As you stroll, you’ll pass a number of bars and restaurants. For a great night out, bounce on up to Cavo Paradiso if you’re looking for DJ sets and big crowds. If this isn’t your scene, you can also enjoy a relaxed evening watching the sunset from the waterfront at Baos Bar.

If you don’t have a rental car, a bus is the best way to get around. The bus station is at the Old Port and you can buy tickets at a kiosk. The buses run frequently, especially during the summer months.

The Archeological Museum of Mykonos features ancient artifacts and marble statues while Lena’s House is a unique folk museum in the form of an authentic middle-class, 19th-century home. You can also visit the Cinema Manto, a palm-shaded open-air theater with a mega-sized screen in Mykonos Town. Just be sure to bring a jacket, even on sunny days! You can rent a moped for an affordable fee on the island, but be careful if you’ve never driven one before as the roads on the tiny island have plenty of twists, turns, bumps and uneven surfaces.

Visit the Archaeological Museum

A visit to Mykonos isn’t complete without exploring its many historic sites. From the awe-inspiring church Panagia Paraportiani to the 16th-century windmills of Alefkandra, Mykonos is home to countless dream spots that you won’t want to miss.

The Archaeological Museum is one of the top places to see in Mykonos, displaying artifacts from the prehistoric to the Hellenistic periods of Greek history. It’s housed in a 20th-century neoclassical building in Chora overlooking the sea and features six exhibition rooms.

Another historical attraction is the Gyzi Castle, built during the 13th century by the ruler of Mykonos. This ruins sit near the settlement of Ano Mera and is surrounded by cacti and white chapels, conjuring up an absolute dreamscape.

Mykonos also has a rich maritime heritage and its Old Port is the perfect spot to explore it. The long harbor promenade is lined with pretty restaurants and offers postcard views of the sea and sky. It’s used by fishing boats, excursion boats and the ferry that takes visitors to Delos Island.

While you’re at the Old Port, take a stroll around the Armenistis Lighthouse, built to honor sailors who lost their lives in an accident on the seas. Located at the northwestern edge of the island, this site is a must-see, especially as it’s the ideal spot to watch a stunning sunset.

Wine and food lovers will be in heaven when they take a Mykonos wine and food tour to a renowned family-owned vineyard. Sip on traditional wines paired with local appetizers while learning about the island’s age-old traditions.

Go on a Sunset Sail

Mykonos is known for its raucous summer party scene, with thumping bars and massive dance clubs attracting world-class DJs. But it’s also a cultural destination with many sights worth seeing. The iconic row of 16th-century windmills, for example, sit on a hill overlooking the town. Walk the area for a panoramic view and an Insta-worthy snap. These windmills are a reminder of the island’s rich farming history, when strong winds were used to grind grain and feed locals.

The island also boasts a small museum, the Aegean Maritime Museum, in the center of town. It’s a great place to learn more about the island’s history through Cycladic costumes, traditional instruments, historic paintings, and old photographs. The museum has three separate historical houses that have been preserved just as they were when the owners last lived in them.

Another must-visit spot is the church of Paraportiani, a famous landmark on Mykonos. Supposedly there are 365 whitewashed chapels on the island (one for each day of the year), but this unique church is perhaps the most famous because of its striking architecture.

For something different, join a sunset sailing cruise. This is a unique Mykonos experience that provides you with stunning views of the sunset and a relaxing afternoon.

Another popular attraction is Ano Mera, a village in the hills to the east of Mykonos Town. It has a pretty main square with some fabulous traditional taverns to enjoy and is the perfect place to escape the crowds. The village is also home to Panagia Tourliani, a monastery that dates back to 1542. It’s well worth a visit for its lovely bell tower, imposing marble fountain, and dazzling iconostasis.

Enjoy the Summer Festivals

A slew of summer festivals and events draw crowds to Mykonos for an exciting atmosphere. Art galleries, open-air concerts, and dance parties are just a few highlights. You can also visit Little Venice without ever leaving Greece, by strolling around Alefkandra—Mykonos’s version of the famous Italian neighborhood.

Religious celebrations are a big draw for many visitors, as are the local feasts. The Harvest Festival, held at the Agricultural Museum early in September, is particularly popular, as families bring traditional foods and celebrate with live music.

If you’re feeling a bit more cultured, check out the Archeological Museum or Lena’s House—a folk museum in the form of a middle-class, 19th-century home. You can also tour the lighthouse at Armenistis or head to a farm near Ano Mera for a day of horseriding and eating traditional food.

While a visit to Mykonos would be incomplete without trying kopanisti, the local grilled cheese, on a pita or at a restaurant. This appetizer comes free with every meal and is a great way to try out the local cuisine.

If you prefer to be away from the raucous clubs and beach bars, consider visiting during October. The weather is warm but not too hot, and the beaches are still swimable. Many restaurants, tavernas, and hotels are still open but not so packed with tourists that they’re difficult to navigate.

Take a Cooking Class

Whether you’re looking for culinary inspiration or simply want to learn how to make Greek dishes, taking a cooking class in Mykonos is a great way to sample local flavors. You’ll find a variety of classes to choose from, and they usually last around 6-7 hours and include a meal. You’ll be able to choose from vegetarian, meat, and seafood dishes as well as traditional Greek desserts.

Mykonos Town, also known as Chora, is one of the best-preserved old towns in the Cyclades. The whitewashed center is full of spectacular attractions such as the famous windmills, a quarter called Little Venice, and numerous pretty churches with pink bougainvillea. The town’s picturesque houses and alleys and the romantic fishing harbor create a setting that seems to have come straight out of a glossy magazine.

You can explore the town on foot or join a guided tour. A sightseeing bus or car rental is another option, or you could even take a sailing cruise to see Mykonos from the water. The most famous landmark in Mykonos Town is the Saint Nikolaos of Kadena Church, which overlooks the harbour front and offers stunning sunset views.

One of the most exciting things to do in Mykonos is to visit an organic farm where you can learn about traditional cuisine. This is a wonderful way to experience the true spirit of Mykonos, and it’s a fun activity for families as well. You’ll be able to taste a range of traditional products including cheeses, hams, and rusks, and enjoy incredible views over the hills and vineyards.

If you’re looking for more ways to get off the beaten track during your stay, check out the secluded beach of Agios Sostis or the 17th-century fortified monastery Agios Panteleimonas. You can also explore Mykonos on a bike trip that takes in off-the-beaten-track sites, beaches, and lookouts.