The Best Beaches in Skopelos

best beaches in Skopelos

If you’re planning to stay on this Greek island, you’ll want to make sure you visit some of the best beaches on Skopelos. Here, we’ll tell you about the Milia beach, Agnondas beach, Stafilos beach, and Glygoneri beach.

Milia beach

Located in a bay with two small islands, Milia beach is a great place to swim or relax. It features crystal clear water, fine pebbles, and a beach bar. The scenery is also beautiful and there are plenty of taverns and local shops nearby.

Milia Beach is a great spot to watch the sunset. It is located half a kilometre from the main coastal road. Parking is available on the adjacent asphalted street. There is plenty of shade here. This beach is popular during the summer months.

Milia Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches on the island. It has glistening white sand and blue water, a beach bar, and beach rentals. It is the longest beach on the island and offers a view of the tiny islet of Dassia. Milia Beach is located north of Panormos town on the western coast of the island.

Agnondas beach

Agnondas beach is an easy beach to reach by bus from Skopelos Town. This shingle beach is surrounded by pine trees and has crystal-clear waters. There is a beach bar and tavern on the beach. The island is also a fishing destination. Fishing boats dock in the harbour, which is surrounded by small winding streets. It is worth a visit if you love seafood.

The Agnontas beach is located on the south side of the island, about 8 km away from Skopelos Town. It is easily accessible by taxi or car and there is a regular bus service. The area is home to several fishing boats, which catch squid and shrimps.

Stafilos beach

If you’re looking for one of the best beaches in Skopeloos, Stafilos is one of the best. Located four kilometers south of town, Stafilos beach has a clear, green sea and is organized with a beach bar, umbrellas, and sunbeds. While parking isn’t easy, you can take a bus or car and arrive early to get a prime spot on the beach.

Stafilos beach sits in a secluded bay. The water here is crystal clear, and the tavern is right on the beach. The Stafilos tavern has a beach bar, and its menu includes local seafood. Another option for food is the Terpsis restaurant, which is on the road between Skopelos town and Stafylos. The restaurant has been serving the needs of travellers and locals alike since the 1960s.

Glygoneri beach

Glygoneri beach, located 20 minutes by foot from the old town, is renowned for its crystal clear green/blue waters and its beautiful small shingle beach. It is also popular for its tavernas and ouzeries, and also features luxury private villas.

Located 2km from the town, Glygoneri beach has recently opened a beach cafe and shower facilities. The beach is popular with locals and is easy to reach by bus or car. Some areas may be overcrowded. The north winds might cause waves, so it’s best to check the weather forecast before heading to the beach.

There are several other beaches in Skopelos that are accessible from the town. Some of them have crystal clear water and are perfect for swimming. Another popular beach is Milia, which features fine pebbles and transparent waters, surrounded by green pine trees.

Panormos beach

Located in a sheltered bay, Panormos beach is a must-see for visitors to Skopelos. This beautiful beach features deep blue waters and is an excellent spot for snorkeling. There are also many taverns on the beach where you can sample delicious Greek food.

Skopelos has a number of stunning beaches. During the high season, many beaches are manned by lifeguards to ensure the safety of beachgoers. One of the island’s best beaches is Panormos beach, which is covered by lush green foliage. This beach is also a popular hangout for sunset-watching.

Another popular Skopelos beach is Kastani. The movie Mamma Mia was filmed on this beach. This beach features crystal-clear waters and pine-covered hillsides.

Hovolo Beach

If you’re looking for a secluded beach in Skopelos, try the little pebble beach at Hovolo. It’s a gorgeous spot that’s down the road from the small village of Neo Klima. While there are few facilities on the beach, it’s still beautiful and pristine. It’s also relatively uncrowded, but the path to it can be rough and rocky.

Hovolo is one of Skopelos’ best beaches and is known for its crystal clear water. This quiet, rocky beach is about 18 km from the town of Skopelos. While it doesn’t have the beach bars and water sports facilities of some of its more popular beaches, it offers peace and quiet, as well as a traditional tavern.

Sarres Beach

Sarres beach is located on the north side of Skopelos island. The beach is easily accessible by boat from Skopelos port. Small boats operate a daily route from the port to Sarres beach. The boats operate in a regular rhythm and follow other sea excursions.

The Sarres beach is one of the most scenic beaches in Skopelos. This stretch of beach is only accessible by boat and is breathtaking. However, the cave in the island prevents the beach from being accessible during bad weather. In addition, there are sudden bournies during the summer, so visitors are advised to check the weather forecast before taking a trip.

Sarres has an excellent beach, but there is more to Skopelos than just a beach. The island has an interesting history and features numerous archaeological sites. The Venetian castle in Chora is a great example of the island’s past, while the ancient buildings used as fortresses and processing houses were a fantastic way to keep pirates at bay.

Loutraki Beach

Skopelos has numerous beaches that are worth visiting. The most popular beaches are Loutraki, Agnontas, Panormos, and Agios Nikolaos. All of these beaches are ideal for swimming and relaxing. Skopelos has plenty of accommodation options, from luxurious hotels to air-bnbs.

Skopelos is famous for being the location of the movie Mamma Mia, which was filmed on the island. It is home to many beautiful beach locations, including a chapel that was featured in the movie. The chapel at Agios Ioannis was used as the wedding chapel for Sophie and Sky.

Loutraki is the second largest port on Skopelos, just a half-hour drive from Skopelos Town. It’s also home to the ruins of an ancient Greek city called Selinous. There are still a few remnants of the walls of Selinous here. You can also visit the Roman Baths nearby, which were used during the Roman era.