The Best Beaches in Patmos

Best Beaches in Patmos

The island of Patmos has some magnificent beaches. Whether you’re a sun-seeker or prefer to indulge in water sports, these places will make your vacation heavenly!

Psili Ammos is a secluded beach on the southwestern side of the island. It used to attract campers and nudists who appreciated its remote location. Nowadays it is highly sought after by tourists.

1. Psili Ammos

One of the most famous beaches on Patmos island, Psili Ammos is a sandy beach with a lot of stones and trees. Its rocky ambiance offers privacy and enhances its natural beauty. Its water is very cold and the beach has a bar, umbrellas, and many tavernas.

Grikos is the longest beach on the island and it’s partially organized. Its tamarisk trees offer shade from the early afternoon onwards and its crystal clear water is great for swimming.

It is the closest beach to Kampos village and it’s a popular spot for families. It is also protected from the strong ’meltemia’ summer winds, and has a beach bar. The sand is fine and there are plenty of umbrellas to rent. There is also a traditional family taverna and cafes on the beach.

2. Grikos

Grikos is a great beach in Patmos that is both secluded and offers many amenities. The pebbled shore is perfect for tourists and locals alike, with a number of trees that offer dense shade. Located near a wonderful village and with fantastic historic sites nearby, this is one of the best beaches in Patmos.

The beach is dominated by the church of Panagia Geranou, where a miracle icon is kept. Pilgrims often visit the site to pray.

Grikos is a great beach for those who want to experience the mystical energy of Patmos. You can swim in the crystalline waters, relax under the beachside tamarisk trees or sunbathe on the soft golden sand. The area is also a popular destination for snorkeling, with lots of sea life to discover under the water.

3. Agios Nikolaos

Located near the center of Skala, this city beach is popular with locals and tourists alike. It has a sandy and pebbled small shore and is said to have the best waters in Patmos. It also has a taverna on the beach where you can enjoy a delicious meal.

Kambos is the most cosmopolitan beach in Patmos, where you will find a number of sunbeds and umbrellas. It is a great beach for water sports and has a few bars, including the famous George’s Place. It can be busy in summer, so try to arrive early if you want to have a sunbed. It is also a great spot to visit the church of Panagia Geranou, where a miraculous icon can be seen. You can reach it by bus from Skala or Chora.

4. Psili Ammos

The secluded beach of Psili Ammos is located to the east of Kampos. With a beautiful, calm and shallow water, it is ideal for families. Moreover, the sand and pebbles are surrounded by Tamarisk trees providing shade for all.

Besides, there are a few cafes and taverns on the beach. It is one of the most popular beaches on Patmos.

During the summer, this beach is usually very crowded. However, you can find some luxury villas to rent nearby that will give you the privacy you need. Using a car or an ATV is a great option as the distances are short.

5. Skala

Patmos offers a wide variety of beaches suitable for every age and personality. While some are organized, others remain secluded and peaceful. Moreover, many of them are well protected from extreme weather conditions.

The sand and pebble beach at Meloi, located just a few kilometers from Skala, is sheltered from the meltemi winds and is family friendly. It features warm shallow waters that are perfect for children.

Grikos is another great beach to visit, a quiet spot that retains its natural beauty. It is also one of the best beaches in Patmos for snorkeling due to its crystal clear water and large sandbar. Moreover, it is easy to reach by bus from Skala. It is a must-see! While not an organized beach, it has a bar and tavernas.