Best Places to Stay in Lefkada

Best Places to Stay in Lefkada

If you’re visiting Lefkada for the first time you can’t go wrong with the quaint port villages of Geni and Vlycho. Here you’ll find cozy boutique hotels and self-catering apartments centered around local tavernas and bars.

Located on one of the island’s most breathtaking coastlines, Nidri offers both beautiful beaches and a range of activities for all ages. It’s perfect for families and couples looking for a relaxing vacation in the Ionian Islands.

Agios Nikitas

Agios Nikitas is one of the best places to stay in Lefkada, especially for those who want to avoid the crowds and have a relaxing holiday. It was once a little-known fishing village, but it’s now one of the most picture-postcard resorts on the island. It’s located in Rouda Bay, and has its own beautiful blue flag beach that’s sheltered from the wind by the Ionian Sea. There are plenty of sunbeds and parasols to rent, as well as bars and cafes.

It’s also close to the main attractions of the island, so it’s ideal if you’re looking for a bit of everything. The town is home to a range of accommodations, from luxury hotels to apartments and villas. There are also a number of shops and restaurants to choose from, as well as the picturesque marina where you can watch the yachts come in.

The town is surrounded by stunning beaches, including Milos, Pefkoulia, Kathisma, Kavalikefta, Egremni beach, and the island’s famous Porto Katsiki. You can reach all of these beaches by car or taxi boat from Agios Nikitas.

If you want to go a bit further afield, you can also find a number of excellent boutique hotels and self-catering apartments in Geni and Vlycho. These properties offer a superb blend of Greek tradition and modern comfort, making them perfect for couples or families.

The two villages have a wide variety of restaurants and taverns, as well as bars where you can enjoy drinks and snacks. You can even find a few souvenir shops and supermarkets. They’re also the best places to stay in Lefkada if you’re a foodie, as they’re full of great places to eat.

Another option for a place to stay in Lefkada is Sivota, which has a lovely pebble and sand beach and colourful harbour. There are boats coming and going all day, and there are a lot of coffee shops, bakeries, and general stores to explore. There are also some great fish restaurants to try out. The town is also known for its beautiful sunsets. So, if you’re looking for a quieter destination than some of the more popular ones, Sivota is a good choice.


The beautiful beach resort of Nidri, also known as Nydri, is one of the most popular places to stay in Lefkada. It boasts a stunning location between towering forested mountains, waterfalls and crystal clear Ionian Sea. This along with a good choice of restaurants, bars and apartments, means that Nidri has something for everyone. Many visitors return year after year to this idyllic spot.

The village itself is cosmopolitan with plenty of shops and restaurants serving all types of cuisine including Chinese, Italian, English and local Greek. A good range of bars and nightclubs provide entertainment for the evenings as well as some family friendly choices. There is even a cinema for those wanting to catch up with the latest releases.

During the summer season Nidri really comes alive with a buzzing atmosphere. During this time the main street and coastal promenade are packed with holidaymakers enjoying the great choice of bars, cafes and tavernas. The town also has a bank with cash machines, four exchange bureaus and a few supermarkets where you can stock up on essentials.

For those seeking a more relaxed pace of holiday Nidri has a number of secluded beaches where you can enjoy the calm waters and spectacular scenery. It is also the perfect base for exploring the neighbouring local islands like Meganisi and Ithaca which can be visited on a number of the daily boat trips that leave from the port in Nidri.

If you prefer to self cater, then there are plenty of private apartments and villas to choose from in the area, all ranging in price and size. There are also a number of boutique hotels in the area such as the sophisticated Katouna Suites that are situated on the hilltop overlooking the North East coast of the island.

The west coast of the island is home to some amazing beaches and the village of Vasiliki is a great choice for those looking to be near these attractions. Other villages to consider are Nikiana, Agios Nikitas and Ligia which have a good choice of accommodation along with excellent restaurants and bars.


Ligia is one of the most picture-postcard resorts on Lefkada. Situated in Rouda Bay it has a small blue flag beach that bends around the coast and a small harbour where you’ll find sunbeds and bars. The area was a fishing village until somebody said tourism and Ligia has adapted well, with lots of great tavernas, bars and shops. There are also some great hotels and villas in Ligia that combine breathtaking scenery with comfort. Two of the best places to stay in Ligia are Porto Galini Seaside Resort & Spa and Okeanos Luxury Villas – Resort.

Although a little less commercial than some of the other resorts on the island, Ligia still has plenty to offer visitors and is a perfect spot for families looking for a relaxing holiday. A lot of the accommodation here is private self-catering apartments and villas but there are a few boutique hotels as well.

There are some great budget options in Ligia too, such as Hotel Avra and Florena. But if you’re willing to splurge on a little more luxury then you could try out one of the many luxury Lefkada villas and hotels that are available in the area. These will cost you a bit more but they’ll give you that extra bit of luxury and comfort to make your holiday truly memorable.

The creme de la creme of these are the stunning properties in Mikros Gialos which can sleep up to five people and come with everything from a private pool to a jacuzzi. These are some of the most luxurious and spacious Lefkada villas that you’ll find so if you want to spend a little more money on your holiday this is definitely a good option.

If you’re looking for something more affordable then there are some excellent apartments and hostels in the area too, including the popular Geni and Vlycho. These are some of the most popular places to stay on Lefkada thanks to their peaceful location, the feel of being at one with nature and the ease by which they can be used as a base for exploring the island.

Porto Katsiki

If you’re looking for a place to stay in Lefkada that offers both breathtaking scenery and comfort, look no further than Porto Katsiki. The village sits on one of the island’s breathtaking coasts, and is surrounded by beautiful citrus orchards and forests. There are also a number of local restaurants and cafés, as well as a few shops and supermarkets. The beaches in the area are characterized by white coarse sand and deep blue waters, and they’re often shaded by cliffs.

If you prefer to be close to the beaches, there are a number of hotels and apartments in the area. You can find many options by browsing online. There are plenty of websites that offer discounts on hotels and other travel-related services. Some of these sites are very useful, and can save you a lot of time. You can also use these sites to compare prices and find the best deals.

The west coast of Lefkada is home to some of the island’s most spectacular beaches, and there are a number of great accommodations in the area. You can find everything from luxury villas to budget-friendly hotels in the villages of Tsoukalades, Kalamitsi, and Athani. Many of these accommodations feature a private pool and stunning views of the sea. You can also enjoy some of the best sunsets in Lefkada from these accommodations.

Sivota is another great place to stay in Lefkada, and it’s a good choice if you’re looking for a place with plenty of things to do. The village is surrounded by emerald waters, and it’s a popular destination for water sports enthusiasts. It’s also a good choice if you’re interested in hiking, as the village has some of the highest mountains on the island.

The beaches in the area are a sight to see, and they’re a great spot for relaxing and enjoying the sun. You can also take a boat ride to visit the other islands in the Ionian Sea. If you’re looking for a quieter vacation, consider staying in one of the smaller villages on the island. You’ll find that they are less crowded than some of the larger tourist destinations on the island.