Best Places to Eat in Skyros

Best Places to eat in Skyros

The best places to eat in Skyros are mostly traditional taverns found around the town and organized beaches. Their cuisine is based on local meat and seafood.

Be sure to try the Kasseri cheese and the thyme honey. It’s one of the best in Greece. Also don’t miss the chance to see the Skyrian Horse, a unique breed only found on Skyros.

1. Margetis

A favorite of locals and visitors alike, the first-class restaurant Margetis on Agora (Market) Street in Skyros Town serves up lobster, sea bream and mullet, served with highly quaffable barrel wine. Its owner Kristina, who’s originally from Pasadena, California, is a culinary artist who brings an innovative range of international dishes to the table, many of them vegetarian.

This family-run establishment has been in the same hands since its founding in 1897, and was inherited by Petros, who runs it to this day. Located just off the main road in a beautiful garden setting, the place is a haven of peace and relaxation where you can eat some of the best home-cooked Greek meals on the island, such as pastitsio, moussaka and spanakopita.

Taverna Margeti is also well known for its nicely cooked fish and doner kebabs. It has a comfortable atmosphere and good service, as noted by Google users who have left reviews for the place.

Evening entertainment on Skyros is generally fairly low key, largely because the island is mostly visited by nature lovers and ‘alternative types’ rather than serious partygoers. However, hotels often organise their own nightly activities for guests, and some of the tavernas in Kalikri serve up live music and dancing until the small hours. Those staying at the Skyros Centre in Atsitsa, which offers two-week holistic holiday programmes for visitors from around the world, are treated to impromptu concerts and a last-night cabaret. Alternatively, you can watch the unique Goat Dance in the streets of Skyros Town which has its roots in pagan rites.

2. Kristina’s

The taverna is owned by the same family that runs the luxury Skyros Palace in the north of the island. It serves traditional Greek cuisine and is open all year round. Its most famous dish is spaghetti with lobster, a local specialty made using fresh local fish. You can also find a variety of meat dishes and traditional recipes. The tavern is open from morning to late afternoon and has a stunning view.

There are a few places where you can grab a quick bite to eat in Skyros, especially in the capital town of Chora or the port of Linaria. You can choose from a few restaurants, a few kebab and souvlaki bars or even an ice cream parlor. Some of these are also open all year round.

Most of the restaurants in Skyros serve typical Greek cuisine. It is also popular to order seafood in the taverns on the coast of the island. Some restaurants are also open for breakfast. It is recommended to try the trahanopites, which are pies made with yogurt or dried milk as well as the ladopita. Ladopita means oil pie and is a large piece of dough topped with Skyrian cheese – which is a bit sour compared to the more familiar feta.

If you want to enjoy a romantic dinner in a place with a great view of the sea and mountains, try Ammos Veranda Restaurant. The food is excellent and the environment balances modern with traditional styles. It is one of the best places to eat in Skyros.

Generally, the nightlife in Skyros is low key as this is not the kind of holiday destination for partygoers. However, there are some lively bars in Skyros and the hotel at Atsitsa has a soundproofed disco. Many of the hotels also organise their own in-house evening entertainment for their guests.

There is a lot to see and do in Skyros, from hiking up the mountainous slopes of the island to visiting some of its ancient monasteries. Skyros is a paradise for nature lovers and those who like to take things easy and relax. It is also an ideal place for families and couples looking to escape the hectic pace of city living and enjoy a relaxing holiday.

3. Mouries Tavern

Like most Greek islands, Skyros is dotted with small, family-run tavernas. Some are open all year round, and are perfect for a hearty meal after spending time on the beaches. Others are open only during the summer and are ideal for a leisurely lunch or dinner after exploring the island’s scenic villages and cobbled streets.

Located in the centre of Skyros Town is one of the best seafood restaurants on the island. Margetis is a busy spot, serving lobster, sea bream and mullet along with other fresh fish. You can also try dishes made with the locally grown koromila, a type of plum that is native to the island. There is an extensive selection of Greek wines to choose from too, and you can enjoy them with your food in the restaurant’s gorgeous setting.

You’ll find plenty of tavernas in the village of Chora, including some which specialise in seafood. In the village’s central square you can find many restaurants and cafes with a view to the Aegean Sea, as well as shops selling local products. In addition to seafood, the tavernas in Chora also offer traditional Greek cuisine. Popular dishes include pasta with lobster, fried cheese with sour cream (kasseri), and ladopita, a large oil pie topped with xynotiri, a soft brie-like cheese that is a specialty of Skyros.

On the eastern side of the island, there are a number of beautiful beaches which are sheltered by tall pine trees. Kirapanagia and Kalogria are two long, sandy beaches which are perfect for sunbathing. The beach at Pefkos is a bit smaller but also has a lot of shade from the low shrubbery surrounding it.

The main port of Skyros is Linaria and you can find a few tavernas and cafes here which are open throughout the year. The taverna on the beach is particularly good for seafood, and there’s also a great spot by the sea in the village of Agion Apostolon where you can enjoy grilled meats and other classic Greek cuisine. The taverna at the end of the road at Kalamitsa is another excellent place to enjoy a barbecue and eat fresh fish by the sea.

4. Stavros Taverna

Skyros is not part of the Cyclades but it’s still a great Greek island for those who want to escape from the crowds and get a taste of authentic local food. The main town of Chora offers a wide choice of restaurants as well as some places to grab a quick snack such as pizza or souvlaki. Throughout the year, most restaurants remain open so there’s always somewhere to eat.

The best way to experience the island’s local cuisine is at one of the traditional taverns that are scattered around the main town and along the organised beaches. These taverns serve dishes based on fresh fish and meat from the island with ingredients that are grown locally.

Restaurant Stavros Taverna is a good place to enjoy traditional Skyrian cuisine with a view of the sea. It has been in operation since 2007. The tavern offers a variety of seafood specialties such as lobster spaghetti (served only during months when the lobster can be harvested), steamed mussels, octopus with zucchini and tzatziki and other local recipes. The tavern is not very big but it’s cosy and the staff are friendly.

Another highlight of the meal is fava, a dish made from yellow split peas that is cultivated on the island. It’s typically served with meat or lamb but it can also be eaten as a vegetarian option.

There are also some lovely little cafes serving a variety of coffee and sweet treats, perfect for a relaxing break. The thyme honey that is produced on the island is particularly tasty and makes an excellent gift for friends and family back home.

Despite being an isolated island, the people of Skyros are very friendly and welcoming, so it’s easy to meet new friends and make new connections when staying on the island. The locals are known for their traditional hospitality which makes it a great place to spend a summer holiday. With its stunning scenery and delicious food, it’s no wonder why Skyros has become a favourite with visitors from all over the world. A visit to Skyros will definitely leave you with memories to last a lifetime!