Best Places to Eat in Samothrace

Best Places to eat in Samothrace

The island of Samothrace (Samothraki) attracts visitors with its untamed nature, paradisiacal green mountains and dreamy natural pools. Here, you’ll find many ancient monuments and archaeological findings as well as impressive towers and quaint villages.

The local cuisine is also worth trying. For desserts, try haslamas and kataifi as well as galaktoboureko (a milk and semolina syrup pie). If you’re looking for something more substantial, try tyrosalata or tyrokafteri.

1. O Vrachos

Aside from the wild untamed nature and paradisiacal green forests that are found on Samothrace, this Greek island is also famous for its amazing cuisine. Wild goats are found in abundance on Samothrace and their meat is a staple of the local culinary tradition. You can try it in numerous small restaurants all around the island, especially in Kamariotissa and Chora. Besides, the island has some of the best fresh bread in Greece. You can find it in traditional bakeries like the one in Rodozachari village and Yannis Batis’ funky Paradosiako Pantopoleio (Traditional Grocers) in Chora, which has been operating since 1853 and is a listed monument.

Another popular thing to do on Samothrace is exploring the numerous chapels and churches scattered all over the island. One of the most beautiful ones is the white-washed Panagia Krimniotissa, which is built on a steep mountainside overlooking Pachia Ammos Beach and offers magnificent views of the Northern Aegean Sea and Imbros island. Other religious monuments include the monastery of Christou in the northern part of the island and the imposing Stasidi castle.

Samothrace is also home to a number of interesting museums and archaeological sites. For instance, you can visit the Great Sanctuary, which is where archaeologists have found a huge number of treasures from the ancient times. There is also the Archeological Museum of Samothrace, where you can see a variety of archaeological artifacts from the island.

Samothrace is an excellent option for those who are looking for a different summer vacation. Instead of going to crowded beaches and luxury hotels, you can go camping in the woods, explore the wild and rocky natural landscape, and learn about the rich history of this island. It is also a great place to make new friends, get active and have some exciting adventures. Moreover, you can taste delicious Greek and Mediterranean food, as well as drinks at the many bars and cafes on the island. You can even enjoy a nice nightlife at The Cocktail Bar Lydia, which has a lot of music and a dance floor.

2. The Cocktail Bar Lydia

One of the best places to go out in Samothrace is The Cocktail Bar Lydia. You can dance here with your friends and enjoy the music. You can also try some of their cocktails, which are very good. The staff is very friendly, and the service is excellent.

Located near the central Mount fengari, Samothrace is a small island with a big reputation for nature in its wildest forms. Its pebble beaches are surprisingly lush and green, thanks to abundant rainfall from the mountain. The island is also home to herds of wild goats that outnumber its inhabitants by 33 to 1. The best beach for swimming and relaxing on the beach is Pachia Ammos Beach.

The impressive natural pools (known as “vathres”) are popular with young travelers, nudists and campers. The Gria Vathra is the most famous waterfall and lagoon in Samothrace, but there are more than 100 of them across the island. Some of them require challenging hiking trails, but they are worth the effort.

Malawian chef and mixologist Victor Chizinga’s family recipes inspire the menu at Lydia on H Street NE, which pays homage to his late mother. Early best sellers include curry chicken and cabbage, salmon fritters and four-hour braised oxtail with jollof rice. The two-level space also hosts live jazz, a speakeasy and a tropical patio out back.

There is a wide variety of things to do in Samothrace, including hiking, swimming and diving. The island has beautiful and rugged mountains with verdant forests and emerald streams that flow into dozens of icy-blue lagoons.

Climbing the Saos mountain requires experience and stamina, but the rewards are magnificent. From the summit, you can see imposing cliffs, underwater caves and a diverse ecosystem.

There are no airports on Samothrace, but the closest is Alexandroupolis (AXD) or Kavala (KVA). You can take a ferry from either port to Kamariotissa in Samothrace. Ferry schedules change seasonally, but you can find them on the official website of Ferryhopper. You can also rent a car at the airports and drive down to Samothrace, but make sure you choose one that is small enough to fit through the tiny streets of the hamlets.

3. Taverna Karydies

The taverna is one of the most popular places in Samothrace where people come to dance, meet friends and spend a great night. They serve a wide range of cocktails including their own signature cocktail that you must try out. Their music is also fantastic and the staff are very helpful as well. They are open from the end of June until the first half of September, although their opening hours may vary depending on the season.

Samothrace is a unique island, characterized by a variety of natural and cultural attractions. There are pebbly beaches, mountain streams and waterfalls, thermal springs and caves with healing powers and significant archaeological findings such as the Winged Victory of Samothrace ( ). It has been referred to as an oasis, since it is a place where nature has remained wild and untamed, while the sea remains calm and blue.

You will find tavernas that offer goat meat, which is the specialty of Samothrace, but there are also many other tavernas that specialize in seafood, meat, and fish. You can also visit the taverna in Profitis Ilias where you will find a traditional meal that is served according to old recipes. Taverna Karydies is another taverna that serves excellent food and is located in the north of the island.

A trip to Samothrace is not complete without visiting the famous vathres, or natural pools. These pools are not only a must-see attraction for tourists, but they are also important parts of the natural habitat of the island. The waters in the pools are cold and refreshing, which makes them perfect for a refreshing bath after a long day of sunbathing.

Samothrace is also home to a variety of museums and monuments that you can visit. The Folklore Museum, located in a 19th century mansion, is a museum that displays items from the old way of life on the island. The collection includes a reproduction of a traditional house as well as a rich collection of woven carpets and other objects from everyday use. You can also see a carved iconostasis and icons from local churches in the museum.

4. Cafe Therma

Samothrace is a Greek island renowned for its wild natural beauty, paradisiacal green mountains and dreamy natural pools that give it a magical feeling. This is a perfect place to escape from the hustle and bustle of the busy world, to embrace an easy-going way of living, and relax in absolute peace. Ferryhopper makes it easy to plan and book cheap ferry tickets to Samothrace, and we have all the must-see locations, beaches, nightlife, food recommendations and more to help you make the most of your trip to this stunning Thracian island!

Traditional Taverna Karidies

The main cuisine of Samothrace is goat-based, since herds of wild goats roam freely on the island. This gives it a unique taste that isn’t found in other parts of Greece, and locals love it. Some of the best places to try it include Karidies in the village of Ano Meria, where you can get grilled or roasted goat meat, lamb shank with potatoes and a variety of soups made with the island’s herbs, as well as freshly baked rustic bread that’s straight out of the oven.

Another must-visit is the Folklore Museum in Chora, which has a detailed reproduction of a traditional house and exhibits ancient tools of daily use such as agricultural tools, tools for processing thread and looms. It also showcases rich photographic material and an impressive collection of costumes.

Other notable spots to visit include the Sanctuary of the Great Gods, where you can see a unique temple complex that was used for secret ritual practices characterized by initiations. It is located next to the old city of Paleopoli, and it offers a great opportunity to explore Samothrace’s fascinating history.

For beach lovers, Samothrace has some of the most beautiful beaches in the Balkans. For example, the Pachia Ammos beach is a sandy beach with clear waters that is suitable for families. The Kipos beach is also a great choice, as it has a beautiful scenery and a romantic sunset.

In addition to its breathtaking natural beauty, Samothrace is also a paradise for hiking enthusiasts. The mountainous terrain offers a variety of different hiking trails, but it is recommended that you hire a guide for safety and to enjoy the experience. You can also go canyoning down waterfalls and delve into a world of wonder that you’ll never forget.