Best Places to Eat in Evia, Greece

The second largest island close to Athens is largely unknown. But Euboea has a wild Aegean coast that attracts independent travellers.

Located above Agioi Apostoli, the hotel offers a pool, a poolside bar and a sea-view restaurant. The rooms are clean and well-equipped. The host is kind and attentive.

1. Kissos Tavern

The best places to eat in Evia are not found in touristy restaurants, but rather in traditional local taverns. These are often family run and specialized in dishes made with the freshest ingredients from both the mainland Greece and the nearby islands. In addition, the island offers many bars and clubs where visitors can have a drink or dance to live music under the starlit summer Greek sky!

Kissos Tavern is a great example of the type of tavern that one should visit on their trip to Evia. The menu includes a wide range of local meat and fish dishes as well as a variety of appetizers. This is a great place to stop for lunch or dinner if you are in the area.

This tavern is located near the town of Steni Dirfyos in the mountains. The tavern is family run and has an excellent atmosphere. It is surrounded by large trees and has an outdoor seating area. The food is delicious and the service is excellent. This is a great place to stop if you are visiting the mountainous areas of Evia.

Tiger Leaf is a newer restaurant that was put together by the same group that created Another Story. This restaurant specializes in Southeast Asian cuisine and has a unique interior design that is both whimsical and quirky. The menu includes everything from Thai pomelo salads to pho and Vietnamese spring rolls. There are also a number of Malaysian and Singaporean specialties such as cereal prawns and adobo.

While the best places to eat in Evia are often small local taverns, there are some larger chain restaurants as well. The most popular is probably T.G.I. Friday’s which is a favorite among families and college students. Other options include BreadTalk, Reyes Barbecue, and Cold Layers Cafe which specializes in Taiwanese desserts.

2. To Honi

As one of the largest islands close to Athens, Evia offers several bars and clubs that will have you dancing under the starlit summer Greek sky. These nightclubs are mainly located in the city of Chalkida and some villages, but are also scattered around popular beaches. Most clubs host lively concerts and shows that will keep you entertained throughout the night.

One of the best restaurants at Evia lifestyle center, Italliani’s, is famous for their American-Italian cuisine that combines classic and unique flavors. This restaurant has a branch in the Evia Lifestyle Center, Las Pinas and is known for their pizzas, pasta, and grilled meat dishes. Some of their specialties include their fettuccine with truffle sauce and chicken, as well as their Penne Arrabiata, which is filled with mushroom, tomatoes, and spicy peppered vodka sauce.

Another great restaurant at the Evia Lifestyle Center is Tiger Leaf, which offers a mix of comfort food and upscale cuisine. This restaurant is the perfect place to enjoy a delicious meal with friends and family. Their menu includes dishes such as garlicky Vongole Manila Clams, a savory pork belly dish, and a variety of steak options. This restaurant is also famous for their luxuriously thick cheesecakes.

The other new addition to the list of the best restaurants at Evia Lifestyle Center is called Minute Steaks. This is a newer restaurant, but it has quickly become a favorite among locals. The menu here is a bit more refined than the other two restaurants on this list, but it still features a variety of classic dishes. The restaurant’s name is a play on words, as each dish is served in “minutes.” Some of their signature dishes include Garlic Vongole Manila Clams, Roast Pork Belly, and a variety of steak options.

3. Amarinthos Fish Tavern

The large veranda of this archetypical summer tavern at the edge of the impressive beach of Potami (also known as Amarinthos) looks out over Evia’s wild southern Aegean coast with Stouronisi and even Andros on a clear day. The food is good but the decor is plain. It feels like a place that has been largely overlooked by tourists. There is a small village community in the winter and some light industry but this is a very remote spot.

You can dine indoors but the best option is to eat outdoors on one of the many long tables. The menu is straightforward but they do make a few excellent skewered meat dishes – kokoretsi (lamb innards wrapped with intestines), kontosouvli (lamb ribs) and the famous lamb chops and ribs that are grilled slowly over a charcoal fire. The meat is locally sourced. The owner also makes a good range of casserole dishes and the mother prepares traditional favourites such as pasticcio, stuffed tomatoes and peppers, rooster in red wine sauce, lemon goat stew and chicken stew with sourdough tiganopsomo.

The tavern is in the small seaside village of Katsaroni and is family run. The food is simple and tasty with a few surprises. Mrs Olimpia does a great job of preparing casserole dishes such as stuffed tomatoes and peppers, rooster or goat in tomato sauce served with kourkoumpines, lemon goat stew, chicken stew with sourdough psomo and the local trachanas (fried pasta made with flour, milk or yogurt). Kostas does the fish and seafood and is especially good at preparing raw and smoked fish dishes such as seabass and seabream carpaccio and tuna ceviche. The fried dishes are light and the grilled fish is juicy.

4. Evia Tavern

Located in Steni Dirfyos, the tavern offers delicious Greek dishes and ouzo overlooking the beautiful sea. They also serve fresh seafood and traditional cuisine at very affordable prices. The restaurant also has an outdoor area for enjoying the sun and a large bar where they organize events with live music.

Pedro Evia and Eduardo Rukos started their culinary career almost by accident. In 2002 they owned a construction and security systems company that got hired to do the entire project of a power plant in Valladolid, Yucatan. As part of the contract they had to build cafeterias and restaurants for the employees.

They were also asked to design a fine dining restaurant for the managers and executive staff. That’s where they started getting recognized by the community. From then on Pedro and Rukos have been working hard to create their own vision of the restaurant scene in Yucatan. Today they have Sensei, one of the most successful Japanese restaurants in Mexico, Kiwiik which is known for their breakfasts, La Pinuela one of the downtown’s newest and best restaurants, and their international renowned fine dining restaurant KuuK.

At these taverns you can try all types of local meats such as Kokoretsi, Kontosouvli and more. They also have casserole dishes like kourkoumpinia or vouloto lamb. The master grill chefs at the taverns are usually men, while the women prepare the casserole dishes.

The tavern is also well known for its cocktails and coffee. They are made with the best ingredients. It is very important that the food is served in a clean environment which is why they have an in-house cleaning service.

5. Aetos Tavern

Located in a small street next to the square with the taxi rank in Steni Dirfyos, this is a family-run tavern serving local dishes. The food is served in large platters on a table covered in colorful embroidered tablecloths. They also have a nice terrace for the summer and a large rustic hall for the winter.

The tavern is well known for their local meat delicacies cooked on the spit (Kontosouvli and Kokoretsi), but they also have a great casserole menu. You will find lamb in tomato sauce, mutton or deer with homemade kourkoumpines, lemon rabbit with celeriac and sweet potatoes, pies and tiropitaria. The service is very good and the prices are very reasonable.

You can also eat some Asian favorites at the Commune Hall which brings several different small restaurants together in one place. Located near the Evia Lifestyle Center Cinema, you can choose between The Rib Shack and Burger O’Clock for meat-lovers, Happy Greens for health conscious eaters, Steet Eats for tusok-tusok favorites and Boru for fresh sushi rolls. Don’t forget to try their Thai pomelo salads and soups, Vietnamese spring rolls and pho, Singaporean stir-fried noodles, Malaysian cereal prawns and Filipino bistek and adobo.

Other restaurants that you can find in Evia Lifestyle Center include T.G.I. Friday’s, BreadTalk, Reyes Barbecue and many others. In addition, you can also get a delicious dessert at the Vanilla Cupcake Bakery or Cold Layers Café that serves Taiwanese shaved snow ice creations and milk tea beverages. They are very affordable and open till late. They have a fast service too, so you can enjoy your meal and the movie right afterward! You can also find other American restaurants that offer a wide variety of choices like burgers, sandwiches and pasta.