Best Places to Eat in Antipaxos

Postage stamp-sized it might be, but Antipaxos (or Antipaxi) leaves a huge impression on visitors. Its beaches routinely feature in best-of lists, and its romantic bays are the kind of scenes you’ll want to frame and hang on your wall at home.

The main beach on Antipaxos is Vrika with a convenient landing stage for boats and a summer beach bar. There are also pebble beaches at Mesovrika and white-sand at Voutoumi.

1. Erimitis Restaurant & Bar

Erimitis Restaurant & Bar is one of the most famous locations in Paxos island and all over Greece as well. It’s a very popular place for the local and tourist people to have a cocktail or a gourmet meal while gazing at the sun falling into the Ionian sea. This is the most amazing sunset view in all of Paxos island and for that reason, many weddings are organized here every year.

It’s located west of Magazia and can be easily reached by car or motorbike. The restaurant is built on the edge of cliffs and overlooks the beach of Erimitis. The menu is a mix of Greek and national dishes but with a focus on seafood. The highlights include grilled octopus and lamb chops. You should also try the avgoustiatis wine, which is made on the island and has a rich and fruity taste.

Paxos is known for its cheese, especially feta cheese, which can be found in most restaurants on the island. The island also produces its own wine and honey, as well as olive oil. These products are available at most shops on the island and can be purchased for a reasonable price.

The best places to eat in Paxos are in the charming harbor towns and overlooking the picturesque ports. Whether you’re looking for traditional Greek cuisine or international flavors, these restaurants offer warm hospitality and beautiful settings to enjoy your meal.

3. La Rosa di Paxos

Lingering over memorable meals in dreamy settings is an intrinsic part of a romantic getaway and Paxos offers a great menu of options. The local cuisine is largely similar to Corfu, with classic dishes like sofrito (beef in wine sauce), pastitsada (stew of chicken or veal with tomatoes, cinnamon and onions served with pasta) and bourdeto (spiked scorpionfish stew).

A good choice for an elegant dinner is the La Rosa di Paxos restaurant. It serves up well cooked Greek and Mediterranean food including nicely cooked tuna, spaghetti and grilled prawns. It has a lovely view and the staff are very helpful and attentive. The price is democratic for such a great location.

Waterfront dining is a delight on Paxos, especially in the main port town of Gaios which is sheltered by wooded islets and has an extended harbour for cruise liners and yachts to moor up. In the port head for local favourite Taverna Pan and Theo (00 30 26620 32458), where you can savour the marina views over a forest of yacht masts and across to sea-green St Nicholas’ Island. Here fresh seafood is a specialty – try their signature seafood spaghetti, which is priced by weight and comes with an army of calamari, octopus and taramasalata on the side.

Another excellent option is Ben’s Paxoimadi, a bar, beach taverna and restaurant on the north shore of the island that sits above Erimitis Beach. The menu is compact but veers towards Italian with lots of seafood and the calamari, octopus, and taramasalata are very good. For drinks the menu also has a good selection of wines including some from vine-clad Antipaxos. It is a little pricier than some of the other options but is a really special spot to relax with lunch.

4. Akis Bar

Akis Bar is located at the water edge in Lakka harbor. It serves a variety of quality dishes of Mediterranean cuisine all through the day. Its the perfect place to enjoy your lunch or dinner or a cocktail with your friends and family.

Guests can expect the best seafood from local and other sources, as well as a wide selection of fresh salads, appetizers, main courses and desserts. In addition, the menu is complemented by creative, new twists on Greek classics, such as prawn saganaki and barrel-aged feta with vegetables.

The wine list offers a good range of wines from Greece and abroad, including high-end varieties. The restaurant frequently hosts dinners with Greek winemakers, letting visitors learn more about the country’s many diverse grape varieties and leading producers.

Owner Kumar Mahadevan has created a cosmopolitan dining space with a strong Indian accent. His menu centers around the use of spices and an understanding of regional nuances. In addition, he understands the importance of offering his guests accessibility and a sense of community in their dining experience.

Genesis is a waterfront favourite in Gaios with high ratings for its risotto, Antipaxos wine and friendly service. The restaurant is also known for its delicious grilled fish dishes and classic Greek food, such as moussaka.