Things to Do in Gavdos

Things to do in Gavdos

If you enjoy contact with nature and a non-polluted environment, you’ll love Gavdos. Here you can walk through pine and juniper forests as well as visit incredible isolated beaches.

Karave is the island’s port and can be easily reached by bus. Nearby is Sarakiniko, a beach famous for its turquoise waters and stunning sand dunes.


Gavdos is famous for its amazing, wild-looking beaches and they are a must-see. The best way to explore the stunning natural beauty of this small island is on foot. The island has multiple trails that take you through incredible landscapes with cedar forests and pine trees and lead to gorgeous, isolated beaches. So, don’t forget your bathing suit but be sure to pack comfortable shoes too.

Sarakiniko Beach is probably the most beautiful beach on the island. It is located on the northern coast of the island and has a sandy beach with shallow clear waters. The beach has been named after the Saracen pirates who used to find refuge on the island and the scenery is absolutely beautiful.

Another popular beach on the island is Korfos. It is a non-organized beach with pebbles located 2 km from Karabe port. The beach is quite popular among tourists, and there are shops and rooms for rent nearby. Buses to other beaches and villages depart from here.

Tripiti Beach is also a must-see beach on the island. It is a very unique beach with unusual rock formations and a giant chair that marks the southernmost point of Europe. This is a very popular spot for tourists, and they usually get their pictures taken with their feet dangling over the edge of Europe.

The rest of the beaches on the island are not very popular and they offer a quiet place for relaxation. They have a mixture of sand and pebbles and they are pretty clean and well maintained. There are a few cafes and taverns on the island, but most visitors choose to camp on the beaches instead of staying in the hotels or other tourist accommodations. This is an excellent option for families and people who want to feel closer to nature. In addition, it is cheaper than staying in a hotel, and the experience of camping on a Greek island is definitely an unforgettable one. You can even sleep under the stars, and this is a very special experience that you should definitely try.


Gavdos is a great destination for hikers and nature lovers who want to get away from the hustle and bustle of modern civilization and reconnect with wild natural beauty. The island boasts some stunning trails that will take you to gorgeous isolated beaches. You may even find yourself swimming naked in crystal clear waters or sleeping under the stars. It is not uncommon to see naturists on some of the more popular beaches on the island such as Sarakiniko, Agiannis, and Vatsiana.

In Greek mythology, the island of Gavdos was known as Ogygia, where nymph Calypso held Ulysses hostage. Today, the island’s mythological glamour continues to attract travelers seeking relaxation and solitude. Gavdos is also home to the ruins of ancient iron mining settlements and other archaeological sites such as Lavraka Bay where you can see some Roman tombs.

The island is also famous for its natural beauty with a variety of unique beaches and rocky coves. There are also plenty of hiking trails through the mountains and around the coastline where you can discover flora such as pines, junipers, and endemic species. The island is a perfect place to experience the best of both worlds – a peaceful holiday where you can enjoy your solitude and still have access to some of the best beaches in Europe.

One of the most popular hiking paths in Gavdos is that starting from Karave and ending at the lighthouse near Ambelo village. The trail is moderate but you have to be prepared for hot sun and lack of amenities along the way. The other great hiking path on the island is that starting from Vatsiana village (Europe’s southernmost) and ends at Tripiti beach where you will be rewarded with some of the most amazing sea views.

During the high peak season of the summer, the island can be very busy with visitors. If you want to avoid the crowds then we recommend you come before or after the summer season. The island is accessible by ferries that depart from the ports of Sfakia or Palaiochora in Chania and arrive at Gavdos’ port, Karave, within two or four hours respectively.

Snorkeling & Diving

With crystal clear waters, dreamy sunrises, and breathtaking sunsets, Gavdos is a beautiful natural paradise. This island reflects the authentic Cretan way of life, far away from the “civilized” world. It is an excellent place to spend stress-free holidays with nature. The flora of the island is amazing, with pines, junipers, and endemic plants such as heather and anger.

The main attraction of the island is the lighthouse, dating back to the end of the 1800s and renowned for its 42-mile visibility. The pretty structure is situated very close to Ambelo village, and from there you can enjoy an unforgettable view of the Libyan Sea.

If you are a fan of snorkeling and diving, you should definitely visit the island’s top beach, Tripiti. This is one of the most beautiful beaches on the island and can be reached by walking a relatively difficult trail from Korfos or Vatsiana village. In addition to the pristine water, the beach also has a unique feature: it has a deposit of natural clay, which you can use to make your skin feel smooth and fresh.

Another beautiful beach on the island is Potamos, which is located very close to Korfos. It is a secluded beach with a mix of sand and small pebbles. The water is tinted in a gorgeous blue color, while the landscape includes a canyon and lush vegetation. Potamos is also a popular spot for camping thanks to its isolation and natural beauty.

The southernmost island of Europe, Gavdos is a stunning natural paradise, a rare gem of the Libyan Sea. It was once considered the island of Calypso, where Odysseus was shipwrecked after the Trojan War. The island was also used as a place of exile, hosting a number of Greek fighters during the Greek Revolution. During the summer, it is a popular destination for free camping and naturism. Planning a trip to the island is simple with Ferryhopper, where you can book your ferry tickets and find all the information you need for your vacation in Gavdos.


The southernmost place in Europe, Gavdos is a paradise for those who want to meditate and disconnect. Here, you’ll find a calm environment to relax and enjoy the crystal clear waters and star-dusted skies. The island’s pristine beaches are perfect for swimming, relaxing, and sleeping under the stars. It’s a great place for families, couples, and individuals looking to reconnect with nature.

In ancient Greek mythology, Gavdos is the home of the nymph Calypso and is considered a spiritual place. Today, the island is still a mythical destination for those who wish to get away from civilization and connect with nature.

The nymphs, pirates, and explorers of the past have found Gavdos an ideal hideaway. It’s even mentioned in James Aldridge’s 1944 novel The Sea Eagle. Throughout the year, the island experiences hot, dry summers and mild winters with a whiff of northern Africa. The climate is subtropical Mediterranean and the rainfall is minimal, falling mainly during the short winter.

A trip to Gavdos wouldn’t be complete without visiting its lighthouse in the village of Ambelos. The pretty structure was built at the end of the 1800s and has 42-mile visibility – it’s the second most lighted sea distance in the world.

If you’re in the mood to party, head to Paleochora for a night of dancing, bars, and restaurants. There are also plenty of hostels in the area where you can meet fellow travelers.

Alternatively, you can check out one of the few bars on Venizelou Road in central town. It’s a great spot to start your night and grab a drink before heading over to the Old Harbour.

The most popular restaurant in town is To Rakodikeio. This family-run establishment serves delicious cakes, pies, and other sweets, as well as fresh, homemade bread. The menu is incredibly diverse and the prices are more than reasonable. It’s located in a nice spot, facing the Neratze Mosque and next to Mikrasiaton Square. The atmosphere is relaxed and friendly, making it a great place to socialize. The owners speak good English and are very welcoming.