The Best Beaches in Tinos

best beaches in Tinos

If you want to spend a day by the sea without the crowds, try out the best beaches of Tinos. Those of you who want to experience the quiet atmosphere of the island can head to Mikri & Megali Ammos, two uncrowded and wind protected beaches on the island. The water is jade green and there is a good selection of taverns and beach bars here. If you’re looking for a more organized beach with facilities, try Kato Meria and Apigania.

Agios Fokas

The island of Tinos has some beautiful beaches. One of the most popular is Agios Fokas. The island is also famous for its quaint villages. The island’s picturesque villages include Pygros and Komi, which have marble details on their facades. The island is also known for its traditional churches and dovecotes, which are Venetian remnants scattered throughout the island. Other beautiful villages include Isternia, which has beautiful white Cycladic churches and cobbled streets. The village also has the Perivoli, which offers breathtaking views and tasty food.

Other popular beaches include Megalo Kolimbithra, a long, pebbled beach with big waves. While Megalo Kolimbithra is known for its big waves and wind, Mikri Kolimbithra is more sheltered and has sunshades. The island is home to several other small beaches, including Agios Fokas and Agios Romanos.

Agios Fokas is the southernmost beach on Tinos, and is accessible by road or bus from Chora. There are many cafes and restaurants along the beach, and the water is shallow and clear. It is also protected by high cliffs.


The beautiful Apigania beaches are located on the southwest side of Tinos, about 11 kilometers from Chora. Although remote, they are among the most picturesque on the island. The beach’s fine sand and shallow turquoise waters make it the perfect destination for those who enjoy pristine beaches without the crowds. However, be aware that this beach is exposed to the north winds, so it’s best to visit during the cooler months of the year.

The Apigania paralia beach is an unorganized beach with fine sand and pebbles. Its waters are shallow, but it is an ideal spot for a relaxing day in the sun. It is also the best place to see a sunset because of its stunning view of the island. However, it is recommended to bring plenty of water and a sun umbrella, as there are no facilities on the beach. You can also climb the rocks at the end of the beach to access neighboring Kantani beach.

Livada beach is situated on the northern part of the island. You’ll need to hike up to reach the beach, as it’s surrounded by a rocky moonscape. The rocks that protrude from the water create a unique visual oddity. The beach’s fine pebbles also make the water extra clear and ideal for snorkelling.


Kantani Beach in Tinos is an excellent destination for an island vacation. It’s located about 11 kilometers from the town of Chora and has fine sand and crystal-clear waters. This beach is not organized, so you’ll need to pack your water and sun umbrella. The small beach is not crowded, but it does get hit by the wind from the north, so you should avoid visiting it during these times.

The best private accommodation on Tinos is Grace Villa, a luxury villa located a short walk from the beach. The villa has two bedrooms, a large garden and a private swimming pool. Another excellent beach to visit is Agios Romanos Beach, which is located 5 miles (8 kilometers) northwest of Tinos Town. The area has a decent selection of hotels, and it’s less windy than the other beaches.

If you don’t mind a bumpy cobblestone path, you might want to take a walk up to the Sacred Hear of Jesus. It provides panoramic views of the island and Aegean.


The northwestern part of the island is home to one of Tinos’ best beaches, Livada. Located about 20 km outside of Chora, Livada is a beautiful beach with nice stone formations and big waves. Although the area is popular with tourists, it is also a place where you can find goats, ducks, fish, turtles, and migratory birds.

The beach is surrounded by a moonscape of rocks that are perfect for snorkelling. Livada is accessible by road from the town of Tinos, but the road to the beach is in poor condition. Luckily, the road has been paved, but it’s still not very easy to drive. However, if you’re on a scooter, you can drive yourself to the beach.

Another fantastic beach on Tinos is Pachia Ammos. The sand is soft and fluffy, and you can relax in the shade while watching the sunset. This beach is off-grid, so it’s not serviced, but it has beautiful views of the Planitis mountain.