The Best Beaches in Corfu

best beaches in Corfu

If you’re thinking of going to Corfu for a vacation, you probably want to know which beaches are the best. Here are our suggestions. In this article, we’ll look at Agios Georgios Pagon, Issos Beach, Kavos Beach, and Rovinia Beach.

Agios Georgios Pagon

If you are looking for a quieter beach that has water sports on offer, look no further than Ag. Geogrios ton Pagon, one of the most beautiful beaches on the island. This expansive, sandy beach is close to the town of Afionas. The beach is accessible via a water taxi or a short hike through the nearby mountains.

Agios Georgios Pagon beach is a long, sandy strip of land surrounded by cypress and olive trees. It is considered to be one of the most beautiful beaches on the island, and has been awarded the Blue Flag for its cleanliness. It has clear, fresh water, which is a big bonus for families. There are also tavernas and small hotels along the shoreline.

Issos Beach

Issos Beach is located 30 kilometers south of Corfu Town and has a long, sandy shoreline. The area is popular with tourists for water sports such as wind-surfing and kite-surfing. There is a lifeguard on duty so that visitors can have a safe and fun time in the water. You can also hire a sun bed or lounger to relax on the beach.

The beach is a great choice for families. There are tavernas, beach shops, and lots of facilities near the beach. The water is crystal clear and the scenery is lush and colorful.

Kavos Beach

Kavos Beach in Corfu is a bustling, boisterous beach located 45km from the island’s capital city. It features a variety of beach clubs, discos, and Karaoke bars. There are also numerous takeaway food outlets, so there’s no shortage of options for a great night out. But, if you’re looking for a more sedate atmosphere and authentic Greek cuisine, this is not the beach for you.

Located in the southern part of Corfu, Kavos Beach offers a stunning sandy beach, clear blue water, and many activities and entertainment options. This beach is particularly popular with British tourists. The area also has a thriving nightlife scene and a wide range of accommodation options.

Rovinia Beach

Rovinia beach is one of the most picturesque and secluded beaches in the island of Corfu. It is only 20 km from Corfu Town. Rovinia has clear, blue water and a mixture of pebbles and sand. It is also sheltered by a cliff overhang which offers some shade. Visitors will be able to enjoy the view of the mountain range and the crystal clear water from this stunning location.

Rovinia beach is accessible by boat from the Alipa port. There is also a small car park that you can use. Once you reach the beach, you’ll be able to explore the nature and wildlife that surrounds it. The water is generally cooler than elsewhere on the island, but it increases in depth quickly a few metres from the shore.

Canal d’Amour Beach

Canal d’Amour is one of the most famous beaches on the island of Corfu, Greece. It is situated between the villages of Sidari and Peroulades, about 32 kilometers from the main town of Corfu. This stunning beach has been shaped by centuries of wind and wave action. In addition to its beautiful landscape, Canal d’Amour also boasts a natural mud bath. Visitors can spread the clay on the rocks to experience a true mud bath, which is said to have therapeutic and anti-inflammatory effects.

If you want to find the best Corfu beach for a romantic break, Canal d’Amour is an excellent choice. This sandstone-covered beach is a popular place for taking panoramic photographs. It also features a beautiful cove where you can sunbathe and enjoy a picnic. The cove is also a great place to snorkel or explore.

Avlaki Beachfront Villa

Avlaki Beachfront Villa is a 5-bedroom luxury vacation villa on the island of Corfu, Greece. This property is set on the beachfront and features a private pool. This property is ideal for a family vacation. It features a gorgeous view of the sea and is a perfect location for snorkeling and water sports.

Avlaki Beachfront Villa is situated just steps from the beach. The property includes a main villa and two cottages. Each building is surrounded by a beautifully landscaped garden with eucalyptus trees. It also has a private wooden jetty and an excellent swimming pool.

Paleokastritsa Beach

If you’re looking for a quiet beach to unwind, you won’t go wrong with Paleokastritsa. Located 25 km from Corfu town, this petal-shaped beach is surrounded by a cluster of small tavernas, bars, and hotels. The waters are clear and cool, thanks to cold streams from the Adriatic.

For those who don’t want to go ashore, you can also check out the nearby Nissaki Beach, which boasts a rich underwater environment. The beach lies 22 km from Corfu town, and is protected from strong winds by impressive rock formations. While you’re there, don’t forget to stop by one of the local taverns for a refreshing drink or a snack. Nearby, you can also find one of Europe’s coolest beach bars: La Grotta.

Loggas Beach

Loggas Beach is a popular destination for families and tourists alike, with plenty of shops, bars, and taverns located right on the beach. The waters are sheltered, making it a safe place for children to swim. The beach also offers a volleyball court and a variety of water sports. This beach is also conveniently located only a 30-minute drive from the island’s airport.

Loggas is a very special beach that offers an experience unlike any other. Its small sandy patches, mini caves, and warning signs of falling rocks make for a very unique beach experience.

Dassia Beach

The beautiful Dassia Beach is located on the east coast of the island of Corfu. It is a long beach that is about fifteen metres wide, with a mixture of pebbles and sand. It is backed by two modern, four-star hotels on either end. Visitors can hire sun loungers to enjoy the views towards Albania.

Dassia Beach is the most northeastern Corfu beach. It is a short distance from the town of Afionas. It is also close to Porto Timoni, which is another beautiful beach, with a nice viewpoint. Dassia Beach offers a mixture of pebbles and sand, and sun beds and umbrellas are available.

Kalami Beach

If you’re looking for an ideal beach for a relaxing vacation, you’ll find it at Kalami Beach. It’s a pebbled beach that is not too large, and the water is shallow and gentle. Kalami also has a beach bar on the beachfront.

You can find Kalami on the northeastern coast of the island, between the towns of Kassiopi and Nissaki. This small but beautiful beach is popular with tourists, and its association with the Durrell family has made it an iconic destination. The area has a scattering of amenities, and a large hotel makes it popular with daytrippers and vacationers.

Paralia Vrika Beach

If you’re looking for a tranquil beach in Corfu, consider spending some time on Paralia Vrika Beach, a secluded cove in Antipaxos. This beach is an all-sand paradise with a pleasant temperature and clear, see-through waters. There are plenty of sunbeds nearby and a small beach bar.

If you want to enjoy the best of both daytime and nightlife in Corfu, consider spending a day at this secluded beach. The water is shallow, and the beach is not crowded, so it’s ideal for families. A few minutes from the beach is the luxurious Socrates Hotel, where you can enjoy evening entertainment, a bar, and a swimming pool.

Porto Timoni Beach

Porto Timoni Beach is located on the north-west coast of Corfu. It is close to the popular beach resorts of Arillas and Agios Georgios Pagon. The small beach here is unspoiled and has turquoise-blue water. You can also snorkel here. The beaches are not crowded and offer almost no shade.

To reach the beach, you can either hike or take a boat. The trail to Porto Timoni Beach starts from the Anemos cafe in Afionas. It’s a one-kilometer walk and takes about half an hour. Alternatively, you can take a boat taxi from Agios Georgios to the beach.