The Best Beaches in Aegina

Best Beaches in Aegina

If you’re planning to visit Aegina, be sure to check out the best beaches in this Greek island. Whether you’re looking for family-friendly spots or romantic places, these beaches will give you the quintessential beach experience.

The most frantic beachfront action happens in Aegina Town, where you can go on banana rides or grab barbecued octopus from waterfront taverns. But, if you’re looking for an escape from the crowds, head east to the quieter village of Vagia.

1. Marathonas

One of the most famous beaches in Aegina, this beach is organized with sun-loungers and a beach bar. Its shallow waters make it ideal for families with children. The sand is also very clean. It is located on the western side of the island, near Aeginitissa and the homonymous church. Famous local taverns are also close by.

It has quickly become a preferred area for accommodation in Aegina as it is very close to the town (approximately 5 km). Moreover, it offers easy access to other popular beaches on the island like Aeginitissa and Sarpa. There is also a lovely little islet near the beach called Moni that you can visit with a short boat ride. In addition, there is a hiking trail that leads to the peak of Ellanios Mount from here. The monastery is well worth a visit, as it houses the largest church in the Balkans.

2. Loutra Souvalas

There’s plenty to keep you entertained on the beachfront here at the island’s major package holiday resort. Whether you want to jet ski, water ski, go fishing in one of the local “caiques” or just sit back and enjoy a barbecued octopus from a waterfront taverna you’ll find it here.

The pristine beach here is organized with umbrellas, sunbeds and a special area for rackets and beach volleyball. This beach was once known as Therma thanks to its warm sulphuric waters, and these therapeutic springs still attract crowds each summer.

Kleidi or Klima Beach is considered by many to be Aegina’s most unique and beautiful beach, but it can be difficult to reach. Once you reach the crossroad just before Perdika village, take a left and follow the route down to the beach. Make sure to bring a pair of good hiking shoes, organic sunscreen and a UPF sun hat.

3. Perdika

With its picturesque village and quaint streets, Perdika is a must-see for anyone visiting Aegina. There are many restaurants here that serve fresh fish and traditional dishes. The pistachio nuts that grow on the island are also worth trying.

You can find accommodation in the village as well, but be sure to book early. It can get crowded on the weekend.

This beach is famous for its therapeutic waters and was once referred to as Loutra Aegina. It is a sand and pebble beach that gets especially beautiful when the sun sets. There are also many restaurants and taverns close by.

This tiny islet right opposite Marathonas is a hidden treasure. It’s a gorgeous spot for a swim or a lunch at the taverna. You can also take a quick caique ride over to the larger island of Angistri. Here you’ll find even better beaches and less crowded ones! It’s a great option for families with children as it is a bit more protected from waves.

4. Agia Marina

Located between Marathonas and Perdika, Aeginitissa Beach is a large cove that adds a bit of seclusion to your day on the beach. This sandy haven is surrounded by countless eucalyptus trees, offering dappled shade and filling the air with their distinct scent.

The waters are shallow and crystal clear, making it an ideal place for young children to play. The beach is also well-organized with sun loungers and umbrellas. Stalls offer everything from refreshments to local culinary delights during the summer months.

Located in the picturesque town of Perdika, this pretty beach is a popular attraction on Aegina. Visitors can dine in one of the taverns on the waterfront, try some freshly caught katsoules (small pink fish from Aegina, tastier than red mullet), and enjoy a romantic sunset. Perdika also offers many charming shops, hotels, and apartments of all sizes.