Best Places to Stay in Rineia

Best Places to Stay in Rineia

Rineia is a unique uninhabited island next door to populated Mykonos. A quick boat excursion to this island will allow you to discover ancient ruins and beautiful, secluded beaches.

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Ambelia Beach

One of the best places to stay in Rineia, the pristine and uninhabited island just south of Mykonos, is Ambelia Beach. This sandy and rocky beach is the perfect spot for anyone looking for a relaxing and tranquil vacation. With a backdrop of the blue sea and emerald green mountains, Ambelia beach offers a combination of natural beauty that will take your breath away.

The beaches of Rinia are characterized by their rocky and pebbly shores with crystal clear waters. Most of these beaches are surrounded by cozy bays that make them ideal for those seeking a more private experience. The islands also feature some spectacular ancient ruins and a variety of different landscapes that will take your breath away.

You can reach this little gem with a short trip to Mykonos or on a day-cruise from the island of Delos. The best time to visit the beaches of Rinia is during summer, as this is when they are most comfortable and enjoyable. However, if you don’t want to deal with the crowds of Mykonos, it’s possible to enjoy this beautiful island all year round.

Among the most interesting ruins on the island are the remains of an ancient settlement dating back to 3rd century BC. This small village was likely inhabited by fishermen and farmers who lived off the island’s abundant supply of seafood and vegetables. Later, in the 18th and 19th centuries, Rinia was used as a quarantine station for ships arriving from ports with contagious diseases. The ruins of this Venetian quarantine station can still be seen on the island.

Another great place to stay in Rineia is the Ambelia Village. This simple 3 star family-run hotel is a great option for those looking for a relaxing holiday in North Cyprus. This property is located at the top of Bellapais village, meaning that every room has amazing views over Kyrenia and the surrounding countryside. The staff are also very helpful and will be happy to give you tips about the best hiking routes in the area.

Most of the beaches on Rinia are surrounded by coves that protect them from the harsh winds known as the meltemi. This makes them popular anchorages for yachts traveling between Mykonos and Delos. However, most of these beaches are accessible only by private boat. For this reason, it’s a good idea to bring your own boat or rent a private one when you decide to visit the beaches of Rinia. The most well-known beaches include Ligia, Skinos, Nataliotis, Stena, Glifada, and Ambelia.

Glyfada Beach

Mykonos may be the island hopping destination of choice for travelers, but there is another gem of a beach just next door – the uninhabited Rineia Island. This little piece of heaven is the perfect place to go if you are looking for a little peace and quiet.

Rineia is an incredibly beautiful island near Mykonos that has plenty of gorgeous beaches, stunning sunsets and is completely uncrowded. The secluded location of the island means that it is also great for snorkeling and swimming in the crystal clear waters. The best part is that you can also visit a couple of chapels and farmhouses that have been on the island for centuries.

There are also several ruins that can be found on the island which give it a special historical feel. In the 19th and 20th century, Rineia was used as a quarantine area when plague and cholera outbreaks occurred. Ships would stop on the island for five to forty days to ensure that the epidemics did not spread to other areas in Greece. It was this experience that inspired the famous poet Constantine P. Cavafy to write his first poem.

The only way to get to the island is by boat and it is quite a pleasant journey. While on the boat you can see the old Cycladic farmhouses and chapels that once stood on the island. Once you are on the island, you can take a leisurely walk around and explore the amazing blue waters that are so unpolluted due to no exploitation from tourists.

If you want to relax, there are several shady spots on the beach where you can lounge in a sun bed and sip a cocktail. There is a bar that provides drinks and snacks at a reasonable price, but you can also find a variety of restaurants on the shore. You can even rent a raft to take out into the water and have some fun in the waves!

While you are on the island, you should make sure to check out the beautiful St Helena church. This church was built in 1934 and has a Byzantine tetraconch design. Its interior has been beautifully decorated with mosaics that were designed by the artist Vlasios Tsotsonis.

If shopping is your thing, Glyfada has a huge selection of stores for a small resort. You will find major chains such as Gap, H&M, Tommy Hilfiger, Zara and Sephora, along with a good range of locally owned boutiques and designer shops. The resort also has a few upscale shopping centres such as the Mall Athens and Astir.

Glyfada is also home to the swankiest marina in the whole of Athens, which is lined with scores of super-yachts that are owned by tycoons and foreign oligarchs. There is also a beautiful park and a clutch of restaurants and bars. The town is also close to the eponymous beach and the lovely natural lake of Vouliagmeni, both of which are well worth a visit. There are also a number of golf clubs and tennis courts in the area for those who love to play sport.