Best Places to Stay in Psara

Best Places to Stay in Psara

The historic island of Psara offers a variety of unique and impressive sights as well as beautiful beaches. It’s the place where captain Kanaris sank a Turkish ship and where the local population committed self-sacrifice during the 1821 revolution against Turkey.

Located west of Chios, the island of Psara is famous for its wild beauty and marvelous beaches. Calm, measured rest and the sound of the sea are what attract travelers to this unique destination.

1. Xenonas Psaron

Psara is one of the most impressive islands in the Eastern Aegean and there are lots of things to do on this small and quiet island. The best places to stay on Psara include Chora and the rest of the settlements on the island, all of which are very charming and offer visitors a variety of options in terms of activities.

This rocky and sparsely populated island is home to just over 500 residents, who mostly live off the sea. Its port and fishing industry provide the sole source of income after the rocky landscape made it impossible to cultivate crops. Despite its limited production, Psara is still the most authentic Greek island and is ideal for anyone who wants to relax in a tranquil environment.

The main town of Psara, Chora, is an ancient village that offers many sights to its visitors. From the impressive castle of Paleokastro, which is located in the middle of the town, to the low white houses that are situated on the hilly slopes of the city, there is something to see at every corner of the town. In addition to this, the island is full of natural wonders like the beautiful beaches Katsouni and Lakka with their crystal clear waters.

The best way to reach the island is by ferry, with regular trips from Piraeus. On Ferryhopper you can easily compare prices and book tickets online, so that you don’t have to wait long for your dream trip to Psara. There are also ferries that travel to the island from Chios and other ports on the mainland. The journey from Piraeus takes around 7 hours. Once you’re on the island, don’t forget to visit the Church of Agios Nikolaos and the monastery of Dormition of Virgin Mary.

2. Kato Gialos

Located in the southwestern edge of Psara village this is one of the most popular beaches on the island and it offers fine sand, sea shells and an impressive view. It is ideal for swimming and it is also a great spot to see the sunset from. A short walk away from the beach you will find the gorgeous statue of the Glory of Psara. This is a relatively new monument that was created to commemorate the 200 years since the Greek Revolution that resulted in the liberation of Psara from the Ottoman occupation. The statue is an exquisite depiction of a soldier in full armor with his sword, spear and shield. The monument is a homage to all those brave soldiers that were killed during the battle.

The beach is also the venue for the local beach volley tournament and it attracts a lot of people. It is also a good place to taste some of the delicious fish dishes that can be found on the island such as Lobster Makaronada. The beach is surrounded by a number of tavernas, cafes and all the shops that are needed for an island with a permanent population.

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3. Lazareta

A tiny island that is only a few hours away from Chios, Psara is one of the best places to stay in Greece. It is home to a few restaurants and cafés that offer an authentic taste of Greece. Its sparsely populated villages and stunning beaches are sure to take your breath away. The rocky landscape of the island makes it difficult to cultivate crops, which is why locals mainly depend on fishing for a living.

As soon as you arrive on the island, you will notice evidence of its glorious past. Cannons, windmills, and old houses built in traditional style stand side-by-side with modern buildings. The town of Chora is built amphitheatrically around the port and offers many sights to explore. Visit the Church of the Dormition and the old residence of Admiral Konstantinos Kanaris. The island is also famous for the Holocaust Memorial on Mavri Rachi.

There are several beaches on the island that are perfect for a swim and sunbathing. Cosmopolitan Katsouni has shallow clear waters and is ideal for families with kids. Lakka is a large beach near Chora with crystal waters. It is easy to get there by car or on foot. Ftelio is another impressive beach with deep crystal waters, located next to Archontiki.

During your stay on the island, do not miss out on a visit to the monastery of Koimiseos tis Theotokos. The monastery is home to some of the best paintings in the whole of Greece. It is a must-see for any art lover. The highest peak of the island, Prophitis Ilias, offers a breathtaking view that will take your breath away. There are several hiking paths that you can follow on the island and discover a variety of wild flora and fauna.

4. Fanari

Psara is a beautiful island, but the sparsely populated and simple lifestyle of the residents here has largely protected it from mass tourism. The port and the fishing industry offer the sole production on this rocky, jagged island that lies a short distance from Chios. Those who visit this unique archipelago will not be disappointed by the secluded beaches and authentic tavernas.

It is also a great place for hiking. The best route starts from the village and takes you to the southern coast of the island via the peninsula of Paleokastro and up to the hill of Mavri Rachi.

Among the most beautiful beaches of the island are Katsounis and Kato Gialos, which are secluded and have deep crystal waters, Lazaretta beach with its thick sand, and Limnos beach, which has an impressive seabed. If you’re a hiker, you can also explore the secluded Ftelio beach and see the monastery of the Dormition of the Virgin Mary.

There is much to do on the island, but many visitors choose to relax in their hotel and enjoy the sun and the beach. It’s a wonderful option for romantic couples who want to escape from the daily routine and spend their time together in nature. There are hotels, resorts, and inns that have joining rooms and romantic features like an onsite spa to make your stay extra special. You can even choose to take a kid-free getaway and leave the kids with a family member or friend to have some adults-only time. If you’re planning a trip to the picturesque island of Psara, reserve your ferry tickets on Ferryhopper and get ready for an unforgettable experience.

5. Archontiki

The beach of Archontiki is one of the best beaches to visit on Psara. It has deep crystal clear waters and an impressive seabed which is ideal for snorkeling. It’s a quiet beach that offers relaxation and tranquility away from the noise of the main town.

It is located just north of Chora and is a beautiful beach with fine sand and small pebbles. Often it’s deserted even in high season so you can enjoy the stunning scenery with peace and quiet. The beach has a mixture of both shallow and deeper areas so it’s suitable for all ages.

A great place to go for a quick swim and lunch on a day trip from Chios. It has a couple of taverns and is right in front of the ferry port so it’s really convenient for those who want to island hop but don’t have enough time for a full day on a more remote island.

This beach has beautiful sand and shallow water which is perfect for families with children. The sand is very soft and it has plenty of space for everyone to spread out and relax. It’s also close to the main town of Psara so it’s easy to get to and from.

There are several ferries a week to and from Psara from both Oinousses and Piraeus. There are also a few daily sailings to and from Chios and other ports in the Aegean islands. It’s worth mentioning that there is no rental car company on the island so most people just walk or use the local buses which can be rather slow and inconvenient. The beaches on the north and west side of the island are usually less crowded than those on the east so they’re worth checking out as well.