Best Places to Stay in Paros

Best Places to Stay in Paros

Paros is quintessentially Greece – feta-cubed villages, endless marmalade sunsets and pretty laneways made for slow meanders. It also boasts some of the best beaches in the world and a great choice of hotels, hostels and villas.

Charming Naoussa, with its natural bay and half-sunken 12th-century Venetian castle, is the obvious first choice for most. Its gentle tangle of streets lead to old churches and boutique shopping, while the town’s buzzy cocktail bars are popular amongst young tourists.


The main port town of Paros is a busy place day and night with locals and tourists filling the cafes, bars, and hotels. It has one of the best-preserved historic town centers in Greece and the well-protected harbour attracts a yachting crowd who enjoy the shops, restaurants, and bars that suit this lifestyle.

There is also a good selection of boutique accommodation in the town including villas with private pools. It’s a great base for exploring the island as it is only a 10-minute drive from some of the top beaches.

If you’re looking for a quieter spot to stay in Paros there are options on the northern side of the island including Santa Maria and Platis Yialos. These areas are still close to all the activities but offer a less busy beach scene and more tranquil scenery. They are a good choice if you’re coming to the island in the shoulder season of November, December, January, February, and March. Alternatively, if you want to avoid the crowds you could also consider staying in the inland village of Lefkes. It is a charming village with cobbled streets, flower-covered balconies, and traditional houses. It’s also the home of the famous Church of Panagia Ekatontapyliani or the “Church of 100 Doors”.


One of the most fashionable destinations on the island, Naoussa attracts a wealthy clientele to its well-protected harbor. Its seaside restaurants are popular with the yachting crowd. The historic town center is beautiful, and the 12th-century Venetian castle half sunken in the old port is a highlight.

The best places to stay in Naoussa are the luxury boutique hotels and villas that line its cobbled streets. The Christina Hotel is a top pick, with gorgeous rooms that open to a patio or furnished balcony. Rooms overlook the village or the sea, and some feature a private pool. The property also has a spa, which is a big plus for luxury travel.

Another great option is the Hotel Senia, which offers modern suites with wifi, balconies and a spacious terrace. The property also has a large pool, an excellent restaurant and an on-site bar.

Both Naoussa and Parikia have good nightlife, with a mix of clubs, bars, and small terraces on the cobblestone streets. Watching the sunset by Naoussa Harbour is a must, and is best enjoyed with cocktails and wine at a top-class bar.

If you’re planning to spend most of your time on the beach, opt for a villa in Naoussa. The villas in the area are beautifully maintained, and many have a private swimming pool. The villas are also a short walk from the beaches, making them ideal for families with kids or couples who want to explore more than just the main beach.


If you’re looking for a place to stay in Paros that’s less hectic than the main town and has the feel of an authentic Greek village then look no further than Naoussa. This quaint little fish town buzzes in the summer months with people visiting it for its cute boutique hotels, great restaurants, and lovely seaside strip. It is also one of the best places to stay on Paros for those seeking luxury accommodation.

Its well-protected bay draws a yachting crowd which is reflected in its more upscale and expensive restaurants and bars. It also has one of the most scenic and well-preserved historic town centers, replete with white houses framed with pink bougainvilleas and narrow cobbled streets. Plus, you’ll be close to all the action of Paros including the 12th-century Venetian castle half sunken in the old port.

During the day, head to the beach of Parasporos for a stretch of sand backed by pine forests and cypress trees. It’s a popular beach with a good mix of locals and tourists. It can get busy in high season but if you want to escape the crowds, you can easily walk north to Paros’ lesser-known Golden Beach.

A great hotel to stay in is the Inge’s Haus Lefkes. It’s comfortable, homely, and affordable. It’s always booked up so book early! Check current prices here. There are also plenty of apartments and villas to choose from. Some are in the heart of the old town, while others offer views of the mountains and the sea.

Piso Livadi

If you’re looking for a place to stay in Paros that has a little more privacy than the crowds of Santorini and the wealthy kids of Mykonos then Piso Livadi is an excellent option. It’s a beautiful, tranquil beach that offers the opportunity to swim and snorkel in crystal clear waters. It’s also less built up than some of the other beaches on the island and is a great place to visit in the shoulder season when the campers have departed.

Another good choice is the lovely village of Naoussa. It’s a traditional fishing village that has managed to embrace the lucrative package holiday market while maintaining its charming character. Its picturesque cobbled streets are lined with whitewashed houses and ablaze with colourful window frames, doors, and hanging baskets. It’s home to some of the best restaurants on the island and just a short drive from some of the most stunning beaches.

Another option is Lefkes, a small village that’s perfect for families and couples who want to escape the crowds of the main beaches. It’s a quaint village with narrow streets and beautiful churches, as well as plenty of places to eat and drink. It’s also a great place for hikers and nature lovers, with many trails winding through the lush countryside. There’s also a small hotel in the village that’s cosy and comfortable, with rooms available for all budgets.

Chrissi Akti

Located to the south of Parikia, Chrissi Akti is one of the most beautiful beaches on the island and is well-known for its watersports. Its gold-colored fine-grain sand is perfect for walking barefoot and its waters are crystal clear, making it ideal for swimming and snorkeling. It is also a popular spot among windsurfers due to its favorable wind conditions.

During the day, this charming beach is full of sunbeds and umbrellas, and at night, it is a lively spot with bars and restaurants offering sunset views. However, if you’re looking for an escape from the crowds, you should head to Kolymbithres or Agios Ioannis beach, which are less crowded.

Another great option is Lefkes, the first capital of Paros, which is surrounded by mountains and is characterized by its narrow cobbled streets, traditional whitewashed houses, and bougainvilleas covering its roofs. Lefkes is also the departure point for some of the best hiking trails on the island.

If you’re looking for a place to stay in Paros that offers a bit of everything, Naoussa is the perfect choice. This picturesque fishing village sits in a natural bay and has embraced the package holiday industry while maintaining its charm and character. It’s filled with whitewashed cottages adorned with bright blue door frames and window frames, as well as hanging potted flowers. You’ll also find plenty of upscale restaurants and bars in Naoussa.


Lefkes is a stunning area to stay in Paros, especially if you are looking for something a little different from the typical beach tourist areas. This beautiful village will appeal to families, couples and solo travellers alike. Here you can relax on the picturesque streets, listen to grasshoppers clicking and the occasional shriek of a screech owl, enjoy the local olives and Retsina wine at small cafes, or visit the impressive Church of Agia Triada.

The area also offers a range of boutique hotels and villas, perfect for those wanting to get away from the crowds. It is also a great spot for nature lovers, with its cute natural harbour and whitewashed houses. Those who love to be by the water can explore the small beaches around the village or take a trip to the uninhabited island of Despotiko, where you can see rare sea eagles and other birds.

If you are staying in Paros during winter, you should make sure to book a hotel or apartment in Naoussa or Parikia as they will still have the best vibes and the best bars, restaurants and nightlife. The other advantage of staying in these two areas is that they will have better transport links to the rest of the island. This will allow you to explore the other beaches of the island much more quickly. Using the local bus is an option, but renting a car will give you more flexibility to travel as and when you wish.