Best Places to Stay in Lesvos

Best Places to Stay in Lesvos

Lesvos’ main town is a special place to spend time. There are neoclassical buildings, traditional markets, cozy cafes and ouzeries, and cobbled streets. The highlight is the castle, which offers incredible views.

Six years after the EU-Turkey deal, refugees are still arriving in Europe via Lesvos. While the EU must protect them and move towards fairer responsibility-sharing, it should also consult with local residents.

Theofilos Paradise Boutique Hotel

Lesvos is a beautiful island with a lot to offer for all types of travelers. There are beaches for everyone, great food and ouzo, plenty of adventure activities and ancient sites to visit, and a wonderful Mediterranean lifestyle to enjoy. It is not your typical popular Greek holiday destination where mass tourism has killed the vibe. You can still get a true taste of Greece on this amazing island.

Theofilos Paradise Boutique Hotel is a 4-star property that offers its guests an unforgettable stay in the heart of Lesvos. The hotel is a restored traditional mansion, and its rooms and suites are spread over 3 separate buildings. Each room has a flat-screen TV, free Wi-Fi access and a minibar. Guests can also enjoy a rooftop pool, underground parking and a spa with Turkish hammam and sauna.

Aside from the many amenities at the Theofilos Paradise Boutique, there are a number of things to do on the island as well. It is easy to explore the mountains, forests and beaches. There are also several wetlands that provide an impressive variety of endemic and migratory bird species.

For those who prefer to eat out, there are numerous restaurants and cafes nearby. The hotel is within walking distance of the main shopping area of Sapfo Square and is close to the Archaeological Museum and Mytilene Castle.

Theofilos Paradise Boutique is suitable for a family, romance/honeymoon, luxury and business trip. It offers a 24-hour reception, concierge services and a car rental desk. Its pet-friendly policy means that you can bring your dog or cat with you for no extra charge. It also offers free parking and a shuttle to the airport.

Niki Studios

The rocky mountains, stunning beaches and enchanting villages of Lesvos will impress every kind of traveller. From the petrified forest of the north to the neoclassical buildings of Mytilene in the east, this island has something for everyone. Its location in the Eastern Mediterranean means it attracts impressive endemic bird species such as black and white storks, as well as migratory birds from Asia and Africa including avocets, shags and jackdaws. The wetlands of Agia Paraskevi, Dipios – Larsos and Kalloni are also home to at least 134 different bird species.

One of the best places to stay in Lesvos is Niki Studios Sea – Front, located next to the beach in Petra. This hotel offers rooms with a choice of views including sea view, mountain and landmarks. All rooms come equipped with air-conditioning, TV, heating and a fridge. They are fully furnished with a kitchenette and dining area and have an open plan layout with a private balcony.

Niki Studios Sea – Front is less than 100 metres from Petra’s centre and 50 metres from local taverns. Molivos Port is just 5 km away, and the bus stop is right opposite the studios.

For those who want to explore the island on their own, renting a car is an excellent option. There are several rental companies, many of which offer discounts to customers who book more than one vehicle. There are also many buses and taxis available that can take visitors to the most popular sites on the island. Visitors can sample the local cuisine, which includes fresh dairy products, traditional baked goods and ouzo, at taverns and restaurants. A variety of souvenirs can be bought at local shops and markets.


The main city of Lesvos, Mytilene (modern Greek Mitilini) is a bustling town with a lively nightlife and a beautiful waterfront. Located on the north side of the island, it has the best hotels in Lesvos and is a great base for exploring the island’s other top attractions.

Aside from its beaches and awe-inspiring sea views, Mytilene is also home to plenty of shops and restaurants. You can spend a day strolling around the town’s neoclassical buildings and admiring its Ottoman-era monuments, such as the Metropolitan Church of Agios Therapontas and the impressive castle. You can also visit the Museum of Folk Art to see an impressive collection of traditional artisan crafts.

While in Mytilene, you can try the local cuisine by grabbing a bite to eat at one of its many top-rated restaurants and cafes. Popular choices include sardines paired with ouzo, giouslemedes (small cheese pies stuffed with mint), and zucchini blossoms stuffed with cheese. You can also try the famous baklava in its many different flavors and styles.

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The western tip of Lesvos, Sigri (Greek for security) is a peaceful village near the safe harbour. Its Turkish castle looks over the sea and a long island, Nissiopi, that stretches across the mouth of the bay. It’s an excellent place for a holiday of peace and relaxation, especially as it is rarely visited by tourists.

It’s also a great place to see some geological history with the Petrified Forest being a highlight. This UNESCO-protected natural monument is a wonderland of petrified tree trunks and volcanic rocks. It’s an easy hike through the wooded landscape and well worth a visit.

Plomari is the homeland of ouzo with an impressive central market and old coffee shops serving traditional Greek coffee. It’s also a good base for exploring the steep cobblestone streets of Petra, one of the most impressive villages on the island. Its Church of Panagia Gorgona is impressive and the view from its mountaintop is breathtaking.

Other highlights of the island include Molyvos, perched into its cliffs with its majestic castle like a guard keeping an eye on its surroundings. The town’s many cute cafés, souvenir shops and bakeries make this a must-visit during your holiday to Lesvos.

Other places of interest in the region are Eftalou Hot Springs, the taverna at Vatera Beach and the preserved traditional village of Agiasos with its impressive church. Its unique sights are sure to impress visitors looking for a break from the usual tourist spots in Greece.


One of the most famous and iconic archaeological sites in the world, Petra is an incomparable marvel that combines awe-inspiring rock-cut tombs and temples with a fascinating history. Founded along caravan routes, the arid city became a rich trade center in Hellenistic and Roman times, shipping incense and silks from Arabia and India to Syria-Phoenicia and Egypt.

Elaborate tombs and temples were chiseled out of the rose-red sandstone cliffs, and their facades incorporated elements of Greek and Indian styles. The Treasury, an ornate tomb that’s the site’s highlight, is especially dazzling, and it’s the first thing most visitors spot as they enter through the Siq.

The sandstone landscape is breathtaking, and hiking in the mountains around the area offers incredible views over the North Aegean Sea. Hiking in November can be cold, so be sure to pack warm clothes and a thermos of hot tea. Nosebleeds are common in the dry air, so carry petroleum jelly or other wax-like products to prevent them.

Lesvos’ position on the Eastern Mediterranean and its varied wetlands attract impressive endemic bird species as well as migratory black and white storks, raptors, avocets, and shags. The protected wetlands at Agia Paraskevi, Dipios-Larsos, and Kalloni are a bird watcher’s dream.