Best Places to Stay in Astypalaia

Find the best hotel, motel or resort for your stay in Astypalaia based on the things you want to do. Narrow your options by viewing hotels that are close to landmarks and attractions, as well as those that offer specific amenities like wifi, spa services, or family friendly.

The heart of the island is Chora, where you’ll find steep, narrow streets dotted with picturesque doors. It’s a great spot for exploring without a guide and getting an authentic taste of local life.

1. Astypalaia Town

If you are looking for a quiet Greek island that is non-touristy and covered in beautiful untouched beaches and nature, then Astypalaia is the one for you. Despite being in the Dodecanese Islands it is more similar to the popular Cyclades in shape and architecture with whitewashed houses, cobbled streets and a Venetian castle. The island also has beautiful secluded beaches and a few fertile depressions which are ideal for hiking.

The capital of Astypalaia is known as Chora and is situated on a hill overlooking the rest of the island. Here you can find the best hotels in Astypalaia, as well as a few restaurants and cafes. Some of the most popular accommodation choices include the Pylaia Boutique Hotel & Spa, which has an amazing view over the town and Aegean Sea. Another great option is the Provarma, which is also located in the heart of Astypalaia and offers studios with a terrace and stunning views over the castle.

Astypalaia town has a number of stores where you can buy local products and gifts. These include shops selling handmade jewelry and home goods, as well as stores selling traditional island spices and honey. The town is also a good place to buy fresh fish.

There are a few good beaches in Astypalaia, including Kaminakia and Livadi Beach. The latter is the most popular, and it is a nice spot to relax on a sunny day. There are also daily excursions to the two smaller beaches of Koutsomytis and Kounoupes, which can be reached by boat from the port of Astypalaia.

Astypalaia has a wide range of hotels that can accommodate any budget. The cheapest options are in Astypalaia town, while the most expensive ones can be found in Analipsi and Livadia. The best hotels in Astypalaia offer a variety of amenities, such as free Wi-Fi, air conditioning, and a gym. Some even have a private pool, so you can enjoy your vacation in luxury and relaxation. You can also find hotels with a view of the sea, which is perfect for a romantic getaway.

2. Livadia

Astypalaia is not as well known as the more popular Greek islands, so staying on it can be a real gem. The island is quite a big one, so there are different areas to stay in depending on your type of vacation and what you’re up for.

There are three main areas to choose from: Chora with the nice beach of Pera Gialos, Livadia with its great beach and a few bars/restaurants and finally Analipsi which is the second largest settlement.

If you’re going to be travelling with kids (or just want a bit of peace) I would suggest the latter. It’s a lovely little village with a couple of very cool restaurants right on the beach and is absolutely quiet. It’s also a stone away from the old town, so perfect for families wanting to spend the evening wandering around the castle, having dinner and a few cocktails before returning to their beach accommodation.

The best places to stay in Livadia are surprisingly quite good for being such a small area, offering everything you need and then some. The Alkyon Hotel is probably the best place to stay in Livadia as it’s situated on the sandy beach and offers some of the most comfortable rooms on the island. The rooms are really spacious, have a balcony with some of the best views in Astypalaia and come with air conditioning, satellite TV, fridge and an excellent housekeeping service.

Another option is Melograno, a brand new luxury hotel that offers amazing rooms with large balconies overlooking Astypalaia Town, the windmills and the castle. The accommodation is modern and minimalistic, with all the facilities you need for a relaxing holiday. The staff are extremely friendly and helpful too.

If you’re looking for a night out in Astypalaia then there are a couple of cocktail bars in the old town where local DJs start the evening with some chilled-out music before moving to more popular and dancing tunes as the night progresses. There’s also a few smaller restaurants in the village which serve delicious food, especially the Grammi restaurant.

3. Analipsi

Located on the island’s eastern shoulder, Analipsi is a cutesy village that is deliciously true to tradition. Circled by fields and fruit groves, the village remains blissfully under the radar. Back from the seafront, spidery lanes beat a track to the restaurant-lined central square. It is the ideal spot for a romantic getaway and there are plenty of luxury hotels and resorts in Analipsi that will guarantee you an unforgettable holiday.

The most upscale boutique hotels in Analipsi include Pylaia Boutique Hotel & Spa, Kalderimi and Tholaria Boutique Hotel. Most of these luxury hotels have 4 and 5 stars and offer the finest furnishings and amenities to ensure you have a relaxing vacation. Most are situated near tourist activities and have access to public transit, making it easy for you to get around.

Analipsi’s most iconic feature is its castle. This towering structure is reminiscent of the many castles found in Greece. It is also surrounded by a series of restored windmills, with 24 at the last count. It is not uncommon to find a local in one of these whitewashed buildings as the village still has an authentic feel to it.

Another notable point about the village is its church, which has waves almost lapping at its feet. It is a beautiful sight and is photographed by every visitor who passes through. In addition to the church, the village has a variety of shops and car rental bureaux. It is also home to the most popular beach on the island, Vryssi. There are also beaches at Shinonta and Makrigialos.

During summer, Analipsi is bustling with tourists and it is best to book your accommodations in advance. This is also when the weather is most favourable, as it is warm and dry and perfect for seawater outdoor adventures.

There is a small airport on the island that serves mainly domestic flights. You can also reach the island by ferry from Athens or other islands in the Cyclades. In order to make sure you have the most convenient way of getting around, rent a car or scooter from the airport. This will save you time and money, and it is a lot easier than trying to hail a taxi on the street.

4. Livadi Beach

If you’re looking for an untouched Greek island that isn’t overrun by tourists then Astypalaia is the place for you. This little dodecanese island is a hidden gem that’s full of beautiful turquoise beaches and a smorgasbord of history running the gamut from ancient to modern. It’s also home to a good selection of boutique hotels and accommodations, ranging from family-run guesthouses to five-star luxury resorts.

Whether you’re traveling solo or with a group of friends, there are plenty of options for you to choose from. You’ll find hotels, apartments, and even a couple of villas that will suit your needs and budget. You can narrow down your choices by viewing properties by price, amenities like free breakfast and Wi-Fi, and if they’re pet-friendly or not.

For a romantic getaway or a family vacation, look for hotels and apartments with large terraces, clean rooms, and spacious living areas. Some of these also have a hot tub or pool and a kitchen to cook your own meals. They can be found all over the island and are a great choice for families with kids, as well.

There are also a few villas that are very family-friendly and include private pools, outdoor dining areas, and air conditioning. They’re ideal for a small group of friends or a family of four to six people. Some of these have two bedrooms and bathrooms, while others have three or more bedrooms and sleep up to ten people.

The best places to stay in Astypalaia for families with children are the beach towns of Livadi and Analipsi. Both are close to the Chora and have lovely restaurants, organized beaches, and small hotel options. The only downside to staying in these towns is that it’s a bit of a hike into the Chora so if you have young kids, you may want to consider choosing a different destination.

There are a few good restaurants in the Chora that serve delicious Greek cuisine. Karai is a popular option, with views over the sea and affordable classic mezze. Another favorite is Apanemia, where you sit in a hidden Chora alley on a wobbly barstool and enjoy classic Greek music by the liter.