Best Places to Eat in Thirasia

Best Places to eat in Thirasia

Thirasia is overlooked by tourists but it’s definitely worth a visit. It is a beautiful and traditional island with breathtaking views.

It was once part of a bigger round island called Strongili that was destroyed during an eruption. It is connected to Santorini and its residual islands Palea and Nea Kameni through the iconic caldera.


If you’re looking for a restaurant in Thirasia that serves traditional food then Kantouni is the place for you. The dishes are made with fresh ingredients and local products. The staff is very friendly and welcoming. They serve a variety of meats, fish and vegetarian dishes. They also have a nice selection of wines and beer. You can even try the local Ouzo with your meal.

The restaurant is located in the center of Pyrgos village. The owner is a chef who has deep respect for the island’s culinary heritage. He uses recipes that have been passed down for generations. The dishes are prepared with the highest quality ingredients, including Kozani saffron, Rhodian ladopita flatbreads, and cheeses from Crete. The restaurant has a relaxed atmosphere and is perfect for family meals or couples.

Thirasia is a pristine island with beautiful beaches. It is a great place to visit during the summer when it is less crowded. The beaches are clean and have crystal clear water. There are also several restaurants and cafes in the island that offer a variety of foods.

There are no cars on the island and it is easy to walk around. You can explore the old part of the city of Manolas or follow the path to Agrilia and Kera where you will see cave houses. You can also visit the monastery of the Dormition of the Virgin Mary.

There are many places to eat in Thirasia, but Kantouni is one of the best places to eat. The food is delicious and the prices are reasonable. The restaurant is family-owned and has a large selection of dishes. The owners are very friendly and will welcome you into their home. The staff is always ready to answer any questions you may have. The food is very fresh and tasty. You should definitely stop by and try their calamari. You won’t be disappointed! The service is excellent, and the atmosphere is very relaxing. The staff is very friendly, and the prices are very reasonable. You can eat a good meal for under 20 euros.

Kiki’s Restaurant

Located in the heart of Thirasia, Kiki’s Restaurant is a popular destination for locals and travelers. It is a family-owned restaurant with a warm and friendly atmosphere. The food is delicious, and the service is excellent. Guests recommend trying the fried fish, moussaka, and prawns. You can also try their raki and ouzo.

Another popular place to eat on the island is Panorama Restaurant. It is a beautiful manor with a lovely view of the island. The restaurant has a great Greek style and is ranked 4.5 on Google. The food is excellent, and the prices are affordable.

For those looking for a more refined dining experience, try Selene. This restaurant is the first in Santorini to spotlight culinary traditions and ingredients, such as fava and capers. The restaurant is known for its gastronomic degustation menu and wine pairings. Honeymooners and luxury food lovers will love this place.

Taking a trip to Thirasia is like traveling back in time to when Santorini was still a rough diamond awaiting discovery. Visiting this unique island offers visitors the chance to enjoy a different side of Greece, one that is rich in volcanic history and natural beauty. Whether you are enjoying a fragrant Greek coffee in one of Manolas’ small cafes or hiking to the monastery, you will be captivated by the pristine, raw volcanic landscape of Thirasia.

Korfos is the main port of Thirasia and is a great place to enjoy a seafood meal in a traditional taverna or take a dip at a beach with striking black pebbles. From here, you can take the path to Agrilia, a ghost settlement with houses built into the rock.

Pyrgos Wine Bar

If you are looking for a place to sit back and relax while sipping on a glass of wine, you’ve come to the right spot. Pyrgos Wine Bar is a wonderful wine bar restaurant that offers stunning views of the sunset and local wines. With a variety of different wines and delicious Greek delicacies to choose from, you’ll be sure to have a pleasant experience at this unique Santorini restaurant.

With a beautiful outdoor terrace and indoor seating, this restaurant is perfect for anyone looking to enjoy the Santorini sunset while also having the option of escaping to the cooler indoors. You can also choose to sit at the bar and try some of their famous Greek cocktails. In addition to their wine and cocktails, they also serve delicious Greek dishes including fava and Kleftiko. They offer a great selection of vegetarian options as well.

The best thing about the restaurant is its location in Pyrgos, overlooking the old castle and the rest of the village. It’s a lovely spot to visit during the day or evening and it’s away from all of the crowds. This makes it a great choice for couples who want to enjoy a romantic dinner while still having plenty of space to themselves.

Once the seat of power on the island, Pyrgos is now home to a beautiful castle and several traditional Greek restaurants. The village is a beautiful place to go for a romantic getaway or a relaxing vacation without all of the rushing around that comes with other parts of Santorini. There are 40 churches scattered throughout the village and many great restaurants that will give you a taste of authentic Greek cuisine.

One of the best places to eat in Pyrgos is Franco’s Café, a magical sunset spot overlooking the whole island. The food here is amazing and the prices are even better. Just make sure to bring comfortable shoes and a jacket, the temperature tends to drop a bit in the evening. Another good spot to eat in Pyrgos is Olio, a pasta lovers dream located in Megalochori. The atmosphere here is so different from other restaurants in the area, it’s a must-visit.

Ayios Athanasios

Thirasia is a gorgeous island that offers the best of Santorini and its own dramatic caldera wall. It also boasts its own traditional tavernas and delicious seafood dishes. Try the local specialties, such as fava (purée made from split peas), tomatokeftedes (tomato fritters), and kouloupantza (meatballs).

The island’s size and morphology encourage walks. It’s the best way to discover Thirasia. The island’s old paths connect the beautiful settlements. You can start from the village of Manolas and walk towards the chapel of Prophet Elias, the ruined village of Kera, and finally the monastery of Panagia. You can also explore Thirasia’s fertile western valley, where vineyards and crops of fava beans and tomatoes grow.

There aren’t any sandy beaches on Thirasia, but you can relax at the rocky beach at Riva port where the boat arrives from Santorini or the small pebble beach at Korfos port. The latter is a more peaceful spot and it has great views too.

There is a mini bus that runs from the ferry dock at Ammoudi Bay to Riva port. It costs 1 euro per ride and it stops at Manolas as well. You can also ask Niko, the owner of Agistri restaurant at Riva port, to drive you up to Agrila for 5 euros.

You can take a ferry from Santorini to Thirasia every day. During the summer, there are even more frequent trips. You can also book an organized tour, starting from 26EUR.