Best Places to Eat in Thassos

Best Places to eat in Thassos offers a unique mix of elegance and tradition. The local taverns are famous for their scrumptious food. Try their lamb chops drenched in pine-scented honey from the local beehives.

Autumn is an excellent time to visit the island as the crowds disperse, but the weather remains warm and sunny.

Elia Tavern

The food here is delicious and authentic. It is also well-priced. The portions are very generous, so you are likely to leave with leftovers. The service is friendly and efficient. I really enjoyed the stewed lamb over orzo and the saganaki flaming cheese. The gyro platter is also excellent. This is one of the best Greek restaurants in Westchester County, and definitely worth a visit!

This restaurant offers a very warm, cozy atmosphere. The decor includes old family photos from Greece, tasteful pictures of the country and its food, and a poster of olives. The restaurant is small, and even a planned expansion into the space next door will not change its intimate feel. There is a sense of graciousness here that is often missing in restaurants today.

As soon as you sit down, your server will bring a basket of pita and a bowl of freshly cut, seasoned assorted Greek olives (which is served with almost every dish). They will also serve you a complimentary glass of wine if you are an adult. The staff is very friendly and attentive, and they speak fluent Greek.

My husband and I have been coming here for years, and it is our favorite Greek restaurant in all of Westchester. The food is always perfectly seasoned, and the portions are huge. We always have leftovers, which is great since we live far away from other good Greek restaurants. The gyro platter is our go-to, but we also love the souvlaki. We have tried many of the other dishes on the menu, and they are all excellent.

Pefkospilia Tavern

Located at the end of Pachis beach, this tavern is hidden under pine trees and offers a relaxing atmosphere. It is a perfect place to enjoy delicious seafood and Greek dishes, especially the grilled meat. The menu is extensive and offers something for every type of palate. The restaurant also has a bar, which makes it convenient for those who want to enjoy a light meal or drinks.

This is a small traditional restaurant that sits on a cliff overlooking the mountains and Aegean sea below. The food is made with local ingredients, and the service is great. The waiters are extremely attentive and make the whole experience an unforgettable one.

There is a wide variety of dishes to choose from on the menu, including squid and shrimp with lemon sauce. The dishes are very well priced, and the portions are generous. The restaurant is open all year round, and you can even order takeout.

Another recommended spot is Theologos, a mountain village that has quiet stone streets and houses influenced by Macedonian architecture. The village has many taverns that serve homemade delicacies and offers a scenic view of the town and the surrounding mountains. It is a must-visit for tourists and locals alike.

Theologos is a wonderful village that has many taverns that offer home-made delicacies and an excellent view of the Aegean sea. The taverns here have excellent prices, and the owners are very friendly.

This family-owned tavern is one of the best in Thassos, and it has received several rave reviews on TripAdvisor. The owner pays special attention to the quality of the food, and you can expect a top-notch dining experience at this restaurant.

La Skala Bar is located at the edge of the beach in Pefkos, and it features an incredible view of the Aegean sea. This bar has an extensive menu and offers a range of cocktails, wine, beer, and snacks. It is also a popular destination for wedding receptions, and it has a terrace with beautiful views.

Kostas Tavern

Kostas Tavern has a warm and cozy atmosphere that is perfect for families and date nights. The menu offers a wide range of delicious American dishes, from juicy burgers to crispy fried chicken. In addition, the restaurant also serves a variety of wine and beer.

The place has a lightly celebratory air to it. String lights sway in the trees, and televisions play a steady stream of poppy Greek music videos. The staff, clad in royal-blue polo shirts, operates like a crew of busy uncles: They’re attentive to your needs but unlikely to babysit you more than necessary. They will happily direct new diners to the laminated menu’s best seafood options, such as fried calamari that look like knuckles thanks to their flaky batter or an entire fish showered in oregano and broiled until its edges blister.

It’s a little difficult to find, nestled in the back streets of an Eagle strip mall. But once you get there, it’s hard not to love. The modest sized space has hosted two or three other restaurants in the last half dozen years, but none of them seemed to stick. This time it seems as though Kostas has hit the mark.

The restaurant is small, but the atmosphere screams “Greek.” Greek music plays constantly, and pictures of Greece hang on the walls. In addition, the owners and most of the staff are from Greece. The loyalty of the patrons is clear; some have been coming here about once a week for more than 20 years.

The food is good, but the service is what really sets this place apart. The blonde waitresses are incredibly friendly and always make an effort to create conversation with their customers. The restaurant is reasonably priced, and they even have a happy hour!