Best Places to Eat in Skopelos

Best Places to eat in Skopelos

The best places to eat in Skopelos are the ones that showcase authentic local traditions and tastes. These include the taverna near the Venetian castle owned by Skopelos rebetiko artist Giorgo, which serves quality magirefta in a lovely setting with lots of touches like a big pomegranate tree in its courtyard.

1. Ta Kimata

Tucking into indulgent local cuisine is just as much of a highlight of a Skopelos holiday as seeing the island’s spectacular sights. Luckily, a wide variety of exquisite eateries are scattered across the landscape, from the heart of Skopelos Town to Glossa and beyond. But some are a cut above the rest and beloved by Skopelitis all year round.

Tucked away down a cobbled street in Skopelos Town, taverna Ta Kimata (literally ‘on the waves’) is a family-run seafood restaurant that has been serving up mouthwatering Greek food since 1950. The restaurant has an incredible location right beside Neos Marmaras harbour, with tables set up literally on the water’s edge. It’s no surprise that the place is packed all year round with loyal customers – both foreign and Greek. It has even won several awards for its exceptional food, cooked up according to traditional recipes by the restaurant’s owner, Toula.

The menu here is vast and brimming with classic Greek dishes that’ll remind you of home – think casseroles, oven-baked meat and fish, tasty dolmadeakia and louloudakia (stuffed vine or cabbage leaves) and the restaurant’s signature dish – Skopelos cheese pie, an island take on Greece’s beloved Tiropita. And if you’re lucky enough to dine here on a particularly special occasion, the chefs are happy to discuss your specific requests and rustle up something especially for you.

There are also a good selection of fresh seafood and grilled dishes on the menu, prepared to order at the time of your order. Try grilled octopus, fried squid or mussels and a plate of the fresh catch of the day, all served with a choice of traditional Greek wines or ouzo.

You’ll find this charming taverna in the centre of Skopelos Town underneath the shadow of the Venetian castle, a few steps from the waterfront promenade. It’s operated by the Grypiotis brothers and has been in business for more than a century. The atmosphere is really cozy and the owners make you feel like they’re cooking just for you. You can order all your favourite taverna classics – from beef stifado to a steaming pot of moussaka – and of course they serve their homemade pita bread with everything on the menu.

2. Muses

Muses is an interesting restaurant that has delicious food and drinks. The service is great and the staff is friendly. You can order a variety of different dishes, including pork and doner kebabs. The prices are reasonable.

Muses also has a beautiful outdoor patio that is perfect for dining outdoors. The decor is modern and the atmosphere is relaxing. This is the perfect place for a date or a family outing.

The Muses, daughters of Zeus and the goddess of memory Mnemosyne, were charged with promoting art and music in ancient Greece. No banquet on Mount Olympus was complete without them as they entertained the gods and heroes with songs. The Muses are also known as the inspiration for artists and poets. They have been revered and worshipped throughout the centuries.

One of the earliest recorded sanctuaries for the Muses was on the eastern slope of Helicon in Boeotia, the homeland of Hesiod, the ancient poet. The sanctuary was known as the Valley of the Muses and the Sanctuary of the Muses at Thespiai. It was here that the Mouseia festivals would be held every five years. These celebrations included theatrical performances, musical offerings, and opportunities to dance. Dedicated offerings, such as art and other unique or spectacular items, were made to the Muses at these festivals.

Pausanias, an ancient Greek traveler and geographer, reported that the Muses were daughters of Ouranos and Gaia or of Zeus and Mnemosyne. Other sources, such as the Metamorphoses by Ovid, report that the nine Muses were the daughters of Pierus, King of Emathia, who wanted to praise them, but was challenged by a churlish rival to a contest where the true Muses won and Pierus’ daughters, the Pierides, were turned into chattering jays.

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3. Platanos Square

Located in the center of picturesque Skopelos Town, Platanos Square offers quality food and fun to its guests. The taverna is a popular destination among Scandinavian tourists and has been around for several decades, offering traditional Greek cuisine and service. Tables are spread out under the cool foliage of a plane tree (platanos). The menu includes delicious local dishes like juicy, well-baked souvlaki with creamy tzatziki and skopelitiki cheese pie. You can also try their signature souvlaki pita and a giant stuffed version called fouskopita.

The taverna is also known for its delicious grilled seafood and traditional pasta dishes, and scrumptious desserts. The atmosphere is warm and welcoming and the staff speaks fluent English. They also have a children’s menu for families and offer takeaway.

Platanos Square is one of the most beautiful and historic places in Skopelos Town. It used to be the main square of the walled medieval town of Leros. It is surrounded by narrow alleys, authentic houses and lovely churches. The village has a very special character and is the ideal place to enjoy genuine Greek hospitality.

There are numerous taverns and cafes in Platanos Square, as well as a number of souvenir shops. Some of them sell handmade pottery designs, hand-knitted place mats and other items that reflect the local culture. The square is also home to a variety of other activities, such as live music performances and folk exhibitions.

The Platanos Square is a large stone-paved square with trees and tavernas. It was once the centre of the old city and is named after a plane tree that once stood there. It was also known as Syntagma Square because it housed a number of important historic buildings, including the Parliament and the former warehouse of the fleet. The square was also the residence of various leaders in the revolution, such as Nikitaras and Theodoros Kolokotronis.

The square is one of the most enchanting areas in the whole island and you should definitely visit it if you are visiting Skopelos. It is a great spot to have a romantic dinner or drink some wine and watch the sun go down over the azure sea.